UWB pulse propagation into human tissues.


:In this paper the propagation of a UWB pulse into a layered model of the human body is studied to characterize absorption and reflection of the UWB signal due to the different body tissues. Several time behaviours for the incident UWB pulse are considered and compared with reference to the feasibility of breath and heartbeat activity monitoring. Results show that if the UWB source is placed far from the human body, the reflection coming from the interface between air and skin can be used to detect the respiratory activity. On the contrary, if the UWB source is placed close to the human body, a small reflection due to the interface between the posterior lung wall and the bone, which is well distanced in time from the reflections due to the first layers of the body model, can be used to detect lung and heart changes associated with the cardio-respiratory activity.


Phys Med Biol


Cavagnaro M,Pittella E,Pisa S




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2013-12-21 00:00:00












  • FDTD calculations of the whole-body averaged SAR in an anatomically realistic voxel model of the human body from 1 MHz to 1 GHz.

    abstract::This paper presents finite-difference time-domain (FDTD) calculations of the whole-body averaged SAR in an anatomically realistic voxel model of the human body. This model, NORMAN, consists of approximately 9 million voxels, of 2 mm dimension in the adult phantom, segmented into 37 tissue types. SAR values are present...

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  • Development and validation of a BEAMnrc component module for accurate Monte Carlo modelling of the Varian dynamic Millennium multileaf collimator.

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  • Magnetic resonance electrical property mapping at 21.1 T: a study of conductivity and permittivity in phantoms, ex vivo tissue and in vivo ischemia.

    abstract::Electrical properties (EP), namely conductivity and permittivity, can provide endogenous contrast for tissue characterization. Using electrical property tomography (EPT), maps of EP can be generated from conventional MRI data. This report investigates the feasibility and accuracy of EPT at 21.1 T for multiple RF coils...

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  • Investigation of ultrasonic properties of PAG and MAGIC polymer gel dosimeters.

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  • Radioluminescence in biomedicine: physics, applications, and models.

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  • Monte Carlo aided room scatter studies in the primary air kerma strength standardization of a remote afterloading 192Ir HDR source.

    abstract::Corrections for room scatter, [ksc(d, H)]RM, were derived using Monte Carlo methods for rooms of various sizes, including the brachytherapy treatment room, in which primary air kerma strength standardization of a remote afterloading microSelectron 192Ir HDR source was carried out, using a 60 cm3 spherical graphite ion...

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  • Comments on 'The influence of dose heterogeneity on tumor control probability in fractionated radiation therapy'.

    abstract::By analyzing the radiobiological model, and the equations derived from the model, it is shown that the main results of the article 'The influence of dose heterogeneity on tumor control probability in fractionated radiation therapy' by Wiklund et al (2011 Phys. Med. Biol. 56 7585-600) are valid only under the condition...

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  • Factorial phase imaging: a new concept in the analysis of first-pass cardiac studies.

    abstract::A method is described which offers an alternative to conventional Fourier phase/amplitude imaging for analysing representative LV cycles obtained from first-pass cardiac studies. The method involves applying factor analysis to the data and producing functional images of the first two factor loadings after polar transf...

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  • Rinsing paired-agent model (RPAM) to quantify cell-surface receptor concentrations in topical staining applications of thick tissues.

    abstract::Conventional molecular assessment of tissue through histology, if adapted to fresh thicker samples, has the potential to enhance cancer detection in surgical margins and monitoring of 3D cell culture molecular environments. However, in thicker samples, substantial background staining is common despite repeated rinsing...

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  • Detector arrangement and sampling characteristics in rotary positron-emission computed tomography.

    abstract::A rotary positron-emission computed tomography system has been proposed in which detectors are mounted unequally spaced on a ring, so as to provide fine and uniform linear sampling during a 360 degree rotation of the ring around its centre. The usefulness of a simple iterative method for searching for a suitable arran...

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  • A determination by an analysis of X-ray attenuation in aluminium of the intesity distribution at its point of origin in a thick tungsten target of bremsstrahlung excited by constant potentials of 60-140 kV.

    abstract::A recently described, computer aided method of attenuation analysis has been applied to free-air chamber measurements of the attenuation by up to 30mm A1 of the exposure rate of a narrow beam of X-radiation excited at a thick W target in a Be window tube by constant potentials of 60, 80, 100, 120 and 140 kV. It has ...

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  • Exact analytic reconstruction in x-ray fluorescence CT and approximated versions.

    abstract::X-ray fluorescence computed tomography (XFCT) is a relatively new synchrotron-based imaging modality aiming at reconstructing the distribution of nonradiative elements within a sample irradiated with high-intensity monochromatic x-rays. In a recent paper La Rivière (2004 Phys. Med. Biol. 49 2391-405) presented an appr...

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  • Measurements of angular distributions of Rayleigh and Mie scattering events in biological models.

    abstract::Remission spectroscopy in living tissues can only be performed because scattering processes induce a pronounced amount of backscattered light. New types of scattering chambers were constructed in order to investigate the angular distribution of light intensities caused by scattering events typical for living tissues. ...

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  • Dosimetric evaluation of a 2D pixel ionization chamber for implementation in clinical routine.

    abstract::In this paper we present the results of a dosimetric evaluation of a 2D ionization chamber array with the objective of its implementation for quality assurance in clinical routine. The pixel ionization chamber MatriXX (Scanditronix Wellhofer, Germany) consists of 32x32 chambers with a distance of 7.6 mm between chambe...

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  • A study of the impact of x-ray tube performance on angiography system imaging efficiency.

    abstract::This work compared the impact of x-ray tube performance and automatic dose rate control (ADRC) parameter selection on system imaging efficiency of two Siemens angiography systems: a Siemens Megalix x-ray tube installed on an Artis Zee system (denoted 'MEGALIX') and a newer generation Gigalix x-ray tube installed on an...

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  • Large-angle x-ray scatter in Talbot-Lau interferometry for breast imaging.

    abstract::Monte Carlo simulations were used to investigate large-angle x-ray scatter at design energy of 25 keV during small field of view (9.6 cm × 5 cm) differential phase contrast imaging of the breast using Talbot-Lau interferometry. Homogenous, adipose and fibroglandular breasts of uniform thickness ranging from 2 to 8 cm ...

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  • On the correction, perturbation and modification of small field detectors in relative dosimetry.

    abstract::The purpose of this study was to derive a complete set of correction and perturbation factors for output factors (OF) and dose profiles. Modern small field detectors were investigated including a plastic scintillator (Exradin W1, SI), a liquid ionization chamber (microLion 31018, PTW), an unshielded diode (Exradin D1V...

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  • Uncertainties in Monte Carlo-based absorbed dose calculations for an experimental benchmark.

    abstract::There is a need to verify the accuracy of general purpose Monte Carlo codes like EGSnrc, which are commonly employed for investigations of dosimetric problems in radiation therapy. A number of experimental benchmarks have been published to compare calculated values of absorbed dose to experimentally determined values....

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  • Ion concentration and haematocrit as determinants of impedance in an erythrocyte suspension model of renal medullary tissue.

    abstract::In order to analyse the respective roles of ion concentration and fractional volume of the interstitial compartment as determinants of the impedance, Z, of renal medullary tissue, a model was needed in which both these factors could be varied independently. An array of blood cell suspensions ions in saline (different ...

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    authors: Niewiadomski W,Sadowski J,Badzyńska B,Rasmussen SN

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  • Feasibility study of range verification based on proton-induced acoustic signals and recurrent neural network.

    abstract::Range verification in proton therapy is a critical quality assurance task. We studied the feasibility of online range verification based on proton-induced acoustic signals, using a bidirectional long-short-term-memory recurrent neural network and various signal processing techniques. Dose distribution of 1D pencil pro...

    journal_title:Physics in medicine and biology

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    authors: Yao S,Hu Z,Zhang X,Lou E,Liang Z,Wang Y,Peng H

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  • Relative Patlak plot for dynamic PET parametric imaging without the need for early-time input function.

    abstract::The Patlak graphical method is widely used in parametric imaging for modeling irreversible radiotracer kinetics in dynamic PET. The net influx rate of radiotracer can be determined from the slope of the Patlak plot. The implementation of the standard Patlak method requires the knowledge of full-time input function fro...

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  • Phase contrast image guidance for synchrotron microbeam radiotherapy.

    abstract::Recent image guidance developments for preclinical synchrotron microbeam radiotherapy represent a necessary step for future clinical translation of the technique. Image quality can be further improved using x-ray phase contrast, which is readily available at synchrotron facilities. We here describe a methodology for p...

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  • Automatic extraction of pectoral muscle in the MLO view of mammograms.

    abstract::A mammogram is the standard modality used for breast cancer screening. Computer-aided detection (CAD) approaches are helpful for improving breast cancer detection rates when applied to mammograms. However, automated analysis of a mammogram often leads to inaccurate results in the presence of the pectoral muscle. There...

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  • Mucosal deformation from an impinging transonic gas jet and the ballistic impact of microparticles.

    abstract::By means of a transonic gas jet, gene guns ballistically deliver microparticle formulations of drugs and vaccines to the outer layers of the skin or mucosal tissue to induce unique physiological responses for the treatment of a range of conditions. Reported high-speed imaging experiments show that the mucosa deforms s...

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  • Variation of the dielectric properties of tissues with age: the effect on the values of SAR in children when exposed to walkie-talkie devices.

    abstract::In vitro dielectric properties of ageing porcine tissues were measured in the frequency range of 50 MHz-20 GHz, and the total combined uncertainties of the measurements were assessed. The results show statistically significant reduction with age in both permittivity and conductivity of 10 out of 15 measured tissues. A...

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  • Towards clinical application: prompt gamma imaging of passively scattered proton fields with a knife-edge slit camera.

    abstract::Prompt γ-ray imaging with a knife-edge shaped slit camera provides the possibility of verifying proton beam range in tumor therapy. Dedicated experiments regarding the characterization of the camera system have been performed previously. Now, we aim at implementing the prototype into clinical application of monitoring...

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  • Monitoring daily MLC positional errors using trajectory log files and EPID measurements for IMRT and VMAT deliveries.

    abstract::This work investigated the differences between multileaf collimator (MLC) positioning accuracy determined using either log files or electronic portal imaging devices (EPID) and then assessed the possibility of reducing patient specific quality control (QC) via phantom-less methodologies. In-house software was develope...

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  • Another decade of photoacoustic imaging.

    abstract::Photoacoustic imaging - a hybrid biomedical imaging modality finding its way to clinical practices. Although the photoacoustic phenomenon was known more than a century back, only in the last two decades it has been widely researched and used for biomedical imaging applications. In this review we focus on the developme...

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  • Elastography--the movement begins.

    abstract::The advent of real-time ultrasound in the 1970s, together with a growing interest in tissue characterization, led to a number of investigators using the nature of tissue motion to distinguish healthy from diseased tissue. Our group at the (then) Ultrasonics Institute demonstrated the use of phase methods for detecting...

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    authors: Wilson LS,Robinson DE,Dadd MJ

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  • Dosimetry robustness with stochastic optimization.

    abstract::All radiation therapy treatment planning relies on accurate dose calculation. Uncertainties in dosimetric prediction can significantly degrade an otherwise optimal plan. In this work, we introduce a robust optimization method which handles dosimetric errors and warrants for high-quality IMRT plans. Unlike other dose e...

    journal_title:Physics in medicine and biology

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    authors: Nohadani O,Seco J,Martin BC,Bortfeld T

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