Mediators of the relationship between social activities and cognitive function among older Irish adults: results from the Irish longitudinal study on ageing.


OBJECTIVE:Evidence points to an association between social and leisure activity (SLA) engagement and cognitive outcomes, but the mechanisms underlying this link remain unknown. We aimed to investigate three potential mechanisms: Vascular function, Perceived Stress, and Cognitive Reserve. METHODS:With data from 8163 adults aged over 50 in the Irish Longitudinal Study of Ageing, we used a structural equation model to evaluate Vascular Function and Perceived Stress as potential mediators, and Cognitive Reserve as a potential antecedent in the relationship between SLA at baseline (2009), and cognitive outcomes collected at a two-year follow-up point (2011). RESULTS:Cognitive Reserve was strongly associated both with cognitive outcomes (β = 0.306; p < 0.001) and with SLA (β = 0.694; p < 0.001). Perceived stress (β = 0.018) acted as a significant mediator in the relationships between SLA and cognitive outcomes (p < 0.001), although Vascular Function did not (β = 0.000). CONCLUSION:These results indicate that SLA may protect cognitive function partly because of its association with cognitive reserve, and partly through its impact on perceived stress. Results have policy implications for those interested in facilitating SLA to protect cognitive outcomes among older adults.


Aging Ment Health


Aging & mental health


McHugh Power J,Tang J,Lawlor B,Kenny RA,Kee F




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  • Earlier migration, better cognition? The role of urbanization in bridging the urban-rural cognition gaps in middle and older age.

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  • Substance abuse treatment initiation among older adults in the GET SMART program: effects of depression and cognitive status.

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  • Mental health of older widows and widowers: Which coping strategies are most protective?

    abstract::I examine: whether specific emotion-focused coping and help-seeking strategies adopted by older widow(er)s 6 months postloss affect depressive, anger, and yearning symptoms 1 year later; whether these effects are accounted for by psychosocial factors which guide the selection of coping strategies; and the extent to wh...

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  • Components of impactful dementia training for general hospital staff: a collective case study.

    abstract::Background and objectives: People with dementia occupy around one quarter of general hospital beds, with concerns consistently raised about care quality. Improving workforce knowledge, skills and attitudes is a mechanism for addressing this. However little is known about effective ways of training healthcare staff abo...

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  • Unforgiveness, rumination, and depressive symptoms among older adults.

    abstract::The experience of feeling unforgiven for past transgressions may contribute to depressive symptoms in later life. This article tests a model in which feeling unforgiven by God and by other people have direct effects on depressive symptoms while self-unforgiveness and rumination mediate this relationship. The sample co...

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  • The use of information technology and mental health among older care-givers in Australia.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:This study examined the relationship between the use of the Internet and the mental health status of older care-givers in Australia. METHODS:It utilized data obtained from a national health survey of a stratified random sample from the total population of people with disability, aged 60 years or older and ca...

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