Continuities in emotion lateralization in human and non-human primates.


:Where hemispheric lateralization was once considered an exclusively human trait, it is increasingly recognized that hemispheric asymmetries are evident throughout the animal kingdom. Emotion is a prime example of a lateralized function: given its vital role in promoting adaptive behavior and hence survival, a growing body of research in affective neuroscience is working to illuminate the cortical bases of emotion processing. Presuming that human and non-human primates evolved from a shared ancestor, one would anticipate evidence of organizational continuity in the neural substrate supporting emotion processing. This paper thus reviews research examining the patterns of lateralization for the expression and perception of facial emotion in non-human primates, aiming to determine whether the patterns of hemispheric asymmetry that characterize the human brain are similarly evident in other primate species. As such, this review seeks to enhance understanding of the evolution of hemispheric specialization for emotion, using emotion lateralization in non-human primates as a window through which to view emotion lateralization in humans.


Front Hum Neurosci


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  • Attachment Representations and Brain Asymmetry during the Processing of Autobiographical Emotional Memories in Late Adolescence.

    abstract::Frontal and parietal asymmetries have repeatedly been shown to be related to specific functional mechanisms involved in emotion regulation. From a developmental perspective, attachment representations based on experiences with the caregiver are theorized to serve regulatory functions and influence how individuals deal...

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  • Eye Movements During Everyday Behavior Predict Personality Traits.

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  • The neural circuitry of expertise: perceptual learning and social cognition.

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  • Assessment of hemispheric dominance for receptive language in pediatric patients under sedation using magnetoencephalography.

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  • Methodological lessons in neurophenomenology: Review of a baseline study and recommendations for research approaches.

    abstract::Neurophenomenological (NP) methods integrate objective and subjective data in ways that retain the statistical power of established disciplines (like cognitive science) while embracing the value of first-person reports of experience. The present paper positions neurophenomenology as an approach that pulls from traditi...

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  • Corrigendum: Navigating actions through the rodent parietal cortex.

    abstract::[This corrects the article on p. 293 in vol. 8, PMID: 24860475.]. ...

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  • Neuro-Immunity Controls Obesity-Induced Pain.

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  • The insular taste cortex contributes to odor quality coding.

    abstract::Despite distinct peripheral and central pathways, stimulation of both the olfactory and the gustatory systems may give rise to the sensation of sweetness. Whether there is a common central mechanism producing sweet quality sensations or two discrete mechanisms associated independently with gustatory and olfactory stim...

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  • Corrigendum: Spatial task context makes short-latency reaches prone to induced Roelofs illusion.

    abstract::[This corrects the article on p. 673 in vol. 8, PMID: 25221500.]. ...

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  • Mapping a lateralization gradient within the ventral stream for auditory speech perception.

    abstract::Recent models on speech perception propose a dual-stream processing network, with a dorsal stream, extending from the posterior temporal lobe of the left hemisphere through inferior parietal areas into the left inferior frontal gyrus, and a ventral stream that is assumed to originate in the primary auditory cortex in ...

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  • Head Stability and Head-Trunk Coordination in Horseback Riders: The Contribution of Visual Information According to Expertise.

    abstract::Maintaining equilibrium while riding a horse is a challenging task that involves complex sensorimotor processes. We evaluated the relative contribution of visual information (static or dynamic) to horseback riders' postural stability (measured from the variability of segment position in space) and the coordination mod...

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  • Noise Improves Visual Motion Discrimination via a Stochastic Resonance-Like Phenomenon.

    abstract::The stochastic resonance (SR) is a phenomenon in which adding a moderate amount of noise can improve the signal-to-noise ratio and performance of non-linear systems. SR occurs in all sensory modalities including the visual system in which noise can enhance contrast detection sensitivity and the perception of ambiguous...

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  • What we talk about when we talk about the default mode network.

    abstract::The default mode network (DMN) has been widely defined as a set of brain regions that are engaged when people are in a "resting state" (left to themselves in a scanner, with no explicit task instruction). The network emerged as a scientific object in the early twenty-first century, and in just over a decade has become...

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  • Low Prefrontal GABA Levels Are Associated With Poor Cognitive Functions in Professional Boxers.

    abstract::Cognitive dysfunction has long been recognized as a frequently observed symptom in individuals with repetitive mild traumatic brain injury (rmTBI) such as professional boxers. The exact neurobiological mechanisms underlying this cognitive deficit have not yet been identified, but it is agreed upon that the prefrontal ...

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  • Cerebellar contribution to feedforward control of locomotion.

    abstract::The cerebellum is an important contributor to feedforward control mechanisms of the central nervous system, and sequencing-the process that allows spatial and temporal relationships between events to be recognized-has been implicated as the fundamental cerebellar mode of operation. By adopting such a mode and because ...

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  • Neural Habituation to Painful Stimuli Is Modulated by Dopamine: Evidence from a Pharmacological fMRI Study.

    abstract::In constantly changing environments, it is crucial to adaptively respond to threatening events. In particular, painful stimuli are not only processed in terms of their absolute intensity, but also with respect to their context. While contextual pain processing can simply entail the repeated processing of information (...

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  • Functional Equivalence of Imagined vs. Real Performance of an Inhibitory Task: An EEG/ERP Study.

    abstract::Early neuroimaging and electrophysiological studies suggested that motor imagery recruited a different network than motor execution. However, several studies have provided evidence for the involvement of the same circuits in motor imagery tasks, in the absence of overt responses. The present study aimed to test whethe...

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  • Hyperactivation of the habenula as a link between depression and sleep disturbance.

    abstract::Depression occurs frequently with sleep disturbance such as insomnia. Sleep in depression is associated with disinhibition of the rapid eye movement (REM) sleep. Despite the coincidence of the depression and sleep disturbance, neural substrate for depressive behaviors and sleep regulation remains unknown. Habenula is ...

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  • The trait anger affects conflict inhibition: a Go/Nogo ERP study.

    abstract::To explore the time course of inhibitory control in high trait anger individuals, we recorded and analyzed ERP data relevant to visual Go/Nogo task in high and low trait anger participants. Compared with low trait anger participants, high trait anger participants revealed faster RTs in the Go/Nogo task. The nogo effec...

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  • Cognitive control and unusual decisions about beauty: an fMRI study.

    abstract::Studies of visual esthetic preference have shown that people without art training generally prefer representational paintings to abstract paintings. This, however, is not always the case: preferences can sometimes go against this usual tendency. We aimed to explore this issue, investigating the relationship between "u...

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  • Effects of Age on Long Term Memory for Degraded Speech.

    abstract::Prior research suggests that acoustical degradation impacts encoding of items into memory, especially in elderly subjects. We here aimed to investigate whether acoustically degraded items that are initially encoded into memory are more prone to forgetting as a function of age. Young and old participants were tested wi...

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  • Children With Reading Difficulty Rely on Unimodal Neural Processing for Phonemic Awareness.

    abstract::Phonological awareness skills in children with reading difficulty (RD) may reflect impaired automatic integration of orthographic and phonological representations. However, little is known about the underlying neural mechanisms involved in phonological awareness for children with RD. Eighteen children with RD, ages 9-...

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  • Effector-Specific Characterization of Brain Dynamics in Manual vs. Oculomotor Go/NoGo Tasks.

    abstract::Motor inhibitory control (IC), the ability to suppress unwanted actions, has been previously shown to rely on domain-general IC processes that are involved in a wide range of IC tasks. Nevertheless, the existence of effector-specific regions and activation patterns that would differentiate manual vs. oculomotor respon...

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  • Human visual cortical responses to specular and matte motion flows.

    abstract::Determining the compositional properties of surfaces in the environment is an important visual capacity. One such property is specular reflectance, which encompasses the range from matte to shiny surfaces. Visual estimation of specular reflectance can be informed by characteristic motion profiles; a surface with a spe...

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  • Brain Activity Associated With Expected Task Difficulty.

    abstract::Previous research shows that people can use a cue to mentally prepare for a cognitive challenge. The response to a cue has been defined as phasic alertness which is reflected in faster responses and increased activity in frontal, parietal, thalamic, and visual brain regions. We examine if and how phasic alertness can ...

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  • Contributions of Sensory Coding and Attentional Control to Individual Differences in Performance in Spatial Auditory Selective Attention Tasks.

    abstract::Listeners with normal hearing thresholds (NHTs) differ in their ability to steer attention to whatever sound source is important. This ability depends on top-down executive control, which modulates the sensory representation of sound in the cortex. Yet, this sensory representation also depends on the coding fidelity o...

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  • Spatial and temporal features of superordinate semantic processing studied with fMRI and EEG.

    abstract::The relationships between the anatomical representation of semantic knowledge in the human brain and the timing of neurophysiological mechanisms involved in manipulating such information remain unclear. This is the case for superordinate semantic categorization-the extraction of general features shared by broad classe...

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  • Automatic processing of unattended object features by functional connectivity.

    abstract::Observers can selectively attend to object features that are relevant for a task. However, unattended task-irrelevant features may still be processed and possibly integrated with the attended features. This study investigated the neural mechanisms for processing both task-relevant (attended) and task-irrelevant (unatt...

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