Quantifying and modelling the carbon sequestration capacity of seagrass meadows--a critical assessment.


:Seagrasses are among the planet's most effective natural ecosystems for sequestering (capturing and storing) carbon (C); but if degraded, they could leak stored C into the atmosphere and accelerate global warming. Quantifying and modelling the C sequestration capacity is therefore critical for successfully managing seagrass ecosystems to maintain their substantial abatement potential. At present, there is no mechanism to support carbon financing linked to seagrass. For seagrasses to be recognised by the IPCC and the voluntary C market, standard stock assessment methodologies and inventories of seagrass C stocks are required. Developing accurate C budgets for seagrass meadows is indeed complex; we discuss these complexities, and, in addition, we review techniques and methodologies that will aid development of C budgets. We also consider a simple process-based data assimilation model for predicting how seagrasses will respond to future change, accompanied by a practical list of research priorities.


Mar Pollut Bull


Macreadie PI,Baird ME,Trevathan-Tackett SM,Larkum AW,Ralph PJ




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2014-06-30 00:00:00














  • The biodegradation of crude oil in the deep ocean.

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  • Ideal width of transects for monitoring source-related categories of plastics on beaches.

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  • Nickel and ocean warming affect scleractinian coral growth.

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  • Deepwater ocean outfalls: A sustainable solution for sewage discharge for mega-coastal cities (Sydney, Australia): A synthesis.

    abstract::In 1990-91 three deepwater ocean outfalls replaced three cliff-face outfalls discharging approximately 940 ML/day, or 80% of sewage generated by the City of Sydney (Australia) (population 3.3 million). Operation of these outfalls was assessed for the first two years and performed well, mitigating most of the environme...

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  • Dynamic ecological risk modelling of hydrocarbon release scenarios in Arctic waters.

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  • Fast pesticide pre-screening in marine environment using a green microalgae-based optical bioassay.

    abstract::The present study evaluates an optical bioassay based on green photosynthetic microalgae as a promising alternative for monitoring of relevant seawater pollutants. Photosystem II fluorescence parameters from several microalgae species were examined in the presence of three common marine pesticides that act as photosyn...

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  • Assessing metal toxicity in sediments using the equilibrium partitioning model and empirical sediment quality guidelines: a case study in the nearshore zone of the Bohai Sea, China.

    abstract::Surface sediments were collected from five nearshore (wastewater discharges, aquaculture facilities and a seaport) sites in Bohai Bay and Laizhou Bay, China. The equilibrium partitioning (EqP) model and empirical sediment quality guidelines (SQGs) were applied to assess the potential metal toxicity in the collected se...

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  • Seasonal antioxidant responses in the sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus (Lamarck 1816) used as a bioindicator of the environmental contamination in the South-East Mediterranean.

    abstract::In this study, sea urchin Paracentrotus lividus were sampled seasonally at three stations during 2012 in the coastal areas of the Gulf of Annaba (southeast Mediterranean). For all sea urchins, the gonad index was calculated to determine sea urchin reproductive status. Moreover, a set of biochemical parameters, includi...

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  • First report from North America of microplastics in the gastrointestinal tract of stranded bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus).

    abstract::Microplastics' (MPs) abundance, small size, and global distribution render them bioavailable to a variety of organisms directly or by trophic transfer, yet examinations in marine apex predators are currently limited. The present study investigated the occurrence of MPs sized 125 μm-5 mm in the gastrointestinal tract (...

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  • Assessment of bioavailable hydrocarbons in Pribilof Island rock sandpiper fall staging areas and overwintering habitat.

    abstract::At present, significant adverse hydrocarbon influence on the Pribilof Island rock sandpiper (Calidris ptilocnemis ptilocnemis) is unlikely. Almost the entire population overwinters in Cook Inlet and breeds on four Bering Sea islands. Passive samplers deployed several times in a three year period and corresponding sedi...

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  • Does ecological energetics lead to trophic competition in juvenile fish? A case study from the Vistula Lagoon (southern Baltic Sea).

    abstract::Production, respiration, egestion of faeces and excretion of ammonia were measured in competing early developmental stages of fish species (herring, smelt, perch and stickleback) to calculate their daily energy (food) requirements in the Vistula Lagoon, southern Baltic Sea. The highest consumption (per capita and per ...

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  • The effect of sand composition on the degradation of buried oil.

    abstract::The potential effects of the mineralogical composition of sediment on the degradation of oil buried on sandy beaches were investigated. Toward that purpose, a laboratory experiment was carried out with sandy sediment collected along NW Iberian Peninsula beaches, tar-balls from the Prestige oil spill (NW Spain) and sea...

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  • Risk formulation for the sonic effects of offshore wind farms on fish in the EU region.

    abstract::In 2007, European leaders agreed to source 20% of their energy needs from renewable energy; since that time, offshore wind farms have been receiving attention in the European Union (EU). In 2008, the European Community submitted a proposal to the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in order to combat marine nois...

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  • Sulphate reduction in the sediment of the Venice canals (Italy).

    abstract::The sulphur cycle in the sediment of the Venice canal network was investigated by considering the sulphate reduction rate (SRR) and the distribution of sulphur compounds, in both pore water and sediment. Sulphate reduction (SR) is the main process in the metabolism of the organic matter supplied to the network by untr...

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  • Underwater noise from airplanes: An overlooked source of ocean noise.

    abstract::The effects of underwater noise pollution on marine life are of increasing concern. Research and management have focussed on the strongest underwater sound sources. Aerial sound sources have understandably been ignored as sound transmits poorly across the air-water interface. However, there might be situations when ai...

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  • Long-term underwater sound measurements in the shipping noise indicator bands 63Hz and 125Hz from the port of Falmouth Bay, UK.

    abstract::Chronic low-frequency anthropogenic sound, such as shipping noise, may be negatively affecting marine life. The EU's Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) includes a specific indicator focused on this noise. This indicator is the yearly average sound level in third-octave bands with centre frequencies at 63Hz and...

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  • Double trouble in the South Pacific subtropical gyre: Increased plastic ingestion by fish in the oceanic accumulation zone.

    abstract::Fish are an important food source for South Pacific (SP) island countries, yet there is little information on contamination of commercial marine fish species by plastic. The aim of our study was to perform a broad-scale assessment of plastic ingestion by fish common in the diet of SP inhabitants. We examined 932 speci...

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  • Seagrasses and seagrass habitats in Pacific small island developing states: Potential loss of benefits via human disturbance and climate change.

    abstract::Seagrasses provide a wide range of services including food provision, water purification and coastal protection. Pacific small island developing states (PSIDS) have limited natural resources, challenging economies and a need for marine science research. Seagrasses occur in eleven PSIDS and nations are likely to benefi...

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  • Assessment of risk of PCDD/Fs and dioxin-like PCBs in marine and freshwater fish in Pearl River Delta, China.

    abstract::Fish consumption is known to be beneficial to human health. However since the age of industrialization, the released/disposed chemical pollutants into water systems make fish a source of various environmental toxicants to humans. In oceanic cities with heavy industrial activities, fish products contribute the greatest...

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  • Relative contribution of multiple stressors on copepod density and diversity dynamics in the Belgian part of the North Sea.

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  • Storms do not alter long-term watershed development influences on coastal water quality.

    abstract::A twelve year (2000-2011) study of three coastal lagoons in the Gulf of Mexico was conducted to assess the impacts of local watershed development and tropical storms on water quality. The lagoons have similar physical and hydrological characteristics, but differ substantially in the degree of watershed urban developme...

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  • Marine debris visual identification assessment.

    abstract::Estimates of marine debris are often based on beach surveys. Few studies have documented the veracity of these observations and the factors that may affect accuracy. Our laboratory-scale experiment identified potential sources of error associated with visual identification of marine debris (1-2 cm long) during shoreli...

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  • Premature aging in bone of fish from a highly polluted marine area.

    abstract::Fish species have attracted considerable interest in studies assessing biological responses to environmental contaminants. In this study, the attention has been focussed on fishbone of selected fish species from a highly polluted marine area, Augusta Bay (Italy, Central Mediterranean) to evaluate if toxicant elements ...

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  • Interspecific introgression and changes in population structure in a flatfish species complex after the Prestige accident.

    abstract::Oil spills cause aggressive impacts on marine ecosystems affecting immense areas and the species inhabiting them. If wastes are not cleaned up properly, the remnants may affect local populations for a long time. This work focuses on the long-term impacts of the Prestige spillage that occurred off Galician coast (Spain...

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  • Sediment records of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) in Yangtze River Delta of Yangtze River in China.

    abstract::The spatial and temporal distributions of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) were investigated in five sediment cores from the Yangtze River Delta of Yangtze River in China. The surficial concentrations of nine tri- through hepta-BDE congeners (Σ9BDEs) and BDE209 were highest at urban sites S3 and S2, followed by ...

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