A model to simulate the oxygen distribution in hypoxic tumors for different vascular architectures.


PURPOSE:As hypoxic cells are more resistant to photon radiation, it is desirable to obtain information about the oxygen distribution in tumors prior to the radiation treatment. Noninvasive techniques are currently not able to provide reliable oxygenation maps with sufficient spatial resolution; therefore mathematical models may help to simulate microvascular architectures and the resulting oxygen distributions in the surrounding tissue. Here, the authors present a new computer model, which uses the vascular fraction of tumor voxels, in principle measurable noninvasively in vivo, as input parameter for simulating realistic PO2 histograms in tumors, assuming certain 3D vascular architectures. METHODS:Oxygen distributions were calculated by solving a reaction-diffusion equation in a reference volume using the particle strength exchange method. Different types of vessel architectures as well as different degrees of vascular heterogeneities are considered. Two types of acute hypoxia (ischemic and hypoxemic) occurring additionally to diffusion-limited (chronic) hypoxia were implemented as well. RESULTS:No statistically significant differences were observed when comparing 2D- and 3D-vessel architectures (p>0.79 in all cases) and highly heterogeneously distributed linear vessels show good agreement, when comparing with published experimental intervessel distance distributions and PO2 histograms. It could be shown that, if information about additional acute hypoxia is available, its contribution to the hypoxic fraction (HF) can be simulated as well. Increases of 128% and 168% in the HF were obtained when representative cases of ischemic and hypoxemic acute hypoxia, respectively, were considered in the simulations. CONCLUSIONS:The presented model is able to simulate realistic microscopic oxygen distributions in tumors assuming reasonable vessel architectures and using the vascular fraction as macroscopic input parameter. The model may be used to generate PO2 histograms, which are needed as input in models predicting the radiation response of hypoxic tumors.


Med Phys


Medical physics


Espinoza I,Peschke P,Karger CP




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  • Comparative dose evaluations between XVI and OBI cone beam CT systems using Gafchromic XRQA2 film and nanoDot optical stimulated luminescence dosimeters.

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  • Experimental assessment of microwave ablation computational modeling with MR thermometry.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Computational models are widely used during the design and characterization of microwave ablation (MWA) devices, and have been proposed for pretreatment planning. Our objective was to assess three-dimensional (3D) transient temperature and ablation profiles predicted by MWA computational models with temperature...

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  • Best estimate of luminal cross-sectional area of coronary arteries from angiograms.

    abstract::We have reexamined the problem of estimating the luminal area of an elliptically shaped coronary artery cross section from two or more radiographic diameter measurements. The expected error is found to be much smaller than the maximum potential error. In the cases of two orthogonal views, closed form expressions have ...

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    abstract::Small photon fields are increasingly used in modern radiotherapy and especially in IMRT and SRS/SRT treatments. The uncertainties related to small field profile measurements can introduce significant systematic errors to the overall treatment process. These measurements are challenging mainly due to the absence of cha...

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    abstract::To more accurately and precisely delineate a tumor in a 3D PET image, we proposed a novel, semi-automatic, two-stage method by utilizing an adaptive region-growing algorithm and a dual-front active contour model. First, a rough region of interest (ROI) is manually drawn by a radiation oncologist that encloses a tumor....

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  • Technical Note: Influence of Compton currents on profile measurements in small-volume ion chambers.

    abstract:PURPOSE:This work is to evaluate the effects of Compton current generation in three small-volume ionization chambers on measured beam characteristics for electron fields. METHODS:Beam scans were performed using Exradin A16, A26, and PTW 31014 microchambers. Scans with varying chamber components shielded were performed...

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  • Stress analysis using anatomically realistic coronary tree.

    abstract::Plaque rupture with superimposed thrombosis is the main cause of the acute coronary syndromes of unstable angina, myocardial infarction, and sudden death. Endothelial disruption leading to plaque rupture may relate to mechanical fatigue associated with cyclic flexion of plaques. A novel method is proposed to assess st...

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