Depression in cirrhosis - a prospective evaluation of the prevalence, predictors and development of a screening nomogram.


BACKGROUND:Depression is associated with substantial morbidity and mortality in cirrhosis, but is underdiagnosed and undertreated. AIMS:Using the Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview (MINI) as a gold-standard, to determine prevalence, predictors, and outcomes of depression, and to develop a screening nomogram for use in cirrhosis patients. METHODS:Cirrhotic outpatients 18-80 years of age, not on anti-depressants, were consecutively recruited from liver clinics at three tertiary care hospitals. Baseline health-related quality of life (HRQoL) and frailty were determined by the chronic liver disease questionnaire, EQ-VAS, Clinical Frailty Scale and Fried Frailty Criteria. Depression was identified using the MINI and participants were followed up to 6 months to determine unplanned hospitalization/death. RESULTS:Of 305 patients, 62% were male; mean age 55(10) years; mean MELD 12.5(5), 61% Child Pugh B/C. Prevalence of depression 18% by MINI. Patients with depression had lower baseline HRQoL and higher frailty scores. Five independently predictive factors were used to develop a clinical nomogram for the diagnosis of clinical depression. These included three Hospital Anxiety and Depression Screening tool variables: "I have lost interest in my appearance" (adjusted odds ratio [aOR] 2.2, P = 0.006), "I look forward with enjoyment to things" (aOR 2.0, P = 0.02), "I feel cheerful" (aOR 2.8, P = 0.002), and two demographic variables: younger age (aOR 0.92, P = 0.001) and not being married or in a common-law relationship (aOR 0.30, P = 0.008). CONCLUSIONS:Depression is common in patients with cirrhosis. It has a significant impact on HRQoL and functional status. The developed clinical nomogram is promising for the rapid screening of depression in patients with cirrhosis.


Aliment Pharmacol Ther


Buganza-Torio E,Mitchell N,Abraldes JG,Thomas L,Ma M,Bailey RJ,Tandon P




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