Excitation of lateral horn neurons of the neonatal rat spinal cord by 5-hydroxytryptamine.


:The effects of 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) on lateral horn cells contained in thin in vitro slices of neonatal rat spinal cord were investigated by means of intracellular recording techniques. Superfusion of 5-HT (1-100 microM) to lateral horn cells caused a concentration-dependent membrane depolarization leading to, in some instances, repetitive cell discharges. A number of lateral horn cells could be activated antidromically by stimulating the ventral rootlets. The conduction velocity of the antidromic spikes was estimated to be 0.3-2 m/s which corresponds to that of the axons of rat sympathetic preganglionic neurons reported by others. The 5-HT depolarization evoked in neurons that could be activated antidromically was similar to that elicited from unidentified lateral horn cells. The depolarization induced by 5-HT could be partially eliminated by low Ca/high Mg solution or tetrodotoxin in a portion of lateral horn cells and was accompanied by an increase in membrane resistance. The response was nullified near the membrane potential at which the spike after hyperpolarization was abolished; a clear reversal of polarity was not observed at a more negative potential level. The 5-HT depolarization was reversibly blocked by methysergide and cyproheptadine and enhanced by fluoxetine, a 5-HT-uptake inhibitor. The results indicate that the indoleamine primarily exerted an excitatory action on lateral horn cells, including those tentatively identified as sympathetic preganglionic neurons, by a direct depolarization which appears to be mediated by decrease of a voltage-sensitive K conductance and partly by an indirect effect via the release of an excitatory substance(s).


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  • The methylation status of the platelet-derived growth factor-B gene promoter and its regulation of cellular proliferation following folate treatment in human glioma cells.

    abstract::Platelet-derived growth factor-B (PDGF-B) is a growth factor that regulates cell migration, proliferation, and differentiation, and is involved in several physical and pathological processes. The overexpression of PDGF-B in glioma surgical samples revealed its effect on tumorigenesis. In this study, we determined that...

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