Susceptibility-weighted MR imaging in the grading of liver fibrosis: a feasibility study.


PURPOSE:To assess the feasiblity of magnetic resonance (MR) susceptibility-weighted (SW) imaging as a tool to evaluate liver fibrosis grades in patients with chronic liver diseases (CLD) utilizing signal intensity (SI) measurements, with histopathologic findings as the reference standard. MATERIALS AND METHODS:This retrospective study was approved by the local ethics committee. All subjects gave written informed consent. Eighty consecutive patients (mean age, 56.8 years), 60% of whom were male [n = 48] and 40% of whom were female [n = 32], with CLD due to various underlying causes and histopathologically proved liver fibrosis were included. Biopsies were evaluated for liver fibrosis and necroinflammatory activity (according to METAVIR scoring system), iron load, and steatosis. Two radiologists, blinded to the clinical data, assessed regions of interest in the liver and spinal muscle in consensus. Liver-to-muscle SI ratios were calculated and correlated to histopathologic findings and clinical data by using univariate and multivariate regression analysis. RESULTS:Liver-to-muscle SI ratio decreased in parallel with the increasing grade of liver fibrosis and correlated strongly with liver fibrosis (r = -0.81, P < .0001) and moderately with necroinflammatory activity (r = -0.52, P < .0001) and iron load (r = -0.37, P = .0002) but did not correlate with steatosis (r = -0.18, P = .11). In multiple regression analysis, liver fibrosis and iron load independently influenced SW imaging measurements, explaining 69% of the variance of liver-to-muscle SI ratio (R(2) = 0.69, P < .001). Liver-to-muscle SI ratio performed well in grading liver fibrosis, with an area under the receiver operating characteristic curve of 0.92 for scores of F2 or higher and 0.93 for score of F4 (liver cirrhosis). CONCLUSION:SW imaging is a feasible noninvasive tool to detect moderate and advanced liver fibrosis in CLD patients.






Balassy C,Feier D,Peck-Radosavljevic M,Wrba F,Witoszynskyj S,Kiefer B,Reiter G,Dai Y,Ba-Ssalamah A




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