[Literacy programs for the promotion of mental health in the school setting. SESPAS Report 2020].


:The World Health Organization emphasizes the importance of developing programs of mental health promotion and prevention to ensure the wellbeing of young people. Mental health literacy in schools is an example of universal prevention intervention. The objective of this article is to conduct a systematic review of the mental health literacy interventions in the educational setting that are being carried out at the international level and to describe and evaluate, as well, an experience at the local level. A search has been carried out in PubMed to identify experimental studies on mental health literacy interventions in the educational setting including primary and/or secondary. Out of 245 references identified, 13 experimental studies were included in the review and its quality was assessed. Results show that these programs increase mental health knowledge, improve help-seeking and reduce stigma behavior. In Barcelona, the Espaijove.net mental health literacy program has been running since 2008. In the last seven school courses (2012-2019) workshops have been provided to 24,118 secondary school students, of whom 11,678 completed a post-workshop satisfaction questionnaire. The results show that the program has been interesting, useful, has resolved students' doubts and that they would recommend it to other students, and a better reception by the girls.


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Casañas R,Mas-Expósito L,Teixidó M,Lalucat-Jo L




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  • [Critique of conventional wisdom. The World Health Organization's report «WHO Health Systems: improving performance» and its relevance in Spain].

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  • [Trends in socioeconomic inequalities in mortality over a twenty-two-year period in the city of Barcelona (Spain)].

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  • [Inequality in access to health care services. Policy recommendations aimed at achieving equity].

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  • [Authorship and data reporting according to gender in four Spanish biomedical journals].

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  • Population-based multicase-control study in common tumors in Spain (MCC-Spain): rationale and study design.

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  • Comparison between telephone and self-administration of Short Form Health Survey Questionnaire (SF-36).

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  • [Management of surgical waiting lists by health centers and health professionals].

    abstract::Waiting lists for non-urgent medical care, in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures, occur mainly in public health systems such as those found in Spain and many other European countries. If waiting lists are moderate they can be useful in the process of managing these patients and are accepted by health professionals a...

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  • [Opportunity for the integration of the gender perspective in health research and innovation in Europe: COST Network genderSTE].

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  • [Estimation of the variances of the variables in the Barcelona health survey].

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  • [Length of stay in patients admitted for acute heart failure].

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  • [Distribution of the duration of nonoccupational sick leave by medical diagnosis (Catalonia, Spain, 2006-2008)].

    abstract::We present a simple and practical tool that allows the usual distribution of the duration of non-occupational sick leave to be determined by medical diagnosis. A total of 2,646,352 episodes of medically certified sick leave, registered by the Catalan Institute of Medical Evaluations for the period 2006-2008, were foll...

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  • [Cost-effectiveness analysis of self-monitoring of blood glucose in type 2 diabetics].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Compare the cost-effectiveness of self-monitoring of blood glucose (MBG) with your non-use. DESIGN:Descriptive and retrospective study covering the period 1995-97 in the 597 type-2 diabetes patients: 286 practicing MBG on a stable basis and 311 not doing so. All are registered in seven health districts in th...

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  • [The efficacy of universal vaccination against the hepatitis B virus. Simulation with a mathematical model].

    abstract::We present a mathematical model of the hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in a community. The main object is to analyze the effects of two different strategies of mass vaccination: newborns or adolescents. It appears that adolescents mass vaccination produces in the short-term a bigger effect than in the newborns. Math...

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  • [Experience of knowledge translation in the ITSAL (immigration, work and health) research project with representatives of the target population].

    abstract::This article describes the experience of knowledge translation between researchers of the ITSAL (immigration, work and health) project and representatives of organizations working with immigrants to discuss the results obtained in the project and future research lines. A meeting was held, attended by three researchers...

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  • [The phenomenon of healthcare pluralism: a reality to be researched].

    abstract::Medical pluralism and the uses of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) are phenomena of increasing interest in the international arena. The aim of this chapter is to comment on Spanish studies dealing with medical pluralism and CAM. We have only a few scattered anthropological studies, and some data from surve...

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  • [Qualitative techniques for public health research and the development of health care services: more than just another technique].

    abstract::Regarding the debate on the existence of two current focuses on health science research (qualitative and quantitative), the paper states the need for complementing the techniques which contribute to a better knowledge of populations and communities, and the need for offering effective solutions to different problems. ...

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  • [Survival analysis with competing risks: estimating failure probability].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To show the impact of competing risks of death on survival analysis. METHOD:We provide an example of survival time without chronic rejection after heart transplantation, where death before rejection acts as a competing risk. Using a computer simulation, we compare the Kaplan-Meier estimator and the multiple ...

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  • [Prevalence of metabolic syndrome estimated with the new World Health Organization recommendations. The HERMEX study].

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The unification of criteria for the diagnosis of metabolic syndrome, together with the subsequent World Health Organization (WHO) proposal to eliminate diabetes and cardiovascular diseases from the diagnostic criteria, will change estimates of the known prevalence of this syndrome. The aim of this study was ...

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    authors: Fernández-Bergés D,Félix-Redondo FJ,Lozano L,Pérez-Castán JF,Sanz H,Cabrera De León A,Hidalgo AB,Morcillo Y,Tejero V,Alvarez-Palacios P

    更新日期:2011-11-01 00:00:00

  • [Impact of the Spanish smoking laws on the exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in Galicia (2005-2011)].

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Prevalence of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke is a valuable index to assess the impact of the laws for tobacco control. The objective of this work is to analyse variations in the prevalence of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke in Galicia (Spain) between 2005, before the Law 28/2005, and 2011, af...

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  • [Evaluation of the quality of attention given to the chronically handicapped patient at a health center].

    abstract::This study was carried out with the aim of evaluating the handicapped care quality in a Primary Health Care Centre. This was a two phase evaluation (both of a year): first evaluation with 4 quality indicators and 142 patients; and the reevaluation with 10 quality indicators and 203 patients. We used explicits and norm...

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