Loose anagen hair syndrome in black-haired Indian children.


:Loose anagen hair syndrome (LAHS) is an uncommonly reported autosomal dominant hair disorder with incomplete penetrance that primarily affects children but is occasionally seen in adults. LAHS is characterized by the ability to easily and painlessly extract unsheathed anagen hairs from the scalp with gentle traction. The hair is sparse and does not grow long. Usually the hairs are not fragile and do not have areas of breakage. Initially it was considered a rare, sporadic condition found predominantly in young white girls with blonde hair. Because autosomal dominant inheritance has been reported, it was suspected that the condition might be equally common in boys but was probably underdiagnosed.


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  • Congenital cutaneous hemangioma causing cardiac failure: a case report and review of the literature.

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  • A case of woolly hair nevus, multiple linear pigmentation, and epidermal nevi with somatic HRAS p.G12S mutation.

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  • Congenital nevus of the nail apparatus--diagnostic approach of a case through dermoscopy.

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  • Cutaneous histiocytosis syndromes.

    abstract::Cutaneous histiocytosis may take two principal forms. It is either a benign proliferative process or a relentless, progressive process with a poor prognosis. In histiocytic medullary reticulosis, histiocytes demonstrate nuclear atypia and the outcome is uniformly fatal. Benign cephalic histiocytosis X causes lesions s...

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  • Microbiology of nonbullous impetigo.

    abstract::Our objective was to establish the aerobic and anaerobic microbiology of nonbullous impetigo (NI) in children. We used a retrospective review of clinical microbiology laboratory and patients' records. Specimens were obtained from 40 patients with NI lesions and showed bacterial growth. Aerobic or facultative anaerobic...

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  • Collodion baby associated with asymmetric crying facies: a case report.

    abstract::Collodion baby is a distinct subset of neonatal erythroderma that can be a clinical marker for a variety of underlying abnormalities. The phenotype includes parchment-like hyperkeratosis, pseudocontractures, ectropion, eclabium, absence of eyebrows, and sparse hair. Asymmetric crying facies is caused by congenital hyp...

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  • Rothmund-Thomson syndrome (Thomson-type) and myelodysplasia.

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  • Thoracoscopic sympathicotomy for the treatment of intolerable palmar and axillary hyperhidrosis in children is associated with high recurrence rates.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Treatment of palmar and axillary primary focal hyperhidrosis (PFH) in children up to 16 years using thoracoscopic sympathicotomy is supported by scarce evidence. Therefore, this study aimed to summarize the results of our standardized bilateral, one-stage, single-port sympathicotomy (BOSS) in children up to ...

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  • Fibroadipose vascular anomaly treated with sirolimus: Successful outcome in two patients.

    abstract::Fibroadipose vascular anomaly (FAVA) is a rare, complex mesenchymal malformation combining fibrofatty replacement of the affected muscles and slow-flow vascular malformation. The condition is characterized by localized swelling, severe pain, phlebectasia, and contracture of the affected limb. Treatment paradigms are n...

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  • Deep Granuloma Annulare Mimicking Inflamed Cysts in a Teenager.

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  • Practical application of the new classification scheme for congenital melanocytic nevi.

    abstract::A new consensus-based classification of congenital melanocytic nevi (CMN) has recently been proposed. It includes categories for projected adult size (PAS) and location, satellite nevi counts, and morphologic characteristics (color heterogeneity, rugosity, nodularity, and hypertrichosis). The objective of the current ...

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  • Localized linear bullous eruption of systemic lupus erythematosus in a child.

    abstract::A 9-year-old girl newly diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) developed a localized linear papulovesicular eruption over the right dorsal hand and ulnar forearm. The skin findings were clinically suggestive of herpes zoster, lichen striatus, or lichen planus-lupus erythematosus overlap. However, histologic...

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  • Hair casts: a clinical and electron microscopic study.

    abstract::Hair casts were seen in 22 girls ranging in age from 4 to 13 years. They were localized to the frontal, vertex, and temporal areas. The number of affected hairs varied from one-tenth to one-third. Twenty of the 22 girls styled their hair in ponytails or pigtails. Compound root sheath casts were present in six of nine ...

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  • Two cases of isolated anterior cervical hypertrichosis.

    abstract::Two unrelated Hispanic females, ages 4 and 3 years, respectively, each presented with a solitary patch of excessive terminal hair growth in the midline of the neck. This rare form of congenital localized hypertrichosis, known as anterior cervical hypertrichosis, is reported here as an isolated defect with no other und...

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  • Fatal Outcome from Brain Vascular Lesions in a Neonate with Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome.

    abstract::The most common cause of death in blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome is gastrointestinal bleeding. Here we present a case of central nervous system bleeding that resulted in death. ...

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    authors: Ocampo-Garza J,Salas-Alanís JC,Ponce-Camacho MA,Rosales-Solis GM,Miranda Maldonado I,Elizondo-Riojas G,Villanueva-Nava D,Barbosa-Quintana O,Gonzalez Colunga K,Ocampo-Candiani J

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  • Streptococcal exanthem in a blaschkolinear pattern: clinical evidence for genetic mosaicism in hypomelanosis of ito.

    abstract::Due to the presence of two different clones of cells in early embryogenesis, numerous congenital and acquired dermatoses have a linear distribution following the lines of Blaschko. Acquired inflammatory skin diseases are rarely observed in linear patterns. Our patient was born with macrocephaly, left eye glaucoma, and...

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  • Angioedema After Squaric Acid Treatment in a 6-Year-Old Girl.

    abstract::Alopecia areata (AA) involves the immune-related destruction of hair follicles, resulting in patches of complete hair loss, most often on the scalp. The topical sensitizer squaric acid dibutylester (SADBE) is a popular treatment option given its low side-effect profile, hair regrowth potential, and lack of cross-react...

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  • Lichenoid sarcoidosis in a 3-year-old girl.

    abstract::We report a case of lichenoid sarcoidosis in a 3-year-old girl. She had numerous discrete skin-colored or erythematous, infiltrated follicular papules on the buttocks and extremities since 2 months of age. Histopathologic examination showed follicular plugging and an upper dermal granulomatous infiltrate of epithelioi...

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  • Chilblains in children in the setting of COVID-19 pandemic.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Different skin manifestations of COVID-19 are being reported. Acral lesions on the hands and feet, closely resembling chilblains, have been recognized during the peak incidence of the COVID-19 pandemic. MATERIAL AND METHODS:A retrospective review of 22 children and adolescents with chilblain-like lesions se...

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  • Trichostasis spinulosa: a clinical simulant of acne open comedones.

    abstract::Trichostasis spinulosa is a disorder of the pilosebaceous follicles that may simulate acne open comedones. It is a commonly reported cosmetic annoyance in adults but not children. A review of the literature and a case of trichostasis spinulosa in a 13-year-old black girl with a history of onset at 18 months of age are...

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  • Apocrine chromhidrosis involving the areolae in a 15-year-old amateur figure skater.

    abstract::Apocrine chromhidrosis is a rare disease frequently localized to the face or axillae, and rarely has been reported to occur around the breasts. We report a 15-year-old amateur figure skater who displayed localized chromhidrosis around her areolae. The most common precipitating event was exercise. She was treated topic...

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  • Cervical occult spinal dysraphism: MRI findings and the value of a vascular birthmark.

    abstract::Spinal dysraphism is easily recognized in the overt form as a meningocele or myelomeningocele. The closed form or occult spinal dysraphism (OSD) can be overlooked. It occurs predominantly at the lumbosacral level, but OSD at the cervical level, although very rare, also occurs. The value of magnetic resonance imaging i...

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  • Punched-out erosions with scalloped borders: Group A Streptococcal pustulosis.

    abstract::We present a case of an infant with severe atopic dermatitis infected with Streptococcus pyogenes who presented with pustules, honey-colored crusts, and punched-out erosions with scalloped borders mimicking eczema herpeticum or eczema coxsackium. We draw attention to this case to highlight the similar clinical appeara...

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    authors: Shayegan LH,Richards LE,Morel KD,Levin LE

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  • A barrier to care: Distance traveled affects adherence to treatment and follow-up plans for patients with infantile hemangioma.

    abstract::A chart review was performed of all patients diagnosed with infantile hemangioma in the pediatric dermatology clinic to determine whether distance traveled by the patient affected adherence to follow-up and treatment plans. An increase in distance was associated with an increase in likelihood of nonadherence to treatm...

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    authors: Desrosiers AS,Ibrahim JM,Jacks SK

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  • Dermatologic findings of vitamin B12 deficiency in infants.

    abstract:BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES:Vitamin B12 deficiency in infants is uncommonly reported from developed countries and generally lacks dermatologic manifestations. On the contrary, infantile vitamin B12 deficiency is common in India and cutaneous manifestations are a constant feature, although often overshadowed by neurologic and...

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