Effect of Activation of Peripheral Ion Channel TRPM8 on Gene Expression of Thermosensitive TRP Ion Channels in the Hypothalamus. Comparison with the Effect of Cooling.


:Experiments on rats showed that activation of the peripheral ion channel TRPM8 with menthol and rapid cooling (decrease in core temperature by 3°C) led to 1.5-fold activation of the expression of TRPV3 ion channel gene in the posterior hypothalamus, but had no effect on the expression of this gene in the anterior hypothalamus. Neither stimulation of peripheral TRPМ8, nor acute cooling affected the expression of genes for other thermosensitive ion channels (TRPV1, TRPV2, TRPV4, TRPA1, and TRPМ8) in the hypothalamus. Enhanced expression of Trpv3 gene can indicate increased sensitivity of hypothalamic neurons in the range of TRPV3 ion channel functioning (31-39oC). The relationship between the changes in Trpv3 gene expression and the shift of thermoregulatory reaction thresholds is discussed. Our findings attest to the presence of a functional relationship between TRP ion channels of the peripheral nervous system and TRP channels in the central structures of the brain.


Bull Exp Biol Med


Kozyreva TV,Evtushenko AA,Voronova IP,Khramova GM,Kozaruk VP




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  • Optimal detection of serum antipaternal antileukocytic antibodies after injection of allogenic lymphocytes in women with habitual abortions.

    abstract::The level of antipaternal antileukocytic antibodies detected by flow cytometry is a parameter reflecting the efficiency of alloimmunization of women with reproductive disorders during preparation to pregnancy. The results of evaluation of antipaternal antileukocytic antibodies by two modifications of the method are pr...

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  • Modulation of phagocytic activity of blood polynuclear leukocytes with ozonized physiological saline.

    abstract::We studied the effect of ozonized physiological saline on phagocytic properties of polymorphonuclear neutrophilic leukocytes from dog blood. Intravenous infusion of the examined doses of ozonized saline stimulated phagocytosis. Repeated intravenous infusion (48 h after) of the same dose was followed by a significant d...

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  • Nrf2-Dependent Expression of Glutathione Antioxidant System Genes and Redox Status in Cells of In Vivo Drug-Resistant Murine P388 Leukemia Strains.

    abstract::We measured the content of ROS and malondialdehyde in cells of in vivo drug-resistant murine P388 leukemia strains. It was found that the strains did not differ by malondialdehyde concentration, but intracellular concentration of ROS in cells of the cyclophosphamide-resistant strain (P388/CP) was higher than in cells ...

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  • Changed profile of splicing regulator genes expression in response to exercise.

    abstract::Intensive exercise triggers the cascade processes of body adaptation, including modulation of splisosome functioning, and can lead to modification of its activity and choice of alternative exons. We studied the effect of exercise of the maximum aerobic power on activation of transcription of genes involved in the spli...

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  • Role of Carbon Monoxide in the Mechanisms of Action of Extracellular ATP on Contractile Activity of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells.

    abstract::We studied the role of carbon monoxide (CO) in the effect of P2X and P2Y receptor agonist ATP on the tone of rat aorta segments with intact endothelium. ATP (1-1000 μM) and P2X receptor agonist α,β-MeATP (100 μM) relaxed segments precontracted with phenylephrine (10 μM), while UTP (100-1000 μM) increased the amplitude...

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  • Selective effect of allopregnanolone on corticoliberin-induced anxiety.

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