Patterns of discrepancies in different objects of awareness in mild and moderate Alzheimer's disease.


:Objectives: Awareness is considered a heterogeneous and non-linear phenomenon in dementia. We aim to investigate patterns of change of different domains of awareness (awareness of cognitive functioning and health condition, activities of daily living, emotional state, social functioning, and relationships) in people with mild and moderate Alzheimer's disease (AD) and aspects related to each domain.Method: Cross-sectional assessment of dyads of people with AD (PwAD) and caregivers (n = 128; CDR1 = 74, CDR2 = 54). PwAD completed assessments about quality of life, cognition and their awareness of disease. Caregivers provided information about PwAD and received quality of life and burden of care assessments.Results: Mild AD group showed a mildly impaired awareness (n = 40; 54.05%), while moderate AD group, showed higher presence of moderately impaired awareness (n = 22; 40.74%). There was a significant difference between groups in awareness of cognitive functioning and health condition (p < 0.004), functional activity impairments (p < 0.001) and total score of awareness (p < 0.01). Conversely, awareness of emotional state (p = 0.22) and of social functioning and relationship (p = 0.44) presented no significant difference between groups. Unawareness of functional activity impairments showed higher discrepancy scores between PwAD and caregivers in both groups.Conclusions: Significant differences were found only in patterns of discrepancies in awareness of cognitive functioning and health condition, of ADL and socio-emotional functioning. Different factors are related to different domains in mild and moderate group, reinforcing the heterogeneity of awareness in dementia. ADL deficits have an important role in awareness phenomenon, independent of the severity of disease.


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Lacerda IB,Santos RL,Belfort T,Neto JPS,Dourado MCN




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