Tolerance to morphine stimulus control: role of morphine maintenance dose.


:Experiments assessed the development of tolerance to morphine stimulus control during treatment with selected maintenance doses of morphine. Separate groups of rats were trained to discriminate saline and either 3.2 mg/kg or 5.6 mg/kg morphine under fixed-ratio schedules of food delivery. Dose-response functions for generalization of morphine stimulus control were determined before, during, and after repeated treatment with selected doses of morphine. Similar experiments were performed with repeated pentobarbital treatment in order to assess the pharmacological selectivity of tolerance. Repeated treatment with saline, 3.2 mg/kg morphine, or twice daily injections of 17.8 mg/kg pentobarbital produced no tolerance to morphine stimulus control. In contrast, treatment with daily injections of 10 mg/kg or twice daily injections of 10 or 17.8 mg/kg morphine produced a dose-dependent increase in the dose of morphine required for stimulus control. The magnitude of tolerance to morphine stimulus control varied directly with the maintenance dose of morphine and was slightly greater for a lower than a higher morphine training dose. Termination of repeated treatment was followed by a return to initial sensitivity, without additional training. Tolerance to morphine stimulus control was not necessarily accompanied by tolerance to its rate-suppressing effects.




Young AM,Sannerud CA,Steigerwald ES,Doty MD,Lipinski WJ,Tetrick LE




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    abstract:RATIONALE:The startle reflex to a sudden intense acoustic pulse stimulus is attenuated if the pulse is shortly preceded by a weak prepulse stimulus. This represents a form of sensory gating, known as prepulse inhibition (PPI), observable across species. PPI is modulated by dopamine and readily disrupted by acute amphet...


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    abstract:RATIONALE:Caffeine is present in many widely consumed drinks and some foods. In the fairly extensive literature on the psychostimulant effects of caffeine, there are few dose-response studies and even fewer studies of the effects of doses of caffeine lower than 50 mg (the range of the amounts of caffeine contained in, ...


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