Automated prostate segmentation in whole-body MRI scans for epidemiological studies.


:The whole prostatic volume (PV) is an important indicator for benign prostate hyperplasia. Correlating the PV with other clinical parameters in a population-based prospective cohort study (SHIP-2) requires valid prostate segmentation in a large number of whole-body MRI scans. The axial proton density fast spin echo fat saturated sequence is used for prostate screening in SHIP-2. Our automated segmentation method is based on support vector machines (SVM). We used three-dimensional neighborhood information to build classification vectors from automatically generated features and randomly selected 16 MR examinations for validation. The Hausdorff distance reached a mean value of 5.048 ± 2.413, and a mean value of 5.613 ± 2.897 compared to manual segmentation by observers A and B. The comparison between volume measurement of SVM-based segmentation and manual segmentation of observers A and B depicts a strong correlation resulting in Spearman's rank correlation coefficients (ρ) of 0.936 and 0.859, respectively. Our automated methodology based on SVM for prostate segmentation can segment the prostate in WBI scans with good segmentation quality and has considerable potential for integration in epidemiological studies.


Phys Med Biol


Habes M,Schiller T,Rosenberg C,Burchardt M,Hoffmann W




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2013-09-07 00:00:00












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  • Verification of absolute dose rates for intravascular brachytherapy beta sources.

    abstract::The absolute dose rate around beta sources for intravascular brachytherapy was measured with thin thermoluminescent (TL) dosimeters and radiochromic film. The calibration of these dosimeters was performed at the dose maximum in a 6 MeV electron beam of a linear accelerator. Compared to the values given by the manufact...

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