Soil Microbiome Is More Heterogeneous in Organic Than in Conventional Farming System.


:Organic farming system and sustainable management of soil pathogens aim at reducing the use of agricultural chemicals in order to improve ecosystem health. Despite the essential role of microbial communities in agro-ecosystems, we still have limited understanding of the complex response of microbial diversity and composition to organic and conventional farming systems and to alternative methods for controlling plant pathogens. In this study we assessed the microbial community structure, diversity and richness using 16S rRNA gene next generation sequences and report that conventional and organic farming systems had major influence on soil microbial diversity and community composition while the effects of the soil health treatments (sustainable alternatives for chemical control) in both farming systems were of smaller magnitude. Organically managed system increased taxonomic and phylogenetic richness, diversity and heterogeneity of the soil microbiota when compared with conventional farming system. The composition of microbial communities, but not the diversity nor heterogeneity, were altered by soil health treatments. Soil health treatments exhibited an overrepresentation of specific microbial taxa which are known to be involved in soil suppressiveness to pathogens (plant-parasitic nematodes and soil-borne fungi). Our results provide a comprehensive survey on the response of microbial communities to different agricultural systems and to soil treatments for controlling plant pathogens and give novel insights to improve the sustainability of agro-ecosystems by means of beneficial microorganisms.


Front Microbiol


Lupatini M,Korthals GW,de Hollander M,Janssens TK,Kuramae EE




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2017-01-04 00:00:00








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  • Same, same but different: symbiotic bacterial associations in GBR sponges.

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  • Functional Characterization of Two Putative DAHP Synthases of AroG1 and AroG2 and Their Links With Type III Secretion System in Ralstonia solanacearum.

    abstract::Type three secretion system (T3SS) is essential for Ralstonia solanacearum to cause disease in host plants and we previously screened AroG1 as a candidate with impact on the T3SS expression. Here, we focused on two putative DAHP synthases of AroG1 and AroG2, which control the first step of the shikimate pathway, a com...

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  • Teaching Microbiome Analysis: From Design to Computation Through Inquiry.

    abstract::In this article, we present our three-class course sequence to educate students about microbiome analysis and metagenomics through experiential learning by taking them from inquiry to analysis of the microbiome: Molecular Ecology Lab, Bioinformatics, and Computational Microbiome Analysis. Students developed hypotheses...

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  • Nitrogen addition, not initial phylogenetic diversity, increases litter decomposition by fungal communities.

    abstract::Fungi play a critical role in the degradation of organic matter. Because different combinations of fungi result in different rates of decomposition, determining how climate change will affect microbial composition and function is fundamental to predicting future environments. Fungal response to global change is patter...

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  • Non-coding RNAs in Host-Pathogen Interactions: Subversion of Mammalian Cell Functions by Protozoan Parasites.

    abstract::Pathogens have evolved mechanisms to modulate host cell functions and avoid recognition and destruction by the host damage response. For many years, researchers have focused on proteins as the main effectors used by pathogens to hijack host cell pathways, but only recently with the development of deep RNA sequencing t...

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