The diameter of chromatin fibres depends on linker length.


:We have studied the diameter of chromatin fibres embedded in epoxy resins for three different materials: mouse thymus, chicken erythrocytes and sea cucumber spermatozoa. We confirm that the diameter of chromatin fibres increases with linker length, both values being influenced by the protein composition of chromatin.






Alegre C,Subirana JA




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  • Macronuclear DNA organization and transcription in Paramecium primaurelia.

    abstract::Macronuclear DNA was isolated from Paramecium primaurelia, stock 168. Although the macronucleus is polyploid to the extent of 840C, in other respect the DNA appears to be simply organized, having neither satellite sequences nor substantial amounts of intermediately repetitive sequence. The sequence complexity of macro...


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  • Distribution of interstitial telomere-like repeats and their adjacent sequences in a dioecious plant, Silene latifolia.

    abstract::The dioecious plant Silene latifolia has large, heteromorphic X and Y sex chromosomes that are thought to be derived from rearrangements of autosomes. To reveal the origin of the sex chromosomes in S. latifolia, we isolated and characterized telomere-homologous sequences from intra-chromosomal regions (interstitial te...


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  • Isolation and characterization of the ecdysone receptor and its heterodimeric partner ultraspiracle through development in Sciara coprophila.

    abstract::Regulation of DNA replication is critical, and loss of control can lead to DNA amplification. Naturally occurring, developmentally regulated DNA amplification occurs in the DNA puffs of the late larval salivary gland giant polytene chromosomes in the fungus fly, Sciara coprophila. The steroid hormone ecdysone induces ...


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  • A neocentromere in the DAZ region of the human Y chromosome.

    abstract::We describe a novel rearranged human Y chromosome consisting of an inverted duplication of the long arm heterochromatin and a small amount of euchromatin: rea(Y)(qter-q11.2::q11.2-qter). The normal centromere has been deleted and a neocentromere containing CENP-A, -C, -E and Mad2 but not CENP-B has formed close to the...


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  • Two early replicated, developmentally controlled genes of Physarum display different patterns of DNA replication by two-dimensional agarose gel electrophoresis.

    abstract::The nature of replication origins in eukaryotic chromosomes has been examined in some detail only in yeast, Drosophila, and mammalian cells. We have used highly synchronous cultures of plasmodia of the myxomycete Physarum and two-dimensional agarose gel electrophoresis to examine replication of two developmentally con...


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  • Gene-sized DNA molecules of the macronuclei in three species of hypotrichs: size distributions and absence of nicks. DNA of ciliated protozoa. VIII.

    abstract::Macronuclear DNA s from three related hypotrichous ciliated protozoans were compared by agarose gel electrophoresis. Each was shown to be composed of DNA duplexes that yielded a unique pattern of bands overlying a continuous distribution of DNA sizes ranging from approximately 400 bp to approximately 20,000 bp. By EM,...


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  • Resolving ambiguities in the karyotype of domestic sheep (Ovis aries). II. G-, Q-, and R-banded idiograms, and chromosome-specific molecular markers.

    abstract::Internally consistent G-, Q- and R-banded karyotypes and idiograms for sheep chromosomes at the 422-band level of resolution are presented. These were derived by sequential Q- to G-staining, and sequential Q- to R-staining of prometaphase spreads prepared from sheep with normal and Robertsonian chromosomes. The fused ...


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  • Mammalian sex chromosomes. I. Cytological changes in the chiasmatic sex chromosomes of the male musk shrew, Suncus murinus.

    abstract::The X and Y chromosomes of the musk shrew are the two largest in the complement and they regularly form a single chiasma during meiosis. This chiasma is located in the short arms of the X and Y, both of which show partial C-banding at meiosis. The in vitro incorporation of 5-bromodeoxyuridine/tritiated thymidine durin...


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    authors: Raman R,Nanda I

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  • The chromosome fiber: evidence for an ordered superstructure of nucleosomes.

    abstract::Chromosome fibers isolated from lymphocyte nuclei and prepared for electron microscopy by techniques designed to preserve their native structure have a distinctly knobby appearance, suggesting that DNA and protein are not distributed evenly along the fiber axis. Individual knobs (superbeads) are arranged in tandem and...


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    authors: Hozier J,Renz M,Nehls P

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  • Versatility at the nuclear pore complex: lessons learned from the nucleoporin Nup153.

    abstract::The vertebrate pore protein Nup153 plays pivotal roles in nuclear pore function. In addition to being important to pore architecture, Nup153 is a key participant in both import and export. The scope of Nup153 function also extends beyond the canonical view of the pore as a trafficking gateway. During the transition in...


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  • Meiotic chromosome behaviour reflects levels of sequence divergence in Sus scrofa domestica satellite DNA.

    abstract::We present a general model for the evolution of chromosome-specific satellite DNA subfamilies. Sus scrofa domestica has a bimodal karyotype with two autosomal subsets of 12 meta-/submetacentric (Mc) and 6 acrocentric (Ac) chromosome types (Mc and Ac "subgenomes"). We show that the centromeric heterochromatin is charac...


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  • Replication origin plasticity, Taylor-made: inhibition vs recruitment of origins under conditions of replication stress.

    abstract::Among his many contributions to the field of chromosome structure and dynamics, J. Herbert Taylor showed that eukaryotic cells have many more potential replication origins than they use, which they can recruit when replication forks are slowed to complete S-phase in a timely fashion. Thirty years later, his findings r...


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    authors: Gilbert DM

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  • Meiotic pairing and segregation of translocation quadrivalents in yeast.

    abstract::Meiotic pairing and segregation were studied in three different heterozygous reciprocal translocation strains of the baker's yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Pachytene translocation quadrivalents were identified by a combination of immunofluorescence and fluorescence in situ hybridization and the karyotypes of meiotic...


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  • Cytological sub-division of S-phase in the Syrian hamster (Mesocricetus auratus).

    abstract::Using BrdU/Hoechst 33258/Giemsa methods for detecting replicating chromosome bands, a method is described by which the DNA synthesis phase may be sub-divided on the basis of distinctive patterns displayed by certain chromosomes.--Applied to asynchronous populations successively sampled through one cell cycle, cells in...


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  • Chromosome delineation induced by a combined potassium permanganate-sodium bisulfite treatment.

    abstract::A cytological procedure for in vitro chromosome delineation has been studied using human and mouse (Mus musculus) chromosomes. This method, consisting of slide incubation in KMnO4 at 0--5 degrees C for 24 h followed by a short exposure to NaHSO3 (1--3 min) and Giemsa staining, induces extraction of chromatin from huma...


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  • The nuclear position of pericentromeric DNA of chromosome 11 appears to be random in G0 and non-random in G1 human lymphocytes.

    abstract::The nuclear topography of pericentromeric DNA of chromosome 11 was analyzed in G0 (nonstimulated) and G1 [phytohemagglutinin (PHA) stimulated] human lymphocytes by confocal microscopy. In addition to the nuclear center, the centrosome was used as a second point of reference in the three-dimensional (3D) analysis. Peri...


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  • Assembly and nuclear export of pre-ribosomal particles in budding yeast.

    abstract::The ribosome is responsible for the final step of decoding genetic information into proteins. Therefore, correct assembly of ribosomes is a fundamental task for all living cells. In eukaryotes, the construction of the ribosome which begins in the nucleolus requires coordinated efforts of >350 specialized factors that ...


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    authors: Gerhardy S,Menet AM,Peña C,Petkowski JJ,Panse VG

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  • Electron microscopy of membrane-free folded chromosomes from Escherichia coli.

    abstract::Membrane-free folded chromosomes were purified from log-phase cultures of Escherichia coli and prepared for electron microscopy by aqueous (Kleinschmidt and Zahn) spreading. The appearance of the chromosomes depended on the salt concentrations in spreading. At certain salt concentration, the chromosomes resembled rose...


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    authors: Kavenoff R,Bowen BC

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  • The upstreams and downstreams of H3K79 methylation by DOT1L.

    abstract::Histone modifications regulate key processes of eukaryotic genomes. Misregulation of the enzymes that place these modifications can lead to disease. An example of this is DOT1L, the enzyme that can mono-, di-, and trimethylate the nucleosome core on lysine 79 of histone H3 (H3K79). DOT1L plays a role in development an...


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    authors: Vlaming H,van Leeuwen F

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  • A new function for heterochromatin.

    abstract::Meiotic pairing has now been shown to require heterochromatic homology and to be sensitive to repeat number in both male and female Drosophila. The increased pairing ability of repetitive sequences could be one reason that most eukaryotes allow the accumulation of tandem repeated elements. This may well be a reflectio...


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    authors: Irick H

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  • Organization of interphase chromatin.

    abstract::The organization of interphase chromatin spans many topics, ranging in scale from the molecular level to the whole nucleus, and its study requires a concomitant range of experimental approaches. In this review, we examine these approaches, the results they have generated, and the interfaces between them. The greatest ...


    pub_type: 杂志文章,评审


    authors: Horowitz-Scherer RA,Woodcock CL

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  • The distribution of quinacrine on chromosomes as determined by X-ray microanalysis. II. Comparison of heterochromatic and euchromatic regions of mouse chromosomes.

    abstract::The distribution of quinacrine and protein sulphur has been compared with that of DNA in euchromatic and heterochromatic regions of mouse chromosomes stained with the fluorescent dye quinacrine, using X-ray microanalysis. Heterochromatin tends to bind relatively more quinacrine than euchromatin, and contains a greater...


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    authors: Sumner AT

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  • The centromere composition of multiple repetitive sequences on rice chromosome 5.

    abstract::The large-scale primary structure of the centromeric region of rice chromosome 5 was analyzed, the first example in a cereal species. The yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) and bacterial artificial chromosome (BAC) contigs aligned on the centromere of rice chromosome 5 (CEN5) covered a distance of more than 670 kb. Str...


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    authors: Nonomura K,Kurata N

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  • Shaping meiotic prophase chromosomes: cohesins and synaptonemal complex proteins.

    abstract::Recent progress in elucidating the function of synaptonemal complex (SC) proteins and of cohesins in meiocytes made possible, in particular, through the analysis of mice deficient in SC or cohesin proteins has significantly enriched our understanding of how meiotic chromosome architecture is determined. Cohesins and t...


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    authors: Revenkova E,Jessberger R

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  • Nucleolar targeting of coilin is regulated by its hypomethylation state.

    abstract::Coilin, a molecular marker for Cajal bodies (CBs), is a phosphoprotein that contains a cryptic nucleolar localization signal and multiple interacting domains, such as the RG-box. Post-translational symmetrical dimethylation of arginines on the coilin RG-box is required for the recruitment of the survival motor neuron ...


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    authors: Tapia O,Bengoechea R,Berciano MT,Lafarga M

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  • DNA reassociation kinetics in relation to genome size in four amphibian species.

    abstract::DNA reassociation kinetics were studied, by means of the hydroxyapatite chromatography method, for four species of Amphibians with different nuclear DNA content: Xenopus laevis (3 pg DNA per haploid genome) and Bufo bufo (7 pg) of the Anura subclass and Triturus cristatus (23 pg) and Necturus maculosus (52 pg) of the ...


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    authors: Baldari CT,Amaldi F

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  • Chromatin dynamics is correlated with replication timing.

    abstract::Discrete chromatin domains (ChrD), containing an average of approximately 1 Mbp DNA, represent the basic structural units for the regulation of DNA organization and replication in situ. In this study, a bio-computational approach is employed to simultaneously measure the translational motion of large populations of Ch...


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    authors: Pliss A,Malyavantham K,Bhattacharya S,Zeitz M,Berezney R

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  • A comparative study of the location of mobile dispersed genes in salivary gland and midgut polytene chromosomes of Drosophila melanogaster.

    abstract::The location of DNA fragments representing mobile dispersed genes (MDG) in salivary gland and midgut polytene chromosomes was compared by means of in situ hybridization. In the Drosophila stock under study the average number of hybridization sites in the polytene chromosomes of one nucleus was 20 for MDG-1 and 10 for ...


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    authors: Ananiev EV,Ilyin YV

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  • Simultaneous inhibition of contractile ring and central spindle formation in mammalian cells treated with cytochalasin B.

    abstract::In this work we have used the inhibitor of F-actin polymerisation cytochalasin B (Cyt B) to test the hypothesis that the contractile ring and the central spindle are mutually interdependent structures in mammalian mitotic cells. Double fluorescence staining of alpha-tubulin and F-actin was employed to analyse anaphase...


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    authors: Cimini D,Fioravanti D,Tanzarella C,Degrassi F

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  • Defining the orientation of the tandem fusions that occurred during the evolution of Indian muntjac chromosomes by BAC mapping.

    abstract::The Indian muntjac (Muntiacus muntjak vaginalis) has a karyotype of 2n=6 in the female and 7 in the male, the karyotypic evolution of which through extensive tandem fusions and several centric fusions has been well-documented by recent molecular cytogenetic studies. In an attempt to define the fusion orientations of c...


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    authors: Chi JX,Huang L,Nie W,Wang J,Su B,Yang F

    更新日期:2005-08-01 00:00:00