Abdominal cocoon in an adolescent male patient.


:Abdominal cocoon is a rare cause of bowel obstruction. The condition was first described three decades ago and is found mainly among adolescent females in tropical and sub-tropical countries. It is characterized by a thick fibrous membrane encapsulating the small intestines partially or completely. Patients present with features of intestinal obstruction and diagnosis is usually made intraoperatively. Surgical excision of the membrane and adhesiolysis result in complete recovery. We report on an adolescent male patient who had acute intestinal obstruction due to abdominal cocoon detected at surgery.


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Ibrahim NA,Oludara MA




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  • Simple leg ulcers: difficult diagnosis.

    abstract::Chronic leg ulcers in children in tropical developing countries are common. They are difficult to diagnose clinically and to manage. Our case illustrates that even in areas where yaws is endemic and point of care testing is available, the diagnosis remains difficult. ...

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