Development and implementation of a national quality improvement skills curriculum for urology residents in the United Kingdom: A prospective multi-method, multi-center study.


BACKGROUND:Surgical quality improvement (QI) is a global priority. We report the design and proof-of concept testing of a QI skills curriculum for urology residents. METHODS:'Umbrella review' of QI curricula (Phase-1); development of draft QI curriculum (Phase-2); curriculum review by Steering Committee of urologists (Attendings & Residents), QI and medical education experts and patients (Phase-3); proof-of-concept testing (Phase-4). RESULTS:Phase-1: Six systematic reviews were identified of 4332 search hits. Most curricula are developed/evaluated in the USA; use mixed teaching methods (incl. didactic, QI exercises & self-reflection); and introduce core QI techniques (e.g., Plan-Do-Study-Act). Phase-2: curriculum drafted. Phase-3: the curriculum was judged to represent state-of-the-art, relevant QI training. Stronger patient involvement element was incorporated. Phase-4: the curriculum was delivered to 43 urology residents. The delivery was feasible; the curriculum implementable; and a knowledge-skills-attitudes evaluation approach successful. CONCLUSION:We have developed a practical QI curriculum, for further evaluation and national implementation.


Am J Surg


Pallari E,Khadjesari Z,Green JSA,Sevdalis N




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    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Native Americans (NA) form a unique cohort of colon cancer (CC) patients among whom the variability in demographics and cancer characteristics remains unclear. METHODS:We abstracted the national estimates for NA with CC using the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Result (SEER) database. Trend analysis o...

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  • Role of needle localization of nonpalpable breast lesions.

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  • Perceptions of conflict of interest: surgeons, internists, and learners compared.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Making a conflict of interest declaration is now mandatory at continuing medical education CME accredited events. However, these declarations tend to be largely perfunctory. This study sought to better understand physician perceptions surrounding conflict of interest. METHODS:The same PowerPoint (Microsoft,...

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