Primary Outcomes Reporting in Trials (PORTal): a systematic review of inadequate reporting in pediatric randomized controlled trials.


OBJECTIVE:Conduct a systematic review of pediatric randomized controlled trials (RCTs) published in high-impact journals to assess the reporting of primary outcomes and the psychometric properties of their measures. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING:Systematic review with screening and simultaneous data extraction conducted by two independent reviewers. Electronic searches of six general medicine and four pediatric journals were conducted in MEDLINE, EMBASE, and the Cochrane Central Register of Controlled Trials (CENTRAL) databases. RCTs of a single phase/step in a single publication, published in English between 2000 and 2010 with participants less than 21 years of age were included. RESULTS:A random sample of 20% (n = 445) of 2,229 initial references was screened and 206 (46%) met inclusion criteria. Half (48.5%) of included studies reported a singular primary outcome, 27% did not identify any primary outcome, and 24% identified multiple primary outcomes (range 2-20). Twenty-one trials used an instrument to measure their primary outcome, but only 7 (33%) reported its psychometric properties. CONCLUSION:Pediatric trials published in top medical journals have inadequate reporting of their primary outcomes and the psychometric properties of their outcome measures. Whether the issue is one of poor reporting and/or poor validation will be further investigated.


J Clin Epidemiol


Bhaloo Z,Adams D,Liu Y,Hansraj N,Hartling L,Terwee CB,Vohra S




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  • The qualification period.

    abstract::For randomized trials that do not require prompt onset of therapy, a pre-admission preparation, called the qualification period, can deal with certain customary difficulties in design, analysis, and ethics. For the patients' baseline state, the qualification period can be used to "wash out" effects of previous treatme...

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  • Lack of correlation between clinic and 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure in subjects participating in a therapeutic drug trial.

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  • Mortality, hospital discharges, and case fatality for pulmonary embolism in the Twin Cities: 1980-1995.

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  • A nested case-control study of influenza vaccination was a cost-effective alternative to a full cohort analysis.

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  • Headache classification based on questionnaire data: which symptoms are especially suitable?

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  • Odds ratio estimation in a steady-state population.

    abstract::A three-state Markov process is used to model a steady-state population. The classical P = ID equation is derived, as well as a number of identities originally reported by Miettinen (Am J Epidemiol 1976; 103: 226-235) and Freeman and Hutchison (Am J Epidemiol 1980; 112: 707-723. Ibid. 1986; 124: 134-149). Using theore...

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  • The epidemiology of mass breast cancer screening--a plea for a valid measure of benefit.

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  • Adapting a clinical comorbidity index for use with ICD-9-CM administrative databases.

    abstract::Administrative databases are increasingly used for studying outcomes of medical care. Valid inferences from such data require the ability to account for disease severity and comorbid conditions. We adapted a clinical comorbidity index, designed for use with medical records, for research relying on International Classi...

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  • Relationships between change in aerobic fitness and changes in blood pressure and plasma lipids in men and women: the "Adelaide 1000" 4-year follow up.

    abstract::The aim was to assess relationships between increased aerobic fitness sustained over 4 years, and changes in blood pressure (SBP and DBP) and lipids. Measurements were made of BP, lipids, weight, and fitness in 1000 middle-aged men and women entering a fitness programme, and were repeated 2 and 4 years later. The 342 ...

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  • Serum albumin and risk of stroke, coronary heart disease, and mortality: the role of cigarette smoking.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Lower levels of serum albumin are associated with increased risk of all-cause and cardiovascular mortality as well as with coronary heart disease and stroke incidence. These relationships have been examined with specific focus on the role of cigarette smoking. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING:A prospective study of ...

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  • Heritabilities and shared environmental effects were estimated from household clustering in national health survey data.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:The relative contributions of genetic and environmental variables to within-household clustering of quantitative traits in household surveys are poorly characterized. We estimated shared genetic and shared environmental contributions to within-household correlation for anthropometric variables and cardiovasc...

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  • Insufficient cross-cultural adaptations and psychometric properties for many translated health assessment scales: a systematic review.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:If researchers want to assess reliably different aspects of general health in the migrant populations, they need translations of internationally used health assessment scales with appropriate cross-cultural adaptations and satisfactory psychometric properties. A systematic review was performed to assess the ...

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  • Diagnostic certainty and potential for misclassification in exocrine pancreatic cancer. PANKRAS I Project Investigations.

    abstract::Whereas over the last decade epidemiologic studies on exocrine pancreatic cancer (EPC) continued to show a remarkable heterogeneity in diagnostic criteria applied to define caseness, the actual magnitude and consequences of misclassification remain largely unexplored. The objectives were: (1) to estimate the degree of...

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  • Bias in estimates of confidence intervals for health outcome report cards.

    abstract::Health researchers commonly use logistic regression when profiling health providers. Data from the patients treated by the providers are used to construct models predicting the expected number of outcomes for providers and the ratio of observed to expected outcomes (O/E ratio) used as a risk-adjusted measure of provid...

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  • Factors associated with errors in death certificate completion. A national study in Taiwan.

    abstract::To identify characteristics of certifying physicians and the deceased that are associated with errors in death certificate completion in Taiwan, we retrospectively reviewed 4123 systematically sampled death certificates issued in 1994. Multivariate analyses were used to assess the associations of various characteristi...

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  • Handling the reflective-formative measurement conundrum: a practical illustration based on sustainable employability.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:Constructs capturing health or functioning can have reflective and/or formative measurement models. Although a construct's measurement model has extensive implications on the construction, validation, and use of a measurement instrument, measurement models are frequently wrongly or not explicitly specified. ...

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  • Analysis of nonresponse bias in a population-based case-control study on lung cancer.

    abstract::The objective of this study was to identify characteristics of nonrespondents and late respondents in a population-based case-control study on lung cancer conducted in the city of Turin (Italy). Information about demographic and socioeconomic variables of 634 cases and 859 controls who responded to an interview, as we...

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  • Public and private hypotheses.

    abstract::The uses of hypothesis in scientific medicine and in clinical medicine are broadly similar; but they differ in subtle but important logical details. The key distinction is that scientific medicine deals with broad ("public") hypotheses about entire populations; and the predominant problem of inference is statistics in...

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  • Non-Cochrane vs. Cochrane reviews were twice as likely to have positive conclusion statements: cross-sectional study.

    abstract:OBJECTIVES:To determine which factors predict favorable results and positive conclusions in systematic reviews (SRs) and to assess the level of agreement between SR results and conclusions. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING:A sample of 296 English SRs indexed in MEDLINE (November, 2004) was obtained. Two investigators independ...

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  • Assessing risk of bias in prevalence studies: modification of an existing tool and evidence of interrater agreement.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:In the course of performing systematic reviews on the prevalence of low back and neck pain, we required a tool to assess the risk of study bias. Our objectives were to (1) modify an existing checklist and (2) test the final tool for interrater agreement. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING:The final tool consists of 10...

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    authors: Hoy D,Brooks P,Woolf A,Blyth F,March L,Bain C,Baker P,Smith E,Buchbinder R

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  • Clinical correlates of advanced retinopathy in type II diabetic patients: implications for screening. The CODIAB-INSERM-Zeneca Pharma Study Group.

    abstract::The clinical correlates of advanced retinopathy were determined in a sample of 427 type II diabetic outpatients, aged 35 to 74 years, recruited in eight centers from all parts of France. The presence of retinopathy was assessed by fluorescein angiography with centralized interpretation. Advanced retinopathy (prolifera...

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  • The next stage: molecular epidemiology.

    abstract::The traditional approach in epidemiology of relating exposure to an environmental agent such as a drug or infective agent has been to measure an overall risk (i.e., average and then "adjust risk for demographic variables and other confounders"). An attempt is sometimes made to define a "susceptible" subgroup. The anal...

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  • Some methodologic issues in analyzing data from a randomized adolescent tobacco and alcohol use prevention trial.

    abstract::Three issues concerning the design and analysis of randomized behavioral intervention studies are illustrated and discussed within the framework of a tobacco and alcohol prevention trial among migrant Latino adolescents. The first issue arises when subjects are randomized in clusters rather than individually. Because ...

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    authors: Slymen DJ,Elder JP,Litrownik AJ,Ayala GX,Campbell NR

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  • Comparing clinical information with claims data: some similarities and differences.

    abstract::How well can hospital discharge abstracts be used to estimate patient health status? This paper compares information on comorbidity obtained from hospital discharge abstracts for patients undergoing prostatectomy or cholecystectomy at a Winnipeg teaching hospital with clinical data on preoperative medical conditions p...

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  • An e-mail survey identified unpublished studies for systematic reviews.

    abstract:BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE:A large number of trials remain difficult to locate or unpublished for systematic reviews. The objective of this article was to determine the usefulness of making e-mail contact with authors of clinical trials and literature reviews found in MEDLINE to identify unpublished or difficult to locat...

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  • A critical review of methods for the assessment of patient-level interactions in individual participant data meta-analysis of randomized trials, and guidance for practitioners.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Treatments may be more effective in some patients than others, and individual participant data (IPD) meta-analysis of randomized trials provides perhaps the best method of investigating treatment-covariate interactions. Various methods are used; we provide a comprehensive critique and develop guidance on meth...

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  • Describing reporting guidelines for health research: a systematic review.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:To describe the process of development, content, and methods of implementation of reporting guidelines for health research. STUDY DESIGN AND SETTING:A systematic review of publications describing health research reporting guidelines developed using consensus. RESULTS:Eighty-one reporting guidelines for heal...

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  • Dyspepsia: how should we measure it?

    abstract::This study developed and validated a multidimensional measure of dyspepsia. A questionnaire was administered to 126 patients with dyspepsia who presented for care at a VA outpatient clinic and a family physician's private office. Dyspepsia-specific health was measured by self-report using: (1) an existing dyspepsia sc...

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  • Present-at-admission diagnoses improved mortality risk adjustment among acute myocardial infarction patients.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Hospital mortality outcomes for acute myocardial infarction (AMI) patients are a focus of quality improvement programs conducted by government agencies. AMI mortality risk-adjustment models using administrative data typically adjust for baseline differences in mortality risk with a limited set of common and d...

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    authors: Stukenborg GJ,Wagner DP,Harrell FE Jr,Oliver MN,Heim SW,Price AL,Han CK,Wolf AM,Connors AF Jr

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