Changing disparities in teen birth rates and repeat birth rates in Georgia: implications for teen pregnancy prevention.


OBJECTIVE:To understand teen birth trends in Georgia by racial and geographic factors. STUDY DESIGN:We analyzed overall birth and repeat teen birth rates by race, urban/rural status and adequacy of obstetric care from 2008 to 2016 using vital records from all Georgia counties. RESULTS:Overall birth rates among teens analyzed decreased dramatically in Georgia, from 45.63 births per 1000 teens in 2008-2010 to 26.28 per 1000 teens in 2014-2016. Repeat birth rates followed a similar decline, from 9.40 to 4.53 repeat births per 1000 teens over the same time period. These rates decreased in all subgroups of teens but to varying degrees. The difference in birth and repeat birth rates between black and white teens decreased fourfold during this time period, whereas the declines in these rates for teens living in rural versus urban counties and with inadequate versus adequate obstetric care were less pronounced. CONCLUSION:While remarkable reductions in teen birth and repeat birth rates have occurred since 2008, these declines have not been equally experienced by all groups of teens. IMPLICATIONS:Our analysis suggests that persistent disparities in teen birth and repeat birth rates exist, particularly in areas with limited or threatened access to reproductive health care. Applying targeted teen pregnancy prevention initiatives to these areas could help ensure equitable health and social outcomes for teens.






Nandi P,Kramer M,Kottke M




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  • Disturbance of tryptophan metabolism and its correction during hormonal contraception.

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  • Continuation of copper-containing intrauterine devices at 6 months.

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    abstract::A polymeric controlled release vaginal delivery system was developed for 15(S)15-methyl PGF2 alpha methyl ester. This delivery system is a reservoir-type device consisting of laminated membranes that are mounted on an inert holder. The delivery systems were designed to have in vitro steady-state release rates of 50 or...


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  • Hormonal contraception, breastfeeding and bedside advocacy: the case for patient-centered care.

    abstract::Postpartum contraceptive decision making is complex, and recommendations may be influenced by breastfeeding intentions. While biologically plausible, concerns about the adverse impact of hormonal contraception on breast milk production have not been supported by the clinical evidence to date. However, the data have li...


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  • Reference value of semen quality in Chinese young men.

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  • The effects of Implanon on lipid metabolism in comparison with Norplant.

    abstract::This open, randomized study was intended to assess the effects of the new single-rod contraceptive implant (Implanon) containing etonogestrel on lipid metabolism in Indonesian women, in comparison with the six-rod implant Norplant, containing levonorgestrel. The effects of both products were compared with a control gr...


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  • IUD use among parous women and risk of uterine perforation: a secondary analysis.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The objective of the study was to determine if delivery and lactation are risk factors for complete intrauterine device perforations. STUDY DESIGN:We performed a reanalysis of the European Active Surveillance Study on Intra-Uterine Devices data set using complete penetration of the myometrium as the definiti...


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    abstract::First year results of a randomized study of 1509 users of the Copper T380Ag with a silver core or of an IUD releasing 20 mcg day of levonorgestrel are reported. The cumulative gross pregnancy rate for each device was 0.3 per 100 at one year, with more than 490 women having one year of use with each device. The levonor...


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  • Cyproterone acetate affects protamine gene expression in the testis of adult male rat.

    abstract::The temporal effects of oral administration of cyproterone acetate (CPA), a progestational androgen receptor blocker, were studied on the fertility of adult male rat sires, at a dose of 20 mg kg-1 day-1 after 15 days of gavage. The treatment reduced the fertility and weights of accessory sex glands, without altering t...


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  • Evaluation of sulprostone for second trimester abortions and its effects on liver and kidney function.

    abstract::Sulprostone was given intramuscularly in two dose schedules of 0.5 mg at 4 hourly intervals for 8 doses and 1.0 mg at 8-hour intervals for 4 doses to 56 women in the 12th-20th week of gestation coming for termination of pregnancy. Forty-nine of them aborted within the 30-hour observation period, giving a success rate ...


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  • A cross-over study of three oral contraceptives containing ethinyloestradiol and either desogestrel or levonorgestrel.

    abstract::A randomised cross-over trial was performed to compare the pharmacodynamic actions of three low-dose oral contraceptives (OCs): Marvelon (150 micrograms desogestrel (DSG)+ 30 micrograms ethinyloestradiol (EE)), Mercilon (150 micrograms DSG + 20 micrograms EE) and Microgynon (150 micrograms levonorgestrel (LNG) + 30 mi...


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  • Contraceptive sterilization use among married men in the United States: results from the male sample of the National Survey of Family Growth.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Surgical sterilization has many advantages. Previous information on prevalence and correlates was based on surveys of women. STUDY DESIGN:We estimated the prevalence of vasectomy and tubal ligation of partners for male participants in the 2002 National Survey of Family Growth, a nationally representative su...


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  • Pilot trial of a gonadotropin hormone agonist with replacement hormones as a prototype contraceptive to prevent breast cancer.

    abstract::Combination oral contraceptive (COC) users have reduced risks of ovarian and endometrial cancer, but COCs have not reduced breast cancer risk. We have previously argued that a hormonal contraceptive with substantially lower doses of sex-steroids should reduce breast cancer risk by decreasing the breast epithelial cell...


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  • Weight change with oral contraceptive use and during the menstrual cycle. Results of daily measurements.

    abstract::Although weight gain is among the most common complaints of women using oral contraceptives (OC) and a frequent reason for discontinuation, studies demonstrate little basis for this perception. We explored this issue by analyzing the daily weights of 128 women during four cycles of triphasic OC use. The mean weight at...


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  • Gestational dating using last menstrual period and bimanual exam for medication abortion in pharmacies and health centers in Nepal.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To evaluate whether conducting a bimanual examination prior to medication abortion (MAB) provision results in meaningful changes in gestational age (GA) assessment after patient-reported last menstrual period (LMP) in Nepal. STUDY DESIGN:Women ages 16-45 (n=660) seeking MAB at twelve participating pharmacies...


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  • Progestogen-only contraceptive use among women with sickle cell anemia: a systematic review.

    abstract::The use of progestogen-only contraceptives among women with sickle cell anemia has generated concerns about possible hematological and other clinical complications. Based on the literature, we assessed whether use of progestogen-only contraceptives is associated with adverse health effects among women with sickle cell...


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  • The effects of progesterone and progestins on endometrial proliferation.

    abstract::A total of 99 premenopausal and 27 postmenopausal women were evaluated to determine the quantity of glandular proliferation resulting from progestin inhibition of estrogen-primed subjects and of subjects without hormonal stimulation. Endometrial glandular proliferation rates were determined by using mitosis counts, pr...


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  • Results and lessons learned from a small medical abortion clinical study in Turkey.

    abstract::This article presents results from a small, introductory clinical study offering a simplified regimen medical abortion to women in Turkey. A total of 208 women from five sites were recruited from July 2000 through March 2001. All eligible consenting women were given 200 mg oral mifepristone at the clinic followed by 4...


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