Parasitism and phenotypic change in colonial hosts.


:Changes in host phenotype are often attributed to manipulation that enables parasites to complete trophic transmission cycles. We characterized changes in host phenotype in a colonial host–endoparasite system that lacks trophic transmission (the freshwater bryozoan Fredericella sultana and myxozoan parasite Tetracapsuloides bryosalmonae). We show that parasitism exerts opposing phenotypic effects at the colony and module levels. Thus, overt infection (the development of infectious spores in the host body cavity) was linked to a reduction in colony size and growth rate, while colony modules exhibited a form of gigantism. Larger modules may support larger parasite sacs and increase metabolite availability to the parasite. Host metabolic rates were lower in overtly infected relative to uninfected hosts that were not investing in propagule production. This suggests a role for direct resource competition and active parasite manipulation (castration) in driving the expression of the infected phenotype. The malformed offspring (statoblasts) of infected colonies had greatly reduced hatching success. Coupled with the severe reduction in statoblast production this suggests that vertical transmission is rare in overtly infected modules. We show that although the parasite can occasionally infect statoblasts during overt infections, no infections were detected in the surviving mature offspring, suggesting that during overt infections, horizontal transmission incurs a trade-off with vertical transmission.






Hartikainen H,Fontes I,Okamura B




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  • Schistosoma mansoni phosphofructokinase: immunolocalization in the tegument and immunogenicity.

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  • What helminth genomes have taught us about parasite evolution.

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  • Developmental changes of Echinococcus multilocularis metacestodes revealed by tegumental ultrastructure and lectin-binding sites.

    abstract::Ultrastructural investigations (SEM, TEM) combined with lectin-binding analysis, have revealed concurrent modifications in tegumentary structure and surface glycoconjugates during the establishment and differentiation of Echinococcus multilocularis metacestodes in jirds. The laminated layer, which is amorphous and ric...


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  • Evidence that primary infection of Charollais sheep with Toxoplasma gondii may not prevent foetal infection and abortion in subsequent lambings.

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    abstract::In Strongyloides ratti-infected rats, 2 peaks of egg excretion were observed; a large one with maximum egg production on days 7-8 of infection and a small more inconspicuous one around day 25. The second peak, which had been ignored in most studies, was produced by adults in the caecum and the colon. The adults were l...


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  • Mechanisms of mortality in Culicoides biting midges due to Haemoproteus infection.

    abstract::We examined the effects of Haemoproteus infection on the survival and pathology caused in the biting midges. Forty-six females of Culicoides impunctatus were exposed experimentally by allowing them to feed on a naturally infected red-backed shrike infected with Haemoproteus lanii (lineage hRB1, gametocytaemia 5·2%). S...


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  • Marine parasites as pollution indicators: an update.

    abstract::Eight major reviews are cited to indicate a recent knowledge explosion on the use of marine parasites as potential indicators of pollution. A literature update is given for the period 1995-2001. An analysis of the publications cited is used to provide 10 refined criteria for selecting parasites as indicator/monitor sp...


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  • Female mice mate preferentially with non-parasitized males.

    abstract::If parasitic infection is a driving force in female mate choice, then females should preferentially select parasite-free males. The role of infection on female mate choice in mammals was assessed using a 3-chambered apparatus. A female CD-1 mouse was allowed to choose between 2 tethered male mice, 1 uninfected and 1 i...


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  • Lethality of intestinal tissue extracts from Eimeria-infected chickens.

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    abstract::The reproductive effort of Lepeophtheirus pectoralis (Müller O. F., 1776), a caligid copepod, which is commonly found infecting the European flounder, Platichthys flesus (Linnaeus, 1758), is studied in detail for the first time. Seasonal variation in body dimensions and reproductive effort are analysed. Data for 120 o...


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  • Synthesis and degradation of glycogen by Schistosoma mansoni worms in vitro.

    abstract::The glycogen stores of adult Schistosoma mansoni worms could be labelled by incubation of the worms, after an initial reduction of their glycogen content, in the presence of [6-14C]glucose. Subsequent breakdown of the labelled glycogen by the parasite revealed that glycogen was degraded to lactate and carbon dioxide. ...


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  • Pathophysiology of parasitic infections.

    abstract::Parasites can have a wide range of pathophysiological effects on the host. This review describes those associated with some parasites of major importance in man and animals. Haemoprotozoan diseases such as trypanosomiasis and malaria are primarily associated with anaemia. Such anaemias have a complex aetiology involvi...


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  • The larvicidal activity of cyclosporin A against Schistosoma mansoni in mice.

    abstract::Treatment of BALB/c or MF1 mice with cyclosporin A (CsA) around the time of infection with Schistosoma mansoni conferred almost complete protection. The migration kinetics of L-[75Se]selenomethionine-labelled infective cercariae were investigated by compressed tissue autoradiography. Similar levels of skin penetration...


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  • Guinea worm: from Robert Leiper to eradication.

    abstract::Guinea worm disease, dracunculiasis or dracontiasis, is an ancient disease with records going back over 4500 years, but until the beginning of the 20th century, little was known about its life cycle, particularly how humans became infected. In 1905, Robert Thomas Leiper was sent by the British colonial authorities to ...


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  • Egg hatching in 3 species of monocotylid monogenean parasites from the shovelnose ray Rhinobatos typus at Heron Island, Australia.

    abstract::Eggs of Neoheterocotyle rhinobatidis, Troglocephalus rhinobatidis and Merizocotyle icopae (Monogenea: Monocotylidae) from the shovelnose ray Rhinobatos typus (Rhinobatidae) have a distinct hatching pattern linked to light periodicity. Larvae of these 3 monogenean species emerge only during daylight when exposed to nat...


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  • Membrane localization and demonstration of isoforms of nucleoside triphosphate hydrolase from Toxoplasma gondii.

    abstract::Toxoplasma gondii has a unique enzyme, a NTPase, which has a wide specificity toward NTP. In the present study, we produced a monoclonal antibody (IgG1, 6C6) against the enzyme which could recognize NTPase isozymes among several strains of T. gondii. Three avirulent strains of T. gondii, ME49, Beverley and Nakayama, w...


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