Red blood cell transfusion in acute brain injury subtypes: An observational cohort study.


PURPOSE:Optimal red blood cell (RBC) transfusion thresholds in acute brain injury (ABI) are poorly defined. MATERIALS AND METHODS:We conducted a retrospective cohort study of adult patients with ABI and moderate anemia (Hb 7-10 g/dL) in a neurological intensive care unit (ICU) at an academic medical center between 2008 and 2015. Transfused and non-transfused patients were matched based on age, ABI subtype, pre-transfusion hemoglobin, and ICU length of stay (LOS) at the time of RBC transfusion. Multivariable regression analyses were performed to assess the relationship between RBC transfusion and hospital LOS, hospital mortality, ICU LOS, ICU mortality, and 24 h change in sequential organ failure assessment (SOFA) scores. RESULTS:2638 patients met inclusion criteria, with 225 (8.5%) receiving RBC transfusion. Acute ischemic stroke was the most prevalent ABI diagnosis (43.3%) then intracranial hemorrhage (25.6%), subarachnoid hemorrhage (16.5%), and traumatic brain injury (TBI) (14.6%). In multivariable analyses, RBC transfusion was associated with longer hospital and ICU LOS, and higher SOFA scores. Each ABI subtype had similar results, except for TBI which showed no difference in hospital LOS. Mortality was not significantly different. CONCLUSIONS:In moderately anemic patients with ABI, RBC transfusion was associated with longer hospital and ICU LOS. Prospective investigations are necessary to further assess these relationships.


J Crit Care


Journal of critical care


Moman RN,Kor DJ,Chandran A,Hanson AC,Schroeder DR,Rabinstein AA,Warner MA




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  • Normal saline to dilute parenteral drugs and to keep catheters open is a major and preventable source of hypernatremia acquired in the intensive care unit.

    abstract:PURPOSE:We wanted to identify modifiable risk factors for intensive care unit (ICU)-acquired hypernatremia. MATERIALS AND METHODS:We retrospectively studied sodium and fluid loads and balances up to 7 days prior to the development of hypernatremia (first serum sodium concentration, [Na+], >150 mmol/L; H) vs control (m...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND:A nationwide increase in the rate and severity of Clostridium difficile-associated disease may reflect infection with a virulent strain characterized by polymerase chain reaction as ribotype 027 (NAP1/B1). HYPOTHESIS:The high prevalence of ribotype 027 at our institution would allow investigation of the ris...

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  • Safety of peripheral administration of phenylephrine in a neurologic intensive care unit: A pilot study.

    abstract::Integral to the management of the neurocritically injured patient are the prevention and treatment of hypotension, maintenance of cerebral perfusion pressure, and occasionally blood pressure augmentation. When adequate volume resuscitation fails to meet perfusion needs, vasopressors are often used to restore end-organ...

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