Tissue factor de-encryption, thrombus formation, and thiol-disulfide exchange.


:Tissue factor (TF) by forming a complex with factor VIIa (FVIIa) initiates blood coagulation. It was traditionally believed that the separation of FVIIa in circulation from subendothelial TF was the main control that was preventing spontaneous initiation of thrombosis and that circulating cells and endothelium did not express TF protein at rest in healthy individuals. However, TF has been detected in healthy human plasma and animal models of thrombosis, which indicate that TF in circulation can contribute to thrombin generation and fibrin formation after an activation event. Circulating TF-and indeed, most of the TF on the cell surface-is "encrypted" or coagulation inactive. The de-encryption step involves exposure of phosphatidylserine (PS), but PS exposure alone is insufficient for full TF activity. Allosteric disulfide bonds control protein function by mediating conformal change through the formation and breaking of disulfide bonds. TF contains a typical surface exposed allosteric bond in the membrane proximal fibronectin type III domain. Thiol-disulfide exchange involving this disulfide is implicated in TF activation with the formation of the disulfide bond corresponding with the active conformation of TF and free thiol or thiol-modified forms corresponding with encryption. Although the exact mechanism by which TF de-encryption occurs remains a subject of debate, thiol blockade and inhibition of oxidoreductases show an important role for thiol-disulfide reactions in platelet-independent pathways of coagulation in vitro and in vivo. In particular, redox active extracellular protein disulfide isomerase is involved in the earliest stages of thrombus initiation and has proven to be a potential target for antithrombotic drug development.


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