Outcomes of Patients Presenting with Mild Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: Insights from the LUNG SAFE Study.


BACKGROUND:Patients with initial mild acute respiratory distress syndrome are often underrecognized and mistakenly considered to have low disease severity and favorable outcomes. They represent a relatively poorly characterized population that was only classified as having acute respiratory distress syndrome in the most recent definition. Our primary objective was to describe the natural course and the factors associated with worsening and mortality in this population. METHODS:This study analyzed patients from the international prospective Large Observational Study to Understand the Global Impact of Severe Acute Respiratory Failure (LUNG SAFE) who had initial mild acute respiratory distress syndrome in the first day of inclusion. This study defined three groups based on the evolution of severity in the first week: "worsening" if moderate or severe acute respiratory distress syndrome criteria were met, "persisting" if mild acute respiratory distress syndrome criteria were the most severe category, and "improving" if patients did not fulfill acute respiratory distress syndrome criteria any more from day 2. RESULTS:Among 580 patients with initial mild acute respiratory distress syndrome, 18% (103 of 580) continuously improved, 36% (210 of 580) had persisting mild acute respiratory distress syndrome, and 46% (267 of 580) worsened in the first week after acute respiratory distress syndrome onset. Global in-hospital mortality was 30% (172 of 576; specifically 10% [10 of 101], 30% [63 of 210], and 37% [99 of 265] for patients with improving, persisting, and worsening acute respiratory distress syndrome, respectively), and the median (interquartile range) duration of mechanical ventilation was 7 (4, 14) days (specifically 3 [2, 5], 7 [4, 14], and 11 [6, 18] days for patients with improving, persisting, and worsening acute respiratory distress syndrome, respectively). Admissions for trauma or pneumonia, higher nonpulmonary sequential organ failure assessment score, lower partial pressure of alveolar oxygen/fraction of inspired oxygen, and higher peak inspiratory pressure were independently associated with worsening. CONCLUSIONS:Most patients with initial mild acute respiratory distress syndrome continue to fulfill acute respiratory distress syndrome criteria in the first week, and nearly half worsen in severity. Their mortality is high, particularly in patients with worsening acute respiratory distress syndrome, emphasizing the need for close attention to this patient population.






Pham T,Serpa Neto A,Pelosi P,Laffey JG,De Haro C,Lorente JA,Bellani G,Fan E,Brochard LJ,Pesenti A,Schultz MJ,Artigas A,LUNG SAFE Investigators* and the European Society of Intensive Care Medicine Trials Group.




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  • Morbidity and mortality from anesthesia: a continuing problem.

    abstract::Anesthetic exposure is usually necessary but rarely sufficient to the conduct of therapy. Consequently, there is a natural abhorrence of any worsening of a patient's condition secondary to the administration of anesthesia, which offers the patient no direct benefit. Highly safe anesthesia is a necessary precondition...


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  • Influence of erythrocyte concentrate storage time on postsurgical morbidity in cardiac surgery patients.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The transfusion of erythrocytes that have been stored for long periods of time can produce visceral ischemia and favor the acquisition of postsurgical infections. To estimate the role of the duration of storage of erythrocytes on morbidity in cardiac surgery, we performed an observational study. METHODS:All...


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  • Response to mivacurium in a patient compound heterozygous for a novel and a known silent mutation in the butyrylcholinesterase gene: genotyping by sequencing.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Patients who are homozygous for the atypical mutation, compound heterozygous for atypical and silent mutations, or homozygous for silent mutations (SS) respond to mivacurium with extensively prolonged neuromuscular block. Although important, exact phenotyping of these patients is difficult. This article pres...


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  • Influence of sevoflurane on the metabolism and renal effects of compound A in rats.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The sevoflurane degradation product compound A is nephrotoxic in rats. In contrast, patient exposure to compound A during sevoflurane anesthesia has no clinically significant renal effects. The mechanism for this difference is incompletely understood. One possibility is that the metabolism and toxicity of co...


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