Thermosensitive macroporous cryogels functionalized with bioactive chitosan/bemiparin nanoparticles.


:Thermosensitive macroporous scaffolds of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (polyNIPA) loaded with chitosan/bemiparin nanoparticles are prepared by the free radical polymerization in cryogenic conditions. Chitosan/bemiparin nanoparticles of 102 ± 6.5 nm diameter are prepared by complex coacervation and loaded into polyNIPA cryogels. SEM image reveal the highly porous structure of cryogels and the integration of nanoparticles into the macroporous system. Volume phase transition temperature (VPT) and total freezing water content of cryogels are established by differential scanning calorimetry, and their porosity is determined by image-NMR. Swelling of cryogels (above and below the VPT) is highly dependent on nanoparticles concentration. In vitro release profile of bemiparin from cryogel is highly modulated by the presence of chitosan. Bemiparin released from nanoparticles preserves its biological activity, as shown by the BaF32 cell proliferation assay. Cryogels are not cytotoxic for the human fibroblast cells and present excellent properties for application on tissue engineering and controlled release of heparin.


Macromol Biosci


Peniche H,Reyes-Ortega F,Aguilar MR,Rodríguez G,Abradelo C,García-Fernández L,Peniche C,San Román J




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    abstract::Aggregation is frequently encountered during coating nanoparticles, especially when the core is not solid and the coating polyelectrolytes are weak. Here, the coating of a nanoliposome with two weak polyelectrolytes, alginate and chitosan, is investigated. First, quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation, atomic fo...

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  • Influence of satellite groups on telechelic antimicrobial functions of polyoxazolines.

    abstract::The antimicrobial activity of poly(alkyloxazoline) telechelics with one quaternary N,N-dimethyldodecylammonium (DDA) end group was found to be greatly controlled by the non-bioactive distal end group, the so-called satellite group. In systematic investigations, the nature of the latter groups was varied to explore the...

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    abstract::Uniform stereo-complex microparticles ranging from nanometer to micrometer size are prepared by using stereo multiblock co-poly(rac-lactide)s (smb-PLAs) with different stereo-regularity. At comparable molecular weights, as the smb-PLA stereo-regularity decreases from 88% to 76%, the crystallinity of the microparticles...

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