Plant phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C at the center of plant innate immunity.


:Understanding plant resistance to pathogenic microbes requires detailed information on the molecular mechanisms controlling the execution of plant innate immune responses. A growing body of evidence places phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C (PI-PLC) enzymes immediately downstream of activated immune receptors, well upstream of the initiation of early defense responses. An increase of the cytoplasmic levels of free Ca2+ , lowering of the intercellular pH and the oxidative burst are a few examples of such responses and these are regulated by PI-PLCs. Consequently, PI-PLC activation represents an early primary signaling switch between elicitation and response involving the controlled hydrolysis of essential signaling phospholipids, thereby simultaneously generating lipid and non-lipid second messenger molecules required for a swift cellular defense response. Here, we elaborate on the signals generated by PI-PLCs and their respective downstream effects, while providing an inventory of different types of evidence describing the involvement of PI-PLCs in various aspects of plant immunity. We project the discussed information into a model describing the cellular events occurring after the activation of plant immune receptors. With this review we aim to provide new insights supporting future research on plant PI-PLCs and the development of plants with improved resistance.


J Integr Plant Biol


Abd-El-Haliem AM,Joosten MH




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2017-03-01 00:00:00












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  • Plant plasma membrane-resident receptors: Surveillance for infections and coordination for growth and development.

    abstract::As sessile organisms, plants are exposed to pathogen invasions and environmental fluctuations. To overcome the challenges of their surroundings, plants acquire the potential to sense endogenous and exogenous cues, resulting in their adaptability. Hence, plants have evolved a large collection of plasma membrane-residen...

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  • Arabidopsis TOR signaling is essential for sugar-regulated callus formation.

    abstract::Dedifferentiation is a remarkable process that produces pluripotent stem cells from differentiated somatic cells to ensure developmental plasticity. Plants have evolved the ability of cellular dedifferentiation, and signaling cascades related to auxin and cytokinin-dependent callus formation have been extensively inve...

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  • Quantitative trait locus mapping with background control in genetic populations of clonal F1 and double cross.

    abstract::In this study, we considered five categories of molecular markers in clonal F1 and double cross populations, based on the number of distinguishable alleles and the number of distinguishable genotypes at the marker locus. Using the completed linkage maps, incomplete and missing markers were imputed as fully informative...

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