In vivo inhibition of hypertrophic scars by implantable ginsenoside-Rg3-loaded electrospun fibrous membranes.


:Clinically, hypertrophic scarring (HS) is a major concern for patients and has been a challenge for surgeons, as there is a lack of treatments that can intervene early in the formation of HS. This study reports on a Chinese drug, 20(R)-ginsenoside Rg3 (GS-Rg3), which can inhibit in vivo the early formation of HS and later HS hyperplasia by inducing the apoptosis of fibroblasts, inhibiting inflammation and down-regulating VEGF expression. Implantable biodegradable GS-Rg3-loaded poly(l-lactide) (PLA) fibrous membranes were successfully fabricated using co-electrospinning technology to control drug release and improve drug utilization. The in vivo releasing time of GS-Rg3 lasts for 3 months, and the drug concentration released in rabbits can be controlled by varying the drug content of the electrospun fibers. Histological observations of HE staining indicate that GS-Rg3/PLA significantly inhibits the HS formation, with obvious improvements in terms of dermis layer thickness, epidermis layer thickness and fibroblast proliferation. The results of immunohistochemistry staining and Masson's trichrome staining demonstrate that GS-Rg3/PLA electrospun fibrous membranes significantly inhibit HS formation, with decreased expression of collagen fibers and microvessels. VEGF protein levels are much lower in the group treated with GS-Rg3/PLA eletrospun membranes compared with other groups. These results demonstrate that GS-Rg3 is a novel drug, capable of inhibiting the early formation of HS and later HS hyperplasia. GS-Rg3/PLA electrospun membrane is a very promising new treatment for early and long-term treatment of HS.


Acta Biomater


Acta biomaterialia


Cheng L,Sun X,Hu C,Jin R,Sun B,Shi Y,Zhang L,Cui W,Zhang Y




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