Association of -2518A>G promoter polymorphism in the monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) gene with type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease.


AIMS:Inflammatory markers play an important role in the development of diseases related to metabolic syndrome, such as type 2 diabetes (T2D) and coronary artery disease (CAD). The present study evaluates the association of -2518A>G polymorphism in the monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 (MCP-1) gene with T2D and CAD. RESULTS:The frequency of the G allele is greater in CAD cases (35%) as compared to T2D (24.6%) and controls (31%), while the frequency of the A allele is higher in T2D cases (75.4%) as compared to CAD cases (65%) and controls (69%). The analysis has revealed that in comparison to T2D cases, the G allele increases the risk of CAD by 1.9-fold (p=0.008; odds ratio [OR]=1.9, 1.18-3.06 at 95% confidence interval [CI]) but in comparison to controls the G-allele provided protection against T2D (p=0.011; OR=0.55, 0.35-0.87 at 95% CI), both under the dominant model (AG+GG vs. AA). CONCLUSION:Results of the present study suggests that G-allele of MCP-1 -2518A>G polymorphism is associated with reduced risk of T2D and increased risk of CAD in the population of Punjab. The results indicate that there is a difference in the association of risk alleles with phenotypes of metabolic syndrome. Body mass index and waist circumference are important risk factors for T2D in the population of Punjab.


Kaur R,Matharoo K,Arora P,Bhanwer AJ




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