Novel Collimated Beam Setup to Study the Kinetics of VUV-Induced Reactions.


:Vacuum UV (VUV) process is an incipient advanced oxidation process, which can be used for water treatment. This process relies on the formation of hydroxyl radicals through the VUV-induced photolysis of water. In particular, the use of ozone-generating mercury vapor lamps, which emit 10% of the radiation at 185 nm and 90% at 254 nm, is showing very promising results for the degradation of micropollutants. The kinetics of VUV process has been studied in batch- and flow-through reactors, but the effect of 254 and 185 nm photons cannot be isolated, mass transfer resistances can take place and the interpretation of the results is complex. In this technical note, a new VUV collimated beam to conduct kinetic tests is presented, which offers several advantages: (1) it allows the irradiation of samples with 185, 254 nm photons, or both, (2) the concentration of reagents is uniform in the reaction volume and (3) it allows to change the fluence rate by changing the distance between the lamp and the photoreactor. Details of the geometry are presented, as well as an analysis of the collimation and uniformity of the radiation of the new VUV-collimated beam setup.


Photochem Photobiol


Duca C,Imoberdorf G,Mohseni M




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2014-01-01 00:00:00












  • Two new sterically hindered phthalocyanines: synthetic and photodynamic aspects.

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  • Immunological and biochemical evidence that blepharismin is not a prosthetic group.

    abstract::A polyclonal, multispecific antiserum was raised against a whole 3[(3-cholamidopropyl)-dimethylammonio]-1-propanesulfonate-extract of nonirradiated Blepharisma japonicum cells. It was used to reveal the composition of solutions that were hypothesized to contain the photoreceptor of the ciliate. A Bio-Gel A 1.5 m fine ...

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  • Molecular mechanism of drug photosensitization. 7. Photocleavage of DNA sensitized by suprofen.

    abstract::Ultraviolet-A irradiation of a suprofen (2-[4-2(2-thenoyl) phenyl]propionic acid) (SPF) buffered solution (pH 7.4) in the presence of supercoiled pBR322 DNA leads to single strand breaks with the formation of an open circular form and subsequent linearization of the plasmid. On the basis of agarose gel electrophoresis...

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    abstract::The response of normal brain to photodynamic therapy (PDT) was investigated in 62 Fisher rats. The animals were injected i.p. with Photofrin II (12.5 mg/kg). Forty-eight hours following injection, an area of dura 5 mm in diameter over the frontal cortex was photoactivated with red light (632 +/- 2 nm) at 100 mW cm-2, ...

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    abstract::The red-shift of furocoumarin action spectra, compared with their absorption spectra, has been investigated. An action spectrum for 8-methoxypsoralen (8-MOP) monoadduct formation in the yeast Candida albicans has been determined. The yeast cells were initially exposed to sublethal doses of monochromatic UVA at differe...

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  • Comparative analysis of GPCR crystal structures.

    abstract::The phototransduction cascade is perhaps the best understood model system for G protein-coupled receptor (GPCR) signaling. Phototransduction links the absorption of a single photon of light to a decrease in cytosolic cGMP. Depletion of the cGMP pool induces closure of cGMP-gated cation channels resulting in the hyperp...

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  • Additional evidence for the cyclic GMP signaling pathway resulting in the photophobic behavior of Stentor coeruleus.

    abstract::We report that exo- and endogenous guanosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate (cGMP) specifically influenced the photophobic response. In behavioral experiments the slowly hydrolyzable and membrane-permeable analogs of cGMP (8-bromo-cGMP [Br-cGMP] and N6,2'-o-dibutyryl-cGMP) dramatically prolonged the time for ciliary stop ...

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    abstract::Herein, we present a study of the pharmacokinetics and biodistribution of a butadiyne-linked conjugated porphyrin dimer (Oxdime) designed to have high near-infrared (NIR) 2-photon absorption cross-section for photodynamic therapy (PDT). Changes in biodistribution over time were monitored in mice carrying B16-F10 melan...

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  • Advanced glycation endproducts induce photocrosslinking and oxidation of bovine lens proteins through type-I mechanism.

    abstract::Advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) have been suggested as photosensitizers that are capable of mediating eye lens photo-damage during aging. In the present work, we investigate the photo-crosslinking and oxidation of bovine lens proteins sensitized by AGEs, with special regard to low oxygen conditions. A mechanisti...

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  • Oxygen limitation of direct tumor cell kill during photodynamic treatment of a murine tumor model.

    abstract::The relationship between levels of in vivo accumulated photosensitizer (Photofrin II), photodynamic cell inactivation upon in vitro or in vivo illumination, and changing tumor oxygenation was studied in the radiation-induced fibrosarcoma (RIF) mouse tumor model. In vivo porphyrin uptake by tumor cells was assessed by ...

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  • Simulation of ozone depletion using ambient irradiance supplemented with UV lamps.

    abstract::In studies of the biological effects of UV radiation, ozone depletion can be mimicked by performing the study under ambient conditions and adding radiation with UV-B lamps. We evaluated this methodology at three different locations along a latitudinal gradient: Rimouski (Canada), Ubatuba (Brazil) and Ushuaia (Argentin...

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  • Species-specific responses to combined thermal-irradiance stress in microalgae--"each is to its own".

    abstract::This article is a highlight of the study by Stamenkovic and Hanelt in this issue of Photochemistry and Photobiology describing the high-irradiance photophysiology of several strains of freshwater chlorophyte microalgal genus, Cosmarium. These strains exhibit distinct differences in how combined thermal- high irradianc...

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    authors: Neale P

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  • Facile Fabrication of Porous ZnS and ZnO Films by Coaxial Electrospinning for Highly Efficient Photodegradation of Organic Dyes.

    abstract::Porous ZnS and ZnO nano-crystal films were fabricated via a three-step procedure. First, Zn(CH3 COO)2 /Silk Fibroin nanofiber mats were prepared by coaxial electrospinning. Second, Zn(CH3 COO)2 /Silk Fibroin mats were immersed in NaS solution to react with S2- to obtain ZnS/Silk Fibroin nanofiber mats. Finally, ZnO po...

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  • Photosensitization with a chlorin-thiobarbiturate conjugate.

    abstract::The photobiologic properties of a chlorin-thiobarbiturate conjugate were examined. In addition to the characteristic 670 nm chlorin absorbance, the conjugate exhibited new absorbance bands at 517 and 743 nm, but these were not a part of the fluorescence emission spectra, nor was fluorescence observed at wavelengths > ...

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  • Multispectral imaging autofluorescence microscopy for the analysis of lymph-node tissues.

    abstract::Although histochemical and immunohistochemical methods are the standard procedures in diagnosis of lymphoproliferative disorders, useful improvements in evidencing histopathologic manifestations can be obtained with the introduction of tissue autofluorescence analyses. We used microspectrofluorometry and a Multispectr...

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