Effect of physiological heart rate variability on quantitative T2 measurement with ECG-gated Fast Spin Echo (FSE) sequence and its retrospective correction.


OBJECT:Quantitative T2 measurement is applied in cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) for the diagnosis and follow-up of myocardial pathologies. Standard Electrocardiogram (ECG)-gated fast spin echo pulse sequences can be used clinically for T2 assessment, with multiple breath-holds. However, heart rate is subject to physiological variability, which causes repetition time variations and affects the recovery of longitudinal magnetization between TR periods. MATERIALS AND METHODS:The bias caused by heart rate variability on quantitative T2 measurements is evaluated for fast spin echo pulse sequence. Its retrospective correction based on an effective TR is proposed. Heart rate variations during breath-holds are provided by the ECG recordings from healthy volunteers. T2 measurements were performed on a phantom with known T2 values, by synchronizing the sequence with the recorded ECG. Cardiac T2 measurements were performed twice on six volunteers. The impact of T1 on T2 is also studied. RESULTS:Maximum error in T2 is 26% for phantoms and 18% for myocardial measurement. It is reduced by the proposed compensation method to 20% for phantoms and 10% for in vivo measurements. Only approximate knowledge of T1 is needed for T2 correction. CONCLUSION:Heart rate variability may cause a bias in T2 measurement with ECG-gated FSE. It needs to be taken into account to avoid a misleading diagnosis from the measurements.


Magn Reson Imaging


de Roquefeuil M,Vuissoz PA,Escanyé JM,Felblinger J




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  • Measurements of RF heating during 3.0-T MRI of a pig implanted with deep brain stimulator.

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  • A broad line NMR and MRI study of water and water transport in Portland cement pastes.

    abstract::The results of a magnetic resonance spin-spin relaxation analysis and broad-line magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) (gradient-echo and stray-field imaging) study of water and water transport in Portland cement pastes are presented. The effect of varying the cure conditions and the water to cement (w/c) ratio of the samp...

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