Effects of thirst-inducing stimuli on consumption of ethanol solutions by golden hamsters.


:Two experiments were performed to examine the acute effects of thirst-inducing stimuli upon the intake of tap water and ethanol solutions by golden hamsters, a species which avidly consumes ethanol solutions. In Experiment 1, three groups of adult male hamsters (n = 6/group) were maintained on Purina chow and tap water; hamsters in two of the groups also had access to one of two ethanol solutions (15% or 30%, v/v). Animals were deprived at various times of either one or both fluids for 24 hr, and then either one or both fluids were presented during a 2-hr drinking test. Total water intake increased substantially following both selective water deprivation and total fluid deprivation whenever tap water was available during the drinking test, but no significant changes occurred when only the ethanol solution was available. Both total fluid deprivation and selective ethanol deprivation produced similar increases in ethanol consumption, but selective water deprivation did not, suggesting that the temporary removal of tap water has little direct effect upon ethanol intake in hamsters, at least at the ethanol concentration levels studied here. In Experiment 2, thirst was induced by a subcutaneous injection of 10% saline (1 ml/100 g). This procedure produced large increases in total water intake whenever tap water was available during the drinking test, but ethanol intake did not change under any circumstances. These results suggest that factors that acutely enhance water intake have little or no effect upon the ethanol consumption of golden hamsters.


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  • Fat, carbohydrate and protein by oral gavage in the rat can be equally effective for satiation.

    abstract::This study aimed to determine the relative efficacy of the macronutrients, protein, fat and carbohydrate to induce satiation and satiety in rats in relation to macronutrient activation of neurons in the nucleus of the solitary tract (NTS). Male Sprague Dawley rats were schedule-fed twice a day for 2 h, receiving 100% ...

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  • Simulated drought influences reproduction in male prairie voles.

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  • Pentylenetetrazol kindling changes the ability to induce potentiation phenomena in the hippocampal CA1 region.

    abstract::The present study describes changes of response enhancement of hippocampal field potentials in slices of kindled rats using different methods to induce long-lasting potentiation. Eight-week-old male Wistar rats were subjected to pentylenetetrazol (PTZ) kindling induced by intraperitoneal injection of 45 mg/kg once eve...

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  • Facilitation of thermoregulatory heating behavior by single cortical spreading depression in the rat.

    abstract::Effects of single waves of unilateral cortical spreading depression (CSD) on skin-heating behavior were studied in the rat with the unilateral lesion in the preoptic and anterior hypothalamus (PO/AH). A single CSD contralateral to the PO/AH lesion significantly increased the number of heating for 4 min after CSD had e...

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  • A high-protein diet enhances satiety without conditioned taste aversion in the rat.

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  • Water adulteration with citric acid: effects on drinking and responsivity to regulatory challenges.

    abstract::Rats with permanent access to a water supply adulterated with citric acid (CA) displayed persistent reductions in fluid intake and fluid/food ratios; and at appropriate concentrations of CA, they also exhibited lowered body weights and drinking deficits after fluid deprivation and after hypertonic NaCl injections. Unl...

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  • Effect of a cage divider permitting social stimuli on stress and food intake in rats.

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  • Depression of rat feeding in familiar and novel environment by sulfated and nonsulfated cholecystokinin octapeptide.

    abstract::The effects of cholecystokinin octapeptide sulfate ester (CCK-8-SE) and nonsulfated cholecystokinin octapeptide (CCK-8-NS) were tested on feeding by rats in familiar and novel environment. In a familiar environment only intraperitoneally (IP) administered CCK-8-SE (0.8-24 nmole/kg) could inhibit 30 min food intake of ...

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  • Adapting to phase shifts, I. An experimental model for jet lag and shift work.

    abstract::An experimental model was developed to measure various behavioral and physiological parameters in a laboratory paradigm mimicking phase shifts that could occur in time-zone transitions and shift work rotas. Volunteers were exposed to 9-h pulses of bright light (1,200 lx) as follows: day (D)1: 1800-0300 h, D2: 2100-060...

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  • Texture and satiation: the role of oro-sensory exposure time.

    abstract::One of the characteristics of the current obesogenic food supply is the large availability of foods that can be ingested quickly. Controlled nutrition intervention studies have shown that the ingestion of simple energy containing beverages, which are consumed very quickly, do not lead to a lower compensatory intake of...

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  • Conditioned inhibition of antibody response and CD4 positive cells.

    abstract::Animals were assigned to three experimental groups, conditioned (cyclophosphamide-glucose treatment; C group), non-conditioned (cyclophosphamide-commercial pellet treatment; NC group) and placebo (saline solution-glucose treatment; P group). The three groups were injected intraperitoneally (i.p.) with sheep red blood ...

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  • Chronic nicotine and withdrawal effects on body weight and food and water consumption in female rats.

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  • Yawning, acute stressors, and arousal reduction in Nazca booby adults and nestlings.

    abstract::Yawning is a familiar and phylogenetically widespread phenomenon, but no consensus exists regarding its functional significance. We tested the hypothesis that yawning communicates to others a transition from a state of physiological and/or psychological arousal (for example, due to action of a stressor) to a more rela...

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  • Androsterone sulfate increases dentate gyrus population spike amplitude following tetanic stimulation.

    abstract::We studied the effects of the androgenic hormone, androsterone sulfate, a 17-ketosteroid, on long term potentiation in the dentate gyrus (DG) of urethane anesthesized rats. Intravenous injection of 10 mg of the hormone dissolved in Nutralipid produced a significant increase of the population spike (PS), but not of the...

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  • Reduced basal GABA concentrations in the rat amygdala during pregnancy.

    abstract::Marked increases in anxiety-like responses to stress occur during pregnancy. Considerable evidence indicates that the basolateral region of the amygdala (BLA) plays an important role in mediating these types of responses. Given the crucial inhibitory influence of GABA on excitatory glutamatergic activity in the BLA, w...

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  • Acute and chronic stress influence blood pressure variability in mice.

    abstract::There is evidence that alterations in heart rate and blood pressure variability (BPV) are associated with cardiovascular disease. We used a mice model to investigate the effects of acute and chronic stress on blood pressure variability (BPV) and heat rate variability (HRV). Shaker stress was given acutely (5 min, 150 ...

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  • Two types of lordosis-inhibiting systems in male rats: dorsal raphe nucleus lesions and septal cuts.

    abstract::To examine the functional relationships between the dorsal raphe nucleus and the septum in the inhibitory regulation of feminine sexual behavior in male rats, castrated male rats received destruction of the dorsal raphe nucleus (DRL), interruption of the septal outputs (ARD), or both DRL and ARD (DRL+ARD). All animals...

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  • Baseline transition sleep and associated sleep episodes are related to the learning ability of rats.

    abstract::The EEGs of 18 adult male Wistar rats were recorded during a baseline session lasting 7 h (day 1). The following day, rats were trained for a 2-way active avoidance task in an automated shuttle-box. A retention test was scheduled on the third day. On the basis of the number of avoidances scored during the training and...

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  • Gustatory processing differences in PTC tasters and non-tasters: a reaction time analysis.

    abstract::The present study examined differences in gustatory processing for tasters and non-tasters of phenylthiocarbamide (PTC) by assessing intensity judgment reaction times in these two groups. After prescreening for sensitivity to PTC, subjects were asked to judge whether solutions of sucrose, sodium chloride, quinine sulf...

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    authors: Frank RA,Korchmar DL

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  • Multiple factors determine the sex ratio of postpartum-conceived Norway rat litters.

    abstract::When Norway rat litters are nursed communally, postpartum-conceived litters born asynchronously are female biased at birth. To determine if one or more mechanisms produced this sex ratio bias, we studied litters conceived at a postpartum estrus, and systematically varied the presence or absence of a litter suckling du...

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    authors: Bacon SJ,McClintock MK

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  • Effect of maternal separation on feeding behavior of rats in later life.

    abstract::Effects of maternal separation on feeding behavior, particularly on rebound hyperphagia, in adult rats were examined. Time-restricted scheduled feeding (2 h per day for 6 days), was given at the age of 3, 6, 9 or 12 weeks in rats that were maternal separated from postnatal days (PD) 1-21 and control rats. Following th...

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  • Olfactory sensitivity to the pheromone, androstenone, is sexually dimorphic in the pig.

    abstract::Sexually dimorphic pheromone pathways have been used successfully to study insect olfactory coding. As one of the few mammalian species with an identified sex pheromone, the domestic pig (Sus scrofa) may be an ideal vertebrate species in which to examine sex differences in olfactory processing of a specific stimulus. ...

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  • Influence of conditioned stimulus context on hyperglycemic conditioned responses.

    abstract::Glycemic conditioning was investigated in four experiments in which insulin was administered to animals in particular stimulus contexts. Both hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic conditioned responses were obtained, with the directionality of the CR dependent upon which environmental complex was used as the CS. These bidire...

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  • Conditioned neuroendocrine and cardiovascular stress responsiveness accompanying behavioral passivity and activity in aged and in young rats.

    abstract::Mean arterial pressure (MAP), heart rate (HR), plasma epinephrine (E), plasma norepinephrine (NE), and plasma corticosterone (CORT) were measured in 3-month- and 24-month-old male Wistar rats exposed to a conditioned emotional stress response (CER) paradigm and a conditioned defensive burying (CDB) paradigm. In the CE...

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  • Assessment of behavioral determinants influencing success of supervised exercise therapy in patients with intermittent claudication: A cross sectional survey.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Supervised exercise therapy is the first step in treatment of intermittent claudication. However, adherence to supervised exercise therapy is low. Limited access and reimbursement issues are known reasons, though lack of motivation is often leading. Behavioral determinants influencing motivation and thus adh...

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  • Fatty acid oxidation and control of food intake.

    abstract::Fatty acid oxidation is thought to play a role in the control of food intake, and a low postprandial oxidation of ingested fat may contribute to the overeating on a high-fat diet. Evidence for a role of fatty acid oxidation in control of food intake is mainly derived from the stimulation of feeding in response to admi...

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    authors: Leonhardt M,Langhans W

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  • Estrogens, androgens and generalized behavioral arousal in gonadectomized female and male C57BL/6 mice.

    abstract::General arousal has been operationally defined as an enhanced motor activity and enhanced intensity of response to sensory stimuli. Even though the effects of gonadal hormones on mating behavior have been much studied, their potential effect on generalized arousal, as defined above, has never been evaluated. In the pr...

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    authors: Chu X,Gagnidze K,Pfaff D,Ågmo A

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  • Ovarian influences on food intake and body weight regulation in lactating rats.

    abstract::In the following experiments, an attempt was made to determine the role of the ovary in the control of food intake and body weight regulation during lactation. In the first study, it was found that concentrations of estradiol benzoate effective in suppressing food intake and body weight in nonlactating animals were no...

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    authors: Fleming AS

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  • Characteristics in aggressive behavior induced by midbrain raphe lesions in rats.

    abstract::Midbrain raphe lesions induced aggressive behavior which was characterized by defensive aggression rather than offensive aggression in nature. Furthermore, raphe-lesioned rats exhibited muricide. This muricide included not only mouse-killing but also mouse-eating behavior. Both dorsal and medial raphe lesioned (dm-R) ...

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    authors: Yamamoto T,Ueki S

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  • Genetic vulnerability to diet-induced obesity in the C57BL/6J mouse: physiological and molecular characteristics.

    abstract::The development of the metabolic syndrome in an increasing percentage of the populations of Western societies, particularly in the United States, requires valid models for establishing basic biochemical changes and performing preclinical studies on potential drug targets. The C57BL/6J mouse has become an important mod...

    journal_title:Physiology & behavior

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    authors: Collins S,Martin TL,Surwit RS,Robidoux J

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