Systematic review and meta-analysis of antimicrobial treatment effect estimation in complicated urinary tract infection.


:Noninferiority trial design and analyses are commonly used to establish the effectiveness of a new antimicrobial drug for treatment of serious infections such as complicated urinary tract infection (cUTI). A systematic review and meta-analysis were conducted to estimate the treatment effects of three potential active comparator drugs for the design of a noninferiority trial. The systematic review identified no placebo trials of cUTI, four clinical trials of cUTI with uncomplicated urinary tract infection as a proxy for placebo, and nine trials with reports of treatment effect estimates for doripenem, levofloxacin, or imipenem-cilastatin. In the meta-analysis, the primary efficacy endpoint of interest was the microbiological eradication rate at the test-of-cure visit in the microbiological intent-to-treat population. The estimated eradication rates and corresponding 95% confidence intervals (CI) were 31.8% (26.5% to 37.2%) for placebo, 81% (77.7% to 84.2%) for doripenem, 79% (75.9% to 82.2%) for levofloxacin, and 80.5% (71.9% to 89.1%) for imipenem-cilastatin. The treatment effect estimates were 40.5% for doripenem, 38.7% for levofloxacin, 34.7% for imipenem-cilastatin, and 40.8% overall. These treatment effect estimates can be used to inform the design and analysis of future noninferiority trials in cUTI study populations.


Singh KP,Li G,Mitrani-Gold FS,Kurtinecz M,Wetherington J,Tomayko JF,Mundy LM




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