Exploring the use of fact-based and story-based learning materials for HIV/STI prevention and sexual health promotion with South Asian women in Toronto, Canada.


:Story-based learning is well recognized as an effective strategy for adult health education. However, there is a scarcity of research on story-based health education among women in South Asian diasporic communities. To address this gap, we undertook a pilot study in Toronto to explore how South Asian women respond to the use of fact-based and story-based materials for HIV/STI prevention. A total of 78 women were recruited from across the city. We engaged nearly half of the women (n=40) using fact sheets on HIV/STIs, and the remainder (n=38) using stories written by South Asian women on HIV/STIs. Surveys and focus groups were used to explore participants' responses in terms of knowledge, attitudes and perspectives. Results indicated that both approaches were effective in increasing participants' knowledge of HIV/STIs. Participants in the fact-based sessions tended to distance themselves from the idea of personal HIV/STI risks. Participants in the story-based groups were emotionally engaged, expressing personal commitments to take a stand against HIV stigma. In summary, within-culture stories are potentially effective tools that enable women to make sense of their own life situations and contextual vulnerabilities. Story-based materials are useful for breaking the silence of taboo topics, addressing stigma and discrimination and raising awareness about collective empowerment.


Health Educ Res


Wong JP,Kteily-Hawa R,Chambers LA,Hari S,Vijaya C,Suruthi R,Islam S,Vahabi M




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