Fibrosis evaluation by transient elastography in patients with long-term sustained HCV clearance.


BACKGROUND:Reversibility of advanced fibrosis after HCV-clearance is an important goal of therapy. OBJECTIVES:Measuring liver stiffness (LS) by transient elastography (TE) might be helpful in this setting. PATIENTS AND METHODS:We evaluated 104 patients with biopsy-proven chronic hepatitis C (CHC) and sustained virological response (SVR) after Peg-Interferon (IFN) plus ribavirin since at least 18 months. HCV-eradication was confirmed searching for serum HCV-RNA (TMA® sensitivity > 5-10 IU/ml). Data from literature reported the best LS cut-off values for different stages of liver fibrosis were 7.1 kPa for Metavir stage 2 (F2), 9.5 kPa for F3 and 12.5 for cirrhosis (F4). RESULTS:TE was not reliable in four SVR obese patients. Metavir-stage of biopsy was F0-1 in 28, F2 in 47, F3 in 17 and F4 in eight patients. The median interval elapsed since achieving SVR was 36 months (range: 18-77, SD¬¬:18). Stratifying patients according to the histological stage assessed before treatment, a clear-cut gradient of LS values was observed from F0-1: median: 3.8 kPa (range: 3.5-4.9) to F2: 4.6 kPa (3.8-6.0), F3: 6.2 kPa (4.8-8.6) and F4: 8.4 kPa (6.2-9.2) (P = 0.001). Overall, 86 patients had lower values of LS than the expected LS values according to Metavir-stage. At multivariate logistic analysis γ-GT and histological steatosis were independently associated with persistence of higher values of LS. CONCLUSION:Long term responders to IFN-based therapies have lower LS values than those who are untreated and still viraemic. High levels of γ-GT and liver steatosis, all markers of insulin resistance, may hamper reduction of liver stiffness after HCV-clearance.


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Calvaruso V,Di Marco V,Ferraro D,Petta S,Calì A,Grazia Bavetta M,Conte E,Luigi Almasio P




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    abstract:BACKGROUND:During antiviral therapy for chronic hepatitis B, renal function impairment could be a critical concern when oral nucleot(s)ide analogues were used. Paradoxically, long-term telbivudine treatment was associated with an increase of estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) through unknown mechanisms. OBJEC...

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  • The Distribution of Hepatitis C Virus Genotypes in Middle Eastern Countries: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.

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  • Health related quality of life in Iranian hemodialysis patients with viral hepatitis: changing epidemiology.

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  • The Impact of IFNL4 rs12979860 Polymorphism on Spontaneous Clearance of Hepatitis C; A Case-Control Study.

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