In vivo fluorescence imaging of IgG1 aggregates after subcutaneous and intravenous injection in mice.


PURPOSE:To monitor the biodistribution of IgG1 aggregates upon subcutaneous (SC) and intravenous (IV) administration in mice and measure their propensity to stimulate an early immune response. METHODS:A human mAb (IgG1) was fluorescently labeled, aggregated by agitation stress and injected in SKH1 mice through SC and IV routes. The biodistribution of monomeric and aggregated formulations was monitored over 47 days by fluorescence imaging and the early immune response was measured by quantifying the level of relevant cytokines in serum using a Bio-plex assay. RESULTS:The aggregates remained at the SC injection site for a longer time than monomers but after entry into the systemic circulation disappeared faster than monomers. Upon IV administration, both monomers and aggregates spread rapidly throughout the circulation, and a strong accumulation in the liver was observed for both species. Subsequent removal from the circulation was faster for aggregates than monomers. No accumulation in lymph nodes was observed after SC or IV administration. Administration of monomers and aggregates induced similar cytokine levels, but SC injection resulted in higher cytokine levels than IV administration. CONCLUSION:These results show differences in biodistribution and residence time between IgG1 aggregates and monomers. The long residence time of aggregates at the SC injection site, in conjunction with elevated cytokine levels, may contribute to an enhanced immunogenicity risk of SC injected aggregates compared to that of monomers.


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Pharmaceutical research


Filipe V,Que I,Carpenter JF,Löwik C,Jiskoot W




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  • Swelling and dissolution kinetics during peptide release from erodible anionic gel beads.

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  • Fatty acid-RGD peptide amphiphile micelles as potential paclitaxel delivery carriers to α(v)β₃ integrin overexpressing tumors.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To design and synthesize fatty acid-RGD peptide amphiphiles with ADA linker for their potential delivery of hydrophobic drugs like paclitaxel targeted to α(v)β(3) integrin overexpressing tumors. METHODS:Four amphiphiles - C16 or C18 fatty acid-RGD peptide and ADA linker were designed and synthesized. CMC, size...

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  • Controlled delivery systems for proteins using polyanhydride microspheres.

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  • In vivo effects of glycyl-glutamate and glycyl-sarcosine on gabapentin oral absorption in rat.

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  • Site specific rectal drug administration in man with an osmotic system: influence on "first-pass" elimination of lidocaine.

    abstract::Lidocaine was administered to healthy volunteers at different sites in the rectum. Unchanged drug and monoethylglycinexylidide (MEGX) concentrations were measured in plasma with a newly developed gas chromatographic method. Lidocaine was given rectally by means of an osmotic system (Osmet(®)) which delivered 25 mg/h a...

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  • Microbial and mammalian metabolism studies of the semisynthetic antimalarial, anhydrodihydroartemisinin.

    abstract::Microbial metabolism studies of the semisynthetic antimalarial anhydrodihydroartemisinin (1), have shown that it is metabolized by a number of microorganisms. Large scale fermentation with Streptomyces lavendulae L-105 and Rhizopogon species (ATCC 36060) have resulted in the isolation of four microbial metabolites. Th...

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  • The mean dissolution time depends on the dose/solubility ratio.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To investigate the relationship between mean dissolution time (MDT) and dose/solubility ratio (q) using the diffusion layer model. METHODS:Using the classic Noyes-Whitney equation and considering a finite dose, we derived an expression for MDT as a function of q under various conditions. q was expressed as a d...

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  • Pharmacokinetics of once-a-month injectable microspheres of leuprolide acetate.

    abstract::The pharmacokinetic parameters of leuprolide acetate, a potent analogue of LH-RH, were determined in rats and dogs after i.v. and s.c. dosing with leuprolide solution. The effective human dose of once-a-month injectable microspheres of leuprolide was estimated to be about 3.2 to 8.1 mg analogue/month using these param...

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  • Improved inhalation behavior of steroid KSR-592 in vitro with Jethaler by polymorphic transformation to needle-like crystals (beta-form).

    abstract:PURPOSE:The aim of the present study was to improve the dry powder inhalation behavior of steroid KSR-592 with lactose by altering the crystal shape and the particle size of the drug for use in a newly designed inhalation device, Jethaler. METHOD:The shape of the crystals was changed by polymorphic transformation of o...

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  • Photokinetic Drug Delivery: Near infrared (NIR) Induced Permeation Enhancement of Bevacizumab, Ranibizumab and Aflibercept through Human Sclera.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Permeation studies, with near infrared (NIR) light and anti-aggregation antibody formulation, were used to investigate the in vitro permeation of bevacizumab, ranibizumab and aflibercept through human sclera. METHODS:A vertical, spherical Franz cell diffusion apparatus was used for this scleral tissue permeati...

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    abstract:PURPOSE:To design, synthesize, and test synthetic glycopeptide-based delivery systems for gene targeting to hepatocytes by systemic administration. METHODS:All peptides were synthesized by the solid phase method developed using Fmoc chemistry on a peptide synthesizer. The binding of galactosylated peptides to HepG2 ce...

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  • Prodrugs of peptides. 11. Chemical and enzymatic hydrolysis kinetics of N-acyloxymethyl derivatives of a peptide-like bond.

    abstract::Various carboxylic acid esters of the N-hydroxymethyl derivative of N-benzyloxycarbonylglycine benzylamide, used as a peptide-like model, were prepared and their decomposition kinetics studied in aqueous solution and in human plasma solutions. These N-acyloxymethylamide derivatives were found to undergo a facile decom...

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  • Comparison of the hanson microette and the Van Kel apparatus for in vitro release testing of topical semisolid formulations.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The major goal of this study was to compare the relative utility of the Hanson Microette and the Van Kel apparatus, two fully automated devices, as in vitro release tests (IVRT) for semisolids. We attempted to develop methodology that can be used to discriminate formulation changes, and to evaluate the precisio...

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  • On technological and immunological benefits of multivalent single-injection microsphere vaccines.

    abstract:PURPOSE:With the aim of developing multivalent vaccines for single-injection, we examined the feasibility of combining antigens in biodegradable microspheres. Such vaccines are expected to improve vaccination coverage by reducing the number of vaccination sessions required to generate immunity. METHODS:Mono- and multi...

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  • Dissolution techniques for in vitro testing of dry powders for inhalation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To evaluate different dissolution testing methods and subsequently develop a simple to perform but reproducible and discriminating dissolution technique for inhalative powders. METHODS:From a dry powder a fraction of aerosolized particles with an aerodynamic particle size below 5 μm was collected on regenerate...

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  • Temperature-Induced Surface Effects on Drug Nanosuspensions.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The trial-and-error approach is still predominantly used in pharmaceutical development of nanosuspensions. Physicochemical dispersion stability is a primary focus and therefore, various analytical bulk methods are commonly employed. Clearly less attention is directed to surface changes of nanoparticles even tho...

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  • Nebulization of liposomes. II. The effects of size and modeling of solute release profiles.

    abstract::A series of carboxyfluorescein (CF)-containing multilamellar vesicle (MLV) dispersions was prepared and extruded through polycarbonate membranes ranging in size from 0.2 to 5 microns. Vesicle dispersions were nebulized for 80 min using a Collison nebulizer, and the release of CF was monitored during nebulization. Solu...

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  • Enhanced delivery of 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine to the brain parenchyma.

    abstract::5'-Ester derivatives of 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine (IDU) with varying degrees of lipophilicity were examined to evaluate the effectiveness of lipophilic ester prodrugs for enhanced and sustained delivery of IDU to the brain parenchyma. Approximately 1.0% (1.0 +/- 0.19; n = 4) of the total radioactivity was found in the br...

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  • Contribution of lysosomes to the subcellular distribution of basic drugs in the rat liver.

    abstract:PURPOSE:We examined the subcellular distribution of the basic drugs, chlorpromazine (CPZ), imipramine (IMP) and biperiden (BP), in rat liver, and evaluated the contribution of lysosome (Lys) to their intracellular distribution in comparison with that of mitochondria (Mit). METHODS:In an in vivo distribution, the conce...

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  • Physicochemical properties of liposomes affecting apoptosis induced by cationic liposomes in macrophages.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Cationic liposomes are expected to be useful as nonviral vectors for gene delivery. Cationic liposomes showed cytotoxicity, and we proposed that the cytotoxicity is through apoptosis. In this study, we examined the effects of liposomal properties, such as liposomal charge, size, membrane fluidity, and PEG coati...

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  • The use of disaccharides in inhibiting enzymatic activity loss and secondary structure changes in freeze-dried β-galactosidase during storage.

    abstract:PURPOSE:The purpose of this study is to show how disaccharides differ in their ability to protect lyophilized β-galactosidase from enzymatic activity loss and secondary structure changes during storage. METHODS:β-galactosidase was lyophilized with trehalose, sucrose, cellobiose or melibiose at 2:1, 20:1 and 40:1 excip...

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  • Pharmaceutical evaluation of gas-filled microparticles as gene delivery system.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To produce and characterize a nonviral ultrasound-controlled release system of plasmid DNA (pDNA) encapsulated in gas-filled poly(D,L-lactide-co-glycolide) microparticles (PLGA-MPs). METHODS:Different cationic polymers were used to form pDNA/polymer complexes to enhance the stability of pDNA during micropartic...

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    authors: Seemann S,Hauff P,Schultze-Mosgau M,Lehmann C,Reszka R

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  • Mechanistic studies on effervescent-induced permeability enhancement.

    abstract:PURPOSE:To determine the mechanism(s) by which effervescence induces penetration enhancement of a broad range of compounds ranging in size, structure, and other physiocochemical properties across rat and rabbit small intestinal epithelium. METHODS:Effervescent induced penetration enhancement was investigated in vitro ...

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    authors: Eichman JD,Robinson JR

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  • Formulation and physical characterization of large porous particles for inhalation.

    abstract:PURPOSE:Relatively large (>5 microm) and porous (mass density <0.4 g/cm3) particles present advantages for the delivery of drugs to the lungs, e.g., excellent aerosolization properties. The aim of this study was, first, to formulate such particles with excipients that are either FDA-approved for inhalation or endogenou...

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    authors: Vanbever R,Mintzes JD,Wang J,Nice J,Chen D,Batycky R,Langer R,Edwards DA

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  • Pharmaceutical properties of loracarbef: the remarkable solution stability of an oral 1-carba-1-dethiacephalosporin antibiotic.

    abstract::Loracarbef is an oral 1-carba-1-dethiacephalosporin antibiotic structurally related to cefaclor. Like many beta-lactam antibiotics, loracarbef exists in several hydrated crystalline forms. The pH-solubility profile curve for loracarbef monohydrate is U-shaped, resembling those of other zwitterionic cephalosporins. Lor...

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    authors: Pasini CE,Indelicato JM

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  • Origin of the isoelectric heterogeneity of monoclonal immunoglobulin h1B4.

    abstract::The origin of the microheterogeneity of a highly purified antiinflammatory humanized monoclonal antibody prepared in mammalian cell culture has been investigated. This antibody is an IgG directed toward human CD18 (a subunit of leukocyte integrins). When the IgG preparation is subjected to isoelectric focusing, it is ...

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