Comparison of variable selection methods for clinical predictive modeling.


OBJECTIVE:Modern machine learning-based modeling methods are increasingly applied to clinical problems. One such application is in variable selection methods for predictive modeling. However, there is limited research comparing the performance of classic and modern for variable selection in clinical datasets. MATERIALS AND METHODS:We analyzed the performance of eight different variable selection methods: four regression-based methods (stepwise backward selection using p-value and AIC, Least Absolute Shrinkage and Selection Operator, and Elastic Net) and four tree-based methods (Variable Selection Using Random Forest, Regularized Random Forests, Boruta, and Gradient Boosted Feature Selection). We used two clinical datasets of different sizes, a multicenter adult clinical deterioration cohort and a single center pediatric acute kidney injury cohort. Method evaluation included measures of parsimony, variable importance, and discrimination. RESULTS:In the large, multicenter dataset, the modern tree-based Variable Selection Using Random Forest and the Gradient Boosted Feature Selection methods achieved the best parsimony. In the smaller, single-center dataset, the classic regression-based stepwise backward selection using p-value and AIC methods achieved the best parsimony. In both datasets, variable selection tended to decrease the accuracy of the random forest models and increase the accuracy of logistic regression models. CONCLUSIONS:The performance of classic regression-based and modern tree-based variable selection methods is associated with the size of the clinical dataset used. Classic regression-based variable selection methods seem to achieve better parsimony in clinical prediction problems in smaller datasets while modern tree-based methods perform better in larger datasets.


Int J Med Inform


Sanchez-Pinto LN,Venable LR,Fahrenbach J,Churpek MM




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2018-08-01 00:00:00












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  • Using SNOMED CT-encoded problems to improve ICD-10-CM coding-A randomized controlled experiment.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Clinical problems in the Electronic Health Record that are encoded in SNOMED CT can be translated into ICD-10-CM codes through the NLM's SNOMED CT to ICD-10-CM map (NLM Map). This study evaluates the potential benefits of using the map-generated codes to assist manual ICD-10-CM coding. METHODS:De-identified ...

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    abstract::We describe the Security Plan for the 'MyAngelWeb' service. The different actors involved in the service are subject to different security procedures. The core of the security system is implemented at the host site by means of a DBMS and standard Information Technology tools. Hardware requirements for sustainable secu...

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    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To introduce a new concept of medical dashboard system called BESTBoard. Such a system was implemented in all wards in a tertiary academic hospital to explore the development process, core designs, functions, usability and feasibility. METHODS:The task-force team made user interface designs for 6 months base...

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  • Introducing electronic messaging in Norwegian healthcare: unintended consequences for interprofessional collaboration.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:The introduction of health information technologies (HIT) can lead to unintended consequences. We studied a newly introduced electronic messaging (e-messaging) system for communication between homecare providers and general practitioners (GPs) in Norway. The objective of this paper is to identify and discuss ...

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  • Search engines, news wires and digital epidemiology: Presumptions and facts.

    abstract:BACKGROUND:Digital epidemiology tries to identify diseases dynamics and spread behaviors using digital traces collected via search engines logs and social media posts. However, the impacts of news on information-seeking behaviors have been remained unknown. METHODS:Data employed in this research provided from two sour...

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