Facile detection of photogenerated reactive oxygen species in TiO2 nanoparticles suspension using colorimetric probe-assisted spectrometric method.


:This present study reports that reactive oxygen species (ROS), which mainly consist of hydroxyl (OH) and superoxide (O2(-)) radicals generated by the photocatalysis of TiO2 nanoparticles (TiO2 NPs) in suspension, can be quantitatively measured by the colorimetric probe-assisted spectrometric method without any interference by the TiO2 NPs. The interference effect of the TiO2 NPs with UV-vis spectroscopy was excluded by the selective separation of p-nitrosodimethylaniline (RNO) and tetrazolium salt (XTT) (probe compounds for OH and O2(-), respectively) from the TiO2 NPs in the suspension by centrifugation at a specified ionic strength adjusted with phosphate buffer (KH2PO4/NaOH, PB) solution. This colorimetric probe-assisted spectrometric method was also successfully applied to measure the steady-state production of photogenerated ROS in a TiO2 NPs suspension.






Kim C,Park HJ,Cha S,Yoon J




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2013-11-01 00:00:00














  • Mutagenic interactions of model chemical mixtures.

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    abstract::We assessed the levels of potentially toxic trace metals, Zinc (Zn), Lead (Pb), Manganese (Mn), Copper (Cu), Nickel (Ni), Chromium (Cr), Cobalt (Co), and Cadmium (Cd), in dust, hair, nail and serum, sampled in rural, urban and industrial areas of Punjab, Pakistan. Trace metals occurrence in all samples, in descending ...


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  • Improved preparation of small biological samples for mercury analysis using cold vapor atomic absorption spectroscopy.

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  • Emissions and atmospheric concentrations of α-pinene at an urban site of India: Role of changes in meteorology.

    abstract::The measurements of a monoterpene (α-pinene) were performed by the PTR-TOF-MS instrument at an urban site of India from mid-January to March 2014. The daytime concentration increased from 0.15 ppb in the second-half of January to 0.40 ppb in the second-half of March. Both the nighttime and daytime ratios of α-pinene/b...


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  • Combined fluorescent measurements, parallel factor analysis and GC-mass spectrometry in evaluating the photodegradation of PAHS in freshwater systems.

    abstract::To better understand the transformation and photochemical fate of PAHs in aquatic environments, a custom-designed closed-circuit recirculation photodegradation system, combined with inline semi-continuous fluorescence and absorbance measurements, as well as modelling of excitation-emission (EEM) measurements with para...


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    abstract::The chemical forms of mercury (Hg), particularly methylmercury (MeHg), in songbird feathers from an abandoned mining region were analyzed via X-ray absorption near-edge structure analysis (XANES). In feathers, proportions of MeHg as total mercury (75.6-100%) quantified by the XANES were directly comparable to the chem...


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  • Rapid analysis of multi-pesticide residues in lotus seeds by a modified QuEChERS-based extraction and GC-ECD.

    abstract::A modified quick, easy, cheap, efficient, rugged and safe method (QuEChERS) coupled to gas chromatography with electron capture detector (GC-ECD) was developed for rapid extraction and simultaneous determination of 36 pesticides in lotus seeds. The extraction solvent (acetone, ethyl acetate, acetonitrile, n-hexane and...


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  • The role of hydrogenotrophic methanogens in an acidogenic reactor.

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  • Peroxidation and unsaturation coefficients as biomarkers of environmental micro-exposure to molluscicides in Helix pomatia L.

    abstract::This study was a follow-up of a previous study that investigated a set of selected fatty acids (FAs; 12 of 56 pools) in Helix pomatia L. as biomarkers of chemical stress induced by applying micro-doses of molluscicides. Here, the potential of rarely used peroxidation (PI) and unsaturation (UI) coefficients were tested...


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  • Roundup® exposure promotes gills and liver impairments, DNA damage and inhibition of brain cholinergic activity in the Amazon teleost fish Colossoma macropomum.

    abstract::Roundup Original® (RD) is a glyphosate-based herbicide used to control weeds in agriculture. Contamination of Amazon waters has increased as a consequence of anthropogenic pressure, including the use of herbicides as RD. The central goal of this study was to evaluate the toxic effects of RD on juveniles of tambaqui (C...


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  • Hydrogeochemical and isotopic evaluation of groundwater with elevated arsenic in alkaline aquifers in Eastern Punjab, Pakistan.

    abstract::Geochemical investigation was carried out for delineating factors responsible for the mobilization of arsenic (As) from aquifer material into the groundwater. Four sites along Ravi River, (Samada, Sarai Chimba, Kot Maiga and Chah Fatehwala), were selected based on the blanket survey. Groundwater-rock interaction and e...


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  • Evidence for bisphenol A-induced disruption of maternal thyroid homeostasis in the pregnant ewe at low level representative of human exposure.

    abstract::Many uncertainties remain regarding the potential of bisphenol A (BPA) as a thyroid disruptor in mammals and the relevance of experimental data to humans. The relevance of the exposure schemes used in experimental in vivo studies is also a major source of uncertainty when analysing the risk of BPA exposure for human h...


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  • Immobilisation of high-arsenic-containing tailings by using metallurgical slag-cementing materials.

    abstract::The mixture of finely ground blast furnace slag (BFS), basic oxygen furnace (BOF) steel slag (SS), and flue gas desulfurisation (FGD) gypsum could be used as cement to solidify heavy metals. In this study, these cementitious materials were combined with high-arsenic-containing tailings to form cemented backfill materi...


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  • Beneficial dual role of biochars in inhibiting soil acidification resulting from nitrification.

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  • Development of rearing and testing protocols for a new freshwater sediment test species: the gastropod Valvata piscinalis.

    abstract::This paper aimed at proposing rearing and testing protocols for Valvata piscinalis, a new potential species for sediment toxicity testing. Such tests were developed since this species reliably represents the bio/ecological characteristics of other gastropods. It may thus be representative of their sensitivity to chemi...


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    abstract::The stock of the catadromous European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) continues to decline and there is growing evidence that poor health status due to contaminants might be a key element in this decrease. Organic contaminants such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) belong to the major threats to yellow eel in thei...


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    abstract::Nanostructured highly porous 3D-Ti/Sb-SnO2-Gr electrode, based on 3D porous graphene hydrogel was fabricated via a fast-evaporation technique through layer by layer (LBL) deposition. The 3D pores are uniformly distributed on the high fidelity of substrate with pore sizes of 7-12 nm, as confirmed by SEM analysis. Compa...


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  • Effects of lead (Pb) in stormwater runoff on the microbial characteristics and organics removal in bioretention systems.

    abstract::Bioretention systems have been proved to be a natural approach for effectively reducing stormwater runoff pollution loads. However, the effects of heavy metals in stormwater runoff on microbial characteristics and organics removal in bioretention systems are unclear. In this study, two lab scale bioretention columns i...


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  • 2,5,6,9,10-Pentabromocyclododecanols (PBCDOHs): a new class of HBCD transformation products.

    abstract::Pentabromocyclododecanols (PBCDOHs) are potential environmental transformation products of hexabromocyclododecanes (HBCDs). They are also potential stage one metabolites of biological HBCD transformations. Herein, we present analytical evidence that PBCDOHs are also constituents of technical HBCDs and flame-proofed po...


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  • Remediation of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs) contaminated site by successive methyl-β-cyclodextrin (MCD) and sunflower oil enhanced soil washing - Portulaca oleracea L. cultivation.

    abstract::An innovative ex situ soil washing technology was developed in this study to remediate organochlorine pesticides (OCPs)-contaminated site. Elevated temperature (50 °C) combined with ultrasonication (35 kHz, 30 min) at 25 g L(-1) methyl-β-cyclodextrin and 100 mL L(-1) sunflower oil were effective in extracting OCPs fro...


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