A review of the sustainability and impact of a healthy lifestyles programme in primary schools 2-5 years after the intervention phase.


:There has been an emphasis on schools to promote healthy lifestyles and many intervention programmes have attempted this. Most programmes are evaluated at the time and/or shortly afterwards. This is a review of the impact and sustainability of the Health for Life programme 2-5 years after the initial phase. It captures the experiences of the senior school staff who delivered the programme through semi-structured interviews. Senior teachers recognized the importance of promoting healthy lifestyles in primary schools. They reported positively on aspects of the programme, in particular its flexibility and how it enabled schools to develop a new relationship with parents and how schools have sustained the initial programme. They discussed the main barriers to intervention and how they could be mitigated. Delivering a sustainable healthy lifestyle primary schools programme which has an impact is feasible but challenging for school staff. To maximize the likelihood of delivery, interventions must be championed by a member of the Senior Leadership Team, embedded in the curriculum, hands-on, easy to manage, and flexible to the needs of individual schools but requires support (financial, training and advisory). With these conditions the sustainability and impact of the programme was significant.


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  • Compliance with recommendations for pandemic influenza H1N1 2009: the role of trust and personal beliefs.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:To investigate the relationship between risk perception, worry, control, trust, exposure to an educational campaign, media exaggeration with recommendations for pandemic influenza H1N1 2009. METHODS:Cross sectional telephone survey using random digit dialing. A total of 1010 adult Italians were interviewed ...

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  • Making healthy eating and physical activity policy practice: process evaluation of a group randomized controlled intervention in afterschool programs.

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  • Process evaluation of a community-based mental health promotion intervention for refugee children.

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  • Intervention fidelity for a complex behaviour change intervention in community pharmacy addressing cardiovascular disease risk.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Delivery of cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention programs by community pharmacists appears effective and enhances health service access. However, their capacity to implement complex behavioural change processes during patient counselling remains largely unexplored. This study aims to determine interventio...

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