Blood flow distribution and brain metabolism during tolazoline-induced hypotension in newborn dogs.


:Tolazoline is used in neonatal intensive care to treat hypoxia secondary to persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn. Its use is often complicated by systemic hypotension. We compared the effect of tolazoline-induced hypotension on organ blood flow, regional brain blood flow, and cerebral metabolism in hypoxic newborn dogs whose mean arterial pressure fell by more than 20% with a second group whose blood pressure fell by less than 20%. Blood flows were measured by the radioactive microsphere technique. We found no changes in organ blood flow, regional brain blood flow, and cerebral metabolism in hypoxic animals whose mean arterial blood pressure decreased less than 20% during tolazoline administration. However, in those animals whose mean arterial blood pressure decreased more than 20%, we found a decrease in cerebral blood flow. As a consequence of decreased cerebral blood flow, cerebral oxygen delivery decreased. However, oxygen extraction increased so that cerebral metabolic rate was preserved.


Pediatr Res


Pediatric research


Balsan MJ,Cronin CM,Shaw MD,Milley JR




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1990-08-01 00:00:00












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  • Pyritinol hydrochloride and cognitive functions: influence on children in slow learner classes.

    abstract::Pyritinol-HCl was tested for its impact on the cognitive functions of children with learning disabilities. This study is a contribution to scientific discussion on the complicated methodologic problems in evaluating the clinical efficacy of psychopharmacologic agents. Sixty-seven pupils of slow learner classes between...

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