[A method for recording the network topology of human retinal vessels].


:Network analysis of the human retinal vessels must be based on a thorough knowledge of the topology of the network. This derives from the numerical composition of the network's individual components. Using histologic specimens, centrifugal and centripetal ordering methods were compared. It was found necessary to use an ordering system which takes both dichotomous as well as lateral branching into account, and Strahler's centripetal ordering system was found to be suitable. For various representative areas of human retinae it could be shown that the number of segments of each Strahler order forms an inverse geometric sequence which enables the Horton branching quotient RB to be calculated. It is thus possible to predict the number of vessel segments within the individual orders. Although the method ignores detailed vessel morphology, with knowledge of the vessel lengths and diameters determined in the same manner it enables the conductivity and resistance of human retinal vessels to be measured.


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Schröder S,Schmid-Schönbein GW,Schmid-Schönbein H,Brub M,Reim M




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  • [Primary therapy of acute angle-block glaucoma].

    abstract::Primary therapeutic measures in 94 eyes suffering from acute angle-closure glaucoma were assessed in a retrospective study. Sixty-eight eyes were treated with acetazolamide, timolol, and pilocarpine. The remaining 26 eyes were treated with acetazolamide and timolol only. The therapy without pilocarpine proved to be si...

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  • [Optic neuritis].

    abstract::Optic neuritis is a frequent neuro-ophthalmological disease in which the diagnosis can be based on just a few symptoms and findings. It is not only important to differentiate from other optic nerve disorders but also to recognise special types of optic neuritis, which is mostly only possible during the course of the d...

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  • [Treatment of a case of coloboma-like papillar excavation and maculopathy with photo-coagulation (author's transl)].

    abstract::A study is presented of a case of serous detachment of the mucula secondary to congenital pit of the optic disc. We observed during fluorescein angiography a late leakage of dye at the temporal margin of the disc. A lasercoagulation of this lesion gave a favourable result. All these findings support Gass' explanation ...

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  • [Results of Cüpper's "thread fixation" in squinters with inconstant angle (author's transl)].

    abstract::The results of strabismus operations on strabismus patients with variable angles are presented. The so-called "Fadenfixation" (Cüppers) is compared with the usual recess-resect method. Of the 62 cases of strabismus with variable angle which were operated without the "Fixation", only 3 cases were parallel post-operatio...

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  • [On the possibility of reducing systemic side-effects of isoproterenol eyedrops by means of topical propranolol (author's transl)].

    abstract::Topical administration of Isoproterenol reduces the intraocular pressure in glaucomatous eyes, but produces systemic side-effects (tachycardia arterial hypotension) that make its clinical use unadvisable. Such side-effects are significant when the concentration of Isoproterenol is 4 and 5%. Pre-treatment of the contra...

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  • [Secondary glaucoma mechanisms (author's transl)].

    abstract::A new classification of the glaucomas concerned with the mechanisms of the intraocular pressure rise is presented. We differentiate hyperproduction and outflowblock glaucomas. The latter are divided into pre-, intra- and postrabecular forms. It is stressed that a gonioscopically open angle can be hydrodynamically clos...

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  • [A convex-concave contact lens for vitreoretinal operations with the BIOM].

    abstract::A new convex-concave contact lens for wide-angle vitreoretinal surgery with the BIOM was developed. Placed on an eye, in which silicone oil is injected, it prevents the formation of an optically disturbing oil-water-film on the surface of the cornea. Thus the new contact lens leads to an essential improvement of the f...

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  • [Are there genuine and pseudo-normal pressure glaucomas? Body position-dependent intraocular pressure values in normal pressure glaucoma].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Elevation of intraocular pressure in the supine position has been previously described in literature. Aim of this study is to investigate the elevation of intraocular pressure in normal tension glaucoma and its effect on the morphology of the optic disc, visual field function and capillary blood flow of the ...

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  • [History of the Berlin Ophthalmology Society].

    abstract::To mark the congress of the Berlin Ophthalmological Society in December 1989, the authors review the development of ophthalmology in Berlin and in particular the history of this ophthalmological society. The review was prompted by the political changes which began in October 1989, enabling ophthalmologists from the ea...

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    authors: Goder GJ,Meinel U

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  • [Corneal endothelial cell density following strabismus surgery].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The short-term impact of eye muscle surgery on the blood-aqueous barrier has been described by iris fluoresceinangiography and laser tyndallometry. The aim of this study was to investigate the long-term effects of eye muscle surgery on the oxygen supply of the anterior segment of the eye by determination of ...

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  • [The role of nitric oxide in retinal vasomotor regulation].

    abstract::Nitric oxide (NO) is one of the most important messenger molecules dilating blood vessels in response to neurotransmitters and serving itself as a neurotransmitter in the brain. We explored its role in the retinal vascular regulation using a sensitive and specific NO microsensor and local perivascular microinjections ...

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  • [Ophthalmological symptoms as key findings in neurosyphilis--diagnosis and therapy].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The incidence of neurosyphilis, one of the late manifestations of syphilis, is reemerging. Affection of the eye is often associated with the disease. It may present with various clinical symptoms, leading to diagnostic difficulties. In cases of early diagnosis and adequate treatment the prognosis of the dise...

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    authors: Prokosch V,Thanos S,Busse H,Stupp T

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  • [Experimental studies of the tensile strength of laser adhesions].

    abstract::This paper presents results of measurements of laser adhesions in rabbit eyes. A circular area of the retina 2.5 mm in diameter was covered with laser burns (diameter of laser beam 200 microns). The strength of the adhesion was measured on the 8th and 22nd days after coagulation. The adhesive area consisted of 60-65 l...

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    authors: Misita V

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  • [Lysosomal storage diseases - update and new therapeutic options].

    abstract::Lysosomal storage diseases represent a group of about 50 genetic disorders. The deficiencies of lysosomal and non-lysosomal proteins cause an accumulation of compounds which are normally degraded within the lysosome. There are currently no therapeutic options to cure patients suffering from a lysosomal storage disease...

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    authors: Schöpfer K,Miebach E,Beck M,Pitz S

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  • [Spot-like to reticular pigment displacement in a patient with pseudoxanthoma elasticum (Grönblad-Strandberg syndrome)].

    abstract::The authors report a rare observation of leopard spot-like and reticular pigmentary patterns in a patient with pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE). Characteristic fundus changes associated with PXE have been described as angioid streaks, subretinal neovascularization membranes, peau d'orange, focal retinal pigment epitheli...

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    authors: Zürcher M,Schipper I

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  • [Real-time monitoring of a femtosecond laser in Sub-Bowman Keratomileusis on human donor eyes using OCT].

    abstract:PURPOSE:In LASIK (laser in situ keratomileusis) the thickness of the corneal flap is important since it is the residual corneal bed that determines corneal stability. The introduction of real-time OCT visualisation of the corneal layers during the fs-laser cut should enable the surgeon to control and monitor the positi...

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  • [Posterior uveitis in systemic diseases. A pathologic and epidemiologic study].

    abstract::In the course of 2943 autopsies, during which the eyes were also removed, investigations were carried out concerning inflammatory lesions of the posterior uveal tract. Posterior uveitis was found in 202 cases (6.9%) of subjects whose mean age was 74.5 years. In 98% of the cases this was a non-granulomatous inflammatio...

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    authors: Hofmann HM,Giarelli L

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  • Internal Limiting Membrane Flap Techniques for the Repair of Large Macular Holes: a Short-Term Follow-up of Anatomical and Functional Outcomes.

    abstract::Background To evaluate the technique of inverted internal limiting membrane (ILM) flaps for the management of large macular holes and autologous ILM free flaps for non-closing macular holes. Patients and methods All macular holes were treated with pars plana vitrectomy and dual blue assisted ILM flap technique. The in...

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    authors: Guber J,Lang C,Valmaggia C

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  • [Fluorescence angiography in age-related macular degeneration. Study of the incidence of lesions treatable with coagulation].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:The treatment of late age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) according to the results of prospective clinical studies is indicated in classical choroidal neovascularisations (NV), which can be delineated from the center of the fovea. To evaluate the effectiveness of this therapy, the knowledge of the frequen...

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    authors: Pauleikhoff D,Knebel C,Peuser M,Schrenk M,Wessing A

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  • [Choroid infiltration in myelodysplastic syndrome].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Myelodysplastic syndrome is a clonal disease of the hematopoetic system characterized by insufficiency of affected bone marrow cell lines. After long-term course of myelodysplastic syndrome an acceleration towards acute myeloic leukemia is a frequent finding. Involvement of the eye is a well known phenomenon...

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    authors: Madjlessi F,Dann K,Althaus C,Sundmacher R,Meckenstock G

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  • [Familial cataract in plasma galactitol increase without known enzyme defect].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Several enzyme defects of the galactose pathway may lead to cataract formation. We report on a family with familiar cataract. PATIENTS:A 2-year-old Turkish girl (daughter of first cousins) presented with dense cortical and subcapsular opacifications and mature cataract respectively. Bilateral phacectomy, pl...

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    authors: Budde M,Gusek-Schneider GC,Jünemann A,Jansen F,Shin YS

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  • [Bilateral pigmented epi- and submacular membrane].

    abstract:PURPOSE:The aim of this communication is to report a case of epiretinal membrane removal with intra-operative unexpected subretinal extension of the membrane. METHODS:This is an observational case report. An 83-year-old female patient with bilateral pigmented secondary macular pucker after laser coagulation for diabet...

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    authors: Steven P,Klinger M,Hoerauf H

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  • [Effect of rubeosis iridis and active neovascularization of the fundus on vitreous surgery in diabetic retinopathy].

    abstract::To determine the influence of preoperative rubeosis iridis and active neovascularization at the fundus on surgical results, the authors analyzed a consecutive series of 85 eyes that underwent vitrectomy for diabetic tractional detachment of the macula. Minimum follow-up was 12 months. Rubeosis was present in 51%, acti...

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    authors: Oldendoerp J,Spitznas M

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  • [Colour Doppler imaging in normal pressure glaucoma patients].

    abstract:AIM:Ocular hemodynamics is of great interest in glaucoma, especially since vascular disturbances may play a pathogenetic role in disease development. To investigate the hemodynamic differences between normal pressure glaucoma patients and normal volunteers, flow velocities of the retrobulbar vessels were measured by co...

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    authors: Huber KK,Plange N,Arend O,Remky A

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  • [The effect of levobunolol eyedrops on trabecular outflow of aqueous humor in chronic simple glaucoma].

    abstract::The present paper reports a double-blind, cross-over, randomized study in which 31 patients (62 eyes) suffering from open-angle glaucoma were included. These patients were treated for one year with 0.5% levobunolol and 0.5% timolol ophthalmic solutions and followed up. Tonographic examinations of outflow facility show...

    journal_title:Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde

    pub_type: 临床试验,杂志文章,随机对照试验


    authors: Călugăru M

    更新日期:1989-03-01 00:00:00

  • [Trabeculotomy and trabeculectomy (author's transl)].

    abstract::After recalling the aim of trabeculotomy and trabeculectomy, the author mentions similar techniques, which were in use before the microsurgical era. Some details of the two techniques, performed at Zurich University Eye Clinic exclusively under the operating microscope, are presented, as well as their indications and ...

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    authors: Martenet AC

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  • [Anti-inflammatory treatment in dry eye disease].

    abstract::Dry-eye is a multifactorial disease consisting of different pathomechanisms including instability of the tearfilm, increase of tearfilm osmolarity and most importantly inflammation of the ocular surface. In this context numerous signalling pathways and related immune mechanisms were identified all pointing towards aut...

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    authors: Steven P,Cursiefen C

    更新日期:2012-05-01 00:00:00

  • [Timolol in the treatment of glaucoma (author's transl)].

    abstract::Untolerated or insufficiently effective Therapy in 32 patients (63 eyes) with primary open-angle glaucoma was discontinued and substituted with Timolol, and all patients were followed up over a period of 60 weeks. Timolol was well tolerated in all cases without any local or systemic side effects. Either alone or in co...

    journal_title:Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde

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    authors: Strasser G,Haddad R,Wohlzogen FX

    更新日期:1981-02-01 00:00:00

  • [Nosocomial pseudomonas aeruginosa-associated keratitis in soft contact lens wearer].

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Pseudomonas aeruginosa is the most common cause of bacterial-associated keratitis in soft contact lens wearers, due to wrong use of soft contact lenses. Problems are often severe corneal ulcers and even corneal perforations. We report on a soft contact lens wearer with credibly correct use of soft contact le...

    journal_title:Klinische Monatsblatter fur Augenheilkunde

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    authors: Grünauer-Kloevekorn C,Wilhelm F,Duncker GI,Hammer T

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  • [ERG and EOG results in X-chromosomal vitreo-retinal degeneration (author transl)].

    abstract::ERG and EOG were performed in three male patients deriving from two no related families and who had vitreo-retinal degeneration including macula area. The EOG was below normal and ERG-potentials particularly b-waves reduced. The finding although of interest are not pathognomically significant. Therefore the diagnosis ...

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    authors: Denden A

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