The iboga enigma: the chemistry and neuropharmacology of iboga alkaloids and related analogs.


:Covering: 2000 up to 2020 Few classes of natural products have inspired as many chemists and biologists as have the iboga alkaloids. This family of monoterpenoid indole alkaloids includes the anti-addictive compound ibogaine as well as catharanthine, a precursor to the chemotherapeutic vinblastine. Despite being known for over 120 years, these small molecules continue to challenge our assumptions about biosynthetic pathways, catalyze our creativity for constructing complex architectures, and embolden new approaches for treating mental illness. This review will cover recent advances in both the biosynthesis and chemical synthesis of iboga alkaloids as well as their use as next-generation neurotherapeutics. Whenever appropriate, we provide historical context for the discoveries of the past decade and indicate areas that have yet to be resolved. While significant progress regarding their chemistry and pharmacology has been made since the 1960s, it is clear that the iboga alkaloids will continue to stoke scientific innovation for years to come.


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  • The impact of structural biology on alkaloid biosynthesis research.

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  • Computational prediction of chiroptical properties in structure elucidation of natural products.

    abstract::Covering: up to 2019This review covers the current status of the quantum mechanical prediction of chiroptical properties, such as electronic CD and optical rotation, as needed for stereochemical assignments in new natural products. The reliability of the prediction of chiroptical properties is steadily increasing, wit...

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  • Cytochromes P450 for natural product biosynthesis in Streptomyces: sequence, structure, and function.

    abstract::Covering: up to January 2017Cytochrome P450 enzymes (P450s) are some of the most exquisite and versatile biocatalysts found in nature. In addition to their well-known roles in steroid biosynthesis and drug metabolism in humans, P450s are key players in natural product biosynthetic pathways. Natural products, the most ...

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