Developing computer simulations for staff nurse education.


:Computer-assisted instruction holds promise for individualizing continuing education programs. This article describes how staff nurse educators are taught how to use the principles of instructional design to write clinical nursing simulations. At the conclusion of a 15-hour workshop participants have written, programmed, and begun the process of field testing their simulation.


J Med Syst


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  • The United States Veterans Administration health care system as a model of regionalization.

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  • A dynamic family practice information system for enhanced financial management.

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  • Multi-sources data fusion framework for remote triage prioritization in telehealth.

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  • Primary Prevention of Asymptomatic Cardiovascular Disease Using Physiological Sensors Connected to an iOS App.

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  • Medical students' expectations towards an implementation of a family medicine textbook as a comprehensive app in Germany.

    abstract::Undergraduate and postgraduate medical education in general practice is complex as a wide medical spectrum needs to be covered. Modern guidelines demand students to be able to recall immense amounts of information relating to the diagnosis and management of clinical problems. With the intent of making a medical textbo...

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  • Reduced Time Compression in Big Data Using MapReduce Approach and Hadoop.

    abstract::An exponential rise has been observed in the data volume over the time when considering a real time environment. A phenomenal feature termed as 'Predictability' helps in predicting and portraying related data to the user according to their needs. Moreover, classification of Big Data is usually a tedious and lengthy ta...

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  • Cognitive Approaches for Medicine in Cloud Computing.

    abstract::This paper will present the application potential of the cognitive approach to data interpretation, with special reference to medical areas. The possibilities of using the meaning approach to data description and analysis will be proposed for data analysis tasks in Cloud Computing. The methods of cognitive data manage...

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  • Feasibility study of a sensor-based autonomous load control exercise training system for COPD patients.

    abstract::Decision support systems (DSSs) which are able to automatically supervise and control physical exercise training of patients affected by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) are regarded as a novel method to promote rehabilitation. The objective of our research work for this paper was to evaluate the feasibili...

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  • Non-Linear Filtering Technique Used for Testing the Human Lumbar Spine FEA Model.

    abstract::In this paper, the objective is to generate a mesh model of a spine that simulates numerically the biomedical properties of two vertebrae (L4 and L5) of human spine and an inter vertebrae disc using Finite Element Analysis (FEA) technique. Here, different types of non-linear filters and different edge detection techni...

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  • Does size really matter--using a decision tree approach for comparison of three different databases from the medical field of acute appendicitis.

    abstract::Decision trees have been successfully used for years in many medical decision making applications. Transparent representation of acquired knowledge and fast algorithms made decision trees one of the most often used symbolic machine learning approaches. This paper concentrates on the problem of separating acute appendi...

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  • Anesthesia Information Management Systems in the Czech Republic from the Perspective of Early Adopters.

    abstract::Although theoretical studies on Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS) have proved their benefits, much less attention has been paid to researching the actual adoption of AIMS. Only a few studies from the USA and Western Europe have been published up to now. The purpose of this article is to assess the adopt...

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  • Telehealth in the Pacific: current status and analysis report (1999-2000).

    abstract::From the summer of 1999 to the spring of 2000, we undertook an on-site investigation of the management and operational status of telehealth in the Pacific. The writers also gathered additional materials upon returning to Japan to provide as detailed a report as possible on the current status and analysis of telemedici...

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    authors: Nakajima I,Chida S

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  • Electronic medical records for a rural family practice: a case study in systems development.

    abstract::In this paper, we describe the planning, development, and overall impact of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) on Dryden Family Medicine (DFM), a rural family practice in Dryden, New York. The EMR system was installed in July, 2003, and the full conversion to the new system was accomplished in three phases. Significant...

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  • Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.15.6 CSMA/CA Protocol for WBAN Medical Scenario through DTMC Model.

    abstract::The newly drafted IEEE 802.15.6 standard for Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN) has been concentrating on a numerous medical and non-medical applications. Such short range wireless communication standard offers ultra-low power consumption with variable data rates from few Kbps to Mbps in, on or around the proximity of...

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  • A two-stage alphabetic to client number cross-reference system.

    abstract::A two-stage process for cross-referencing name to number is described. The first stage computes a near-uniform data-base page address based on a modified Russell-Soundex code. Records located at this page address are then passed against a best-match algorithm in the second phase and match candidates displayed to the u...

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  • Performance Evaluation of State-of-the-Art Local Feature Detectors and Descriptors in the Context of Longitudinal Registration of Retinal Images.

    abstract::In this paper we systematically evaluate the performance of several state-of-the-art local feature detectors and descriptors in the context of longitudinal registration of retinal images. Longitudinal (temporal) registration facilitates to track the changes in the retina that has happened over time. A wide number of l...

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  • Study of Artifact-Resistive Technology Based on a Novel Dual Photoplethysmography Method for Wearable Pulse Rate Monitors.

    abstract::Pulse rate is one of the major physiological parameters for monitoring of cardiovascular conditions or excise states during daily life. However it is difficult to precisely measure the exact pulse rates as photoplethysmography (PPG) is easy to be affected by motion artifacts. Instead of using accelerometers followed b...

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  • Psychophysiological Stress Response of a Paralympic Athlete During an Ultra-Endurance Event. A Case Study.

    abstract::Psychophysiological response of athletes with spinal cord injurie has not been reported yet in scientific literature. The aim of this study is to examine the psychophysiological stress response of Paralympic athlete during competitive activities. We collected the following psychophysiological measurements: anxiety-tra...

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    authors: Belinchón-deMiguel P,Ruisoto-Palomera P,Clemente-Suárez VJ

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  • Recent Advancements in Retinal Vessel Segmentation.

    abstract::Retinal vessel segmentation is a key step towards the accurate visualization, diagnosis, early treatment and surgery planning of ocular diseases. For the last two decades, a tremendous amount of research has been dedicated in developing automated methods for segmentation of blood vessels from retinal fundus images. De...

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    authors: L Srinidhi C,Aparna P,Rajan J

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  • Classification of retinal damage by a neural network based system.

    abstract::The objective of this research is to provide an ophthalmologist with a helpful system, capable of classifying a degree of patients' retinal hemorrhage. The system is composed of four modules: (a) data acquisition module, (b) image Database module, (c) image processing module, (d) image classification module. The syste...

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  • Automated analysis of medical text. II. Cognitive strategy.

    abstract::In a previous paper, the authors described three paradigms applicable to automated medical text analysis. In this paper, the relative importance of the three paradigms is discussed, viz. the relative value of the linguistic word categorization, the semantic paradigm, and the medical fact delineation. The strategy adop...

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  • Designing patient-centered personal health records (PHRs): health care professionals' perspective on patient-generated data.

    abstract::Currently, patients not only want access to various medical records their health care providers keep about them, but they also are willing to become active participants in managing their own health information and the health information of the ones they care for. Personal health records were developed to help fulfill ...

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  • Information subsystem of the SO4/Cl ratio as database for studying its influence on human health.

    abstract::General lack of surface waters in the Dalmatian region on one hand (Croatia) and a large profusion and complexity of underground waters circulation, on the other hand, are typical phenomena of Dalmatian Karst region. Underground waters in Dalmatia belong to rift water similar to surface waters considering its hydroche...

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  • Characterizing mammography reports for health analytics.

    abstract::As massive collections of digital health data are becoming available, the opportunities for large-scale automated analysis increase. In particular, the widespread collection of detailed health information is expected to help realize a vision of evidence-based public health and patient-centric health care. Within such ...

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  • Heart monitoring garments using textile electrodes for healthcare applications.

    abstract::We measured the electrical activity signals of the heart through vital signs monitoring garments that have textile electrodes in conductive yarns while the subject is in stable and dynamic motion conditions. To measure the electrical activity signals of the heart during daily activities, four types of monitoring garme...

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  • Exploring Factors Affecting Voluntary Adoption of Electronic Medical Records Among Physicians and Clinical Assistants of Small or Solo Private General Practice Clinics.

    abstract::The health care reform initiative led by the Hong Kong government's Food and Health Bureau has started the implementation of an electronic sharing platform to provide an information infrastructure that enables public hospitals and private clinics to share their electronic medical records (EMRs) for improved access to ...

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  • A Statistical Classifier to Support Diagnose Meningitis in Less Developed Areas of Brazil.

    abstract::This paper describes the development of statistical classifiers to help diagnose meningococcal meningitis, i.e. the most sever, infectious and deadliest type of this disease. The goal is to find a mechanism able to determine whether a patient has this type of meningitis from a set of symptoms that can be directly obse...

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