Contribution of spontaneous activity to daily energy expenditure of adult obese and lean Zucker rats.


:The contribution of somatomotor activity to daily energy expenditure was estimated in 10-month-old, weight-stable, obese (fa/fa) and lean (Fa/?) Zucker rats. Total and resting heat production were assessed by recording oxygen consumption and stabilimeter activity each minute for five consecutive days in free-feeding animals. The number of activity counts, as well as their circadian pattern of occurrence, were highly similar in lean and obese groups. Likewise, the percentage of daily energy expenditure committed by the obese rats to activity was nearly identical to that of leans (19.3 vs. 19.7%, respectively). Observing these rats for one additional day under postabsorptive conditions produced similar estimates of their daily expenditure on activity. Thus, unlike prior estimates based on wheel-running behavior, continuous measurement of stabilimeter behavior indicates that both the proportion of daily expenditure on activity by fa/fa rats and its temporal pattern of occurrence are notably normal. Accordingly, it is concluded that maintenance of obesity in weight-stable adult obese Zucker rats does not depend upon a reduced expenditure on activity.


Physiol Behav


Physiology & behavior


Keesey RE,Swiergiel AH,Corbett SW




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1990-08-01 00:00:00














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  • Effect of intracerebroventricular administration of vasopressin on stress-induced hyperthermia in rats.

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  • Actual and perceived sleep: associations with daytime functioning among postpartum women.

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  • Environmental enrichment enhances delayed-type hypersensitivity in both short- and long-day Siberian hamsters.

    abstract::Darwinian fitness reflects trade-offs between reproduction and survival. Mechanisms have evolved in small nontropical mammals and birds to maximize reproductive output during the summer when thermoregulatory demands are relatively low and food is abundant and to shunt energy to processes that presumably increase the o...

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  • Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery in rats alters gut microbiota profile along the intestine.

    abstract::Roux-en-Y gastric bypass (RYGB) surgery might modify the gut microbiota composition differently in the three distinct anatomical sections of the small intestine compared to sham surgery. We showed that RYGB induced changes in the microbiota of the alimentary limb and the common channel resembling those seen after preb...

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    abstract::Changes of plasma, hypothalamic and pituitary immunoreactive beta-endorphin (IR-beta-end), methionine-enkephalin (IR-Met-enk) and ACTH (IR-ACTH) were studied under various conditions of feeding and watering in rats. When rats were fed from 17:00 to 09:00 hr and water was given ad lib, plasma IR-beta-end and IR-ACTH ha...

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  • Impaired drinking to angiotensin II after subdiaphragmatic vagotomy in rats.

    abstract::Rats received total bilateral subdiaphragmatic vagotomy and, one month later, were fitted with chronic intravenous or intracerebroventricular cannulas. The vagotomized rats showed much reduced drinking compared with controls during intravenous infusion of angiotensin II. Their drinking to intracerebroventricularly adm...

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  • Prenatal protein malnutrition and home orientation in the rat.

    abstract::Home orienting behavior was studied during the first 11 days of life in prenatally protein-malnourished and well-nourished rat pups, both groups having been reared by well-nourished mothers since birth. On all days of testing, mean weights were compromised in the prenatally malnourished pups relative to their well-nou...

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  • Methyl xanthine, adenosine, and human taste responsivity.

    abstract::The influences of three methyl xanthines (MX) on human taste responsivity, caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine, were examined using blind control procedures. Taste responsivity in the same subjects was determined using the matching procedure described by Schiffman (Study 1) and the whole-mouth procedure described ...

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