A controllable susceptibility marker for passive device tracking.


PURPOSE:To design and demonstrate a new susceptibility-based tracking device with an artifact that can be mechanically turned on and off, thus permitting tracking and imaging at the device tip with limited artifact. METHODS:The magnetic susceptibilities of readily obtainable grades of titanium and graphite were measured. Using numerical optimization, layer thicknesses for three concentric cylinders were found where the field from the graphite layer maximally cancelled the fields from titanium layers. The tracking elements were fabricated for an outer diameter of 3 mm and attached to a catheter to show feasibility of detection in phantoms and in vivo. RESULTS:The device was successfully integrated into a 9F catheter, and its use with conventional guidewires under fluoroscopy was demonstrated by guiding the catheter through the bifurcation into the carotid artery. MR images including the catheter tip were acquired with the device in both the "on" and "off" positions. CONCLUSION:A new passive tracking device with a susceptibility effect that can be enabled and disabled by sliding one of the components was designed, fabricated, and demonstrated in phantoms and in vivo. The device may also be integrated into many different interventional MR devices such as needles, ultrasound transducers for prostate biopsy, or any catheter-based devices.


Magn Reson Med


Dominguez-Viqueira W,Karimi H,Lam WW,Cunningham CH




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    abstract:PURPOSE:To improve imaging performance for body MRI with a local transmit array at 10.5T, the geometry of a dipole antenna was optimized to achieve lower peak specific absorption rate (SAR) levels and a more uniform transmit profile. METHODS:Electromagnetic simulations on a phantom were used to evaluate the SAR and ...

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  • Spin-locking versus chemical exchange saturation transfer MRI for investigating chemical exchange process between water and labile metabolite protons.

    abstract::Chemical exchange saturation transfer (CEST) and spin-locking (SL) experiments were both able to probe the exchange process between protons of nonequivalent chemical environments. To compare the characteristics of the CEST and SL approaches in the study of chemical exchange effects, we performed CEST and SL experiment...

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  • Real-time Triggered RAdial Single-Shot Inversion recovery for arrhythmia-insensitive myocardial T1 mapping: motion phantom validation and in vivo comparison.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Cardiac T1 mapping has become an increasingly important imaging technique, contributing novel diagnostic options. However, currently utilized methods are often associated with accuracy problems because of heart rate variations and cardiac arrhythmia, limiting their value in clinical routine. This study aimed to...

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  • Unaliasing by fourier-encoding the overlaps using the temporal dimension (UNFOLD), applied to cardiac imaging and fMRI.

    abstract::In several applications, MRI is used to monitor the time behavior of the signal in an organ of interest; e.g., signal evolution because of physiological motion, activation, or contrast-agent accumulation. Dynamic applications involve acquiring data in a k-t space, which contains both temporal and spatial information. ...

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