The complementary role of insulin-like growth factor II mRNA-binding protein 3 (IMP3) in diagnosis of Hodgkin's lymphoma.


BACKGROUND:Hodgkin's Lymphoma (HL) is a peculiar subtype of lymphoid malignancies. The etiology of HL is still unknown. Insulin-like growth factor II mRNA-binding Protein 3 (IMP3) is a member of IMP family. In HL, IMP3 is expressed in the cytoplasmic compartment of the tumor cells (in both HRS cells & LP cells) against completely negative background of non-tumor cells except for residual germinal centers. MATERIALS & METHODS:Of 51 cases of Hodgkin's lymphoma (HL) referred to surgical pathology laboratory at oncology center, Mansoura University (OCMU), Egypt. All cases were stained for CD20, CD3, CD15, CD30 and IMP3. Regarding IMP3 antibody, The slides were then incubated with the Anti-IMP3, mouse monoclonal antibody (1:200, clone sc-365640, concentrated, California) that was used as primary antibody for IMP3 detection for 1 hour at room temperature, followed by incubation with the secondary antibody, poly HRP (horseradish peroxidase), conjugate for mouse/rabbit, for 20 minutes. RESULTS:IMP3 showed cytoplasmic immunoreactivity in 43 (83%) cases while 8 cases were negative. The sensitivity of combined CD30 & CD15, combined CD30 & IMP3, combined CD15 & IMP3 were 96%, 98% and 94% respectively. On the other hand, the sensitivity of CD30, CD15 and IMP3 alone were 92.2%, 68.6% and 84.3% respectively. All 23 studied cases of NSCHL, all the 17 cases of MCCHL, 7 out of 8 cases of LRCHL and the only case of LDCHL had predominant T-lymphocytes in their background. On the other hand, the 2 cases of NLPHL and only case of LRCHL had predominant B-lymphocytes in their background. CONCLUSION:IMP3 is a novel marker that is expressed in large proportion of both types of HL against nearly negative background. It has no significant increase in sensitivity in detection of the tumor cells when combined with CD30. There are insignificant relations between IMP3 expression and different clinicopathological parameters. Further studies about IMP3 on a large scale of cases are required to confirm its mechanistic role in generation of HL.


Ann Diagn Pathol


Masoud R,Ibrahiem A,Tantawy D,Eldosoky I




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2019-10-01 00:00:00












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