Brief education to promote maternal influenza vaccine uptake: A randomized controlled trial.


BACKGROUND:Although pregnant women are the highest priority group for seasonal influenza vaccination, maternal influenza vaccination rates remain suboptimal. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of a brief education intervention on maternal influenza vaccine uptake. METHODS:During the 2013-14 and 2014-15 influenza seasons, we recruited 321 pregnant women from the antenatal clinics of 4 out of 8 public hospitals in Hong Kong with obstetric services. Hospitals were geographically dispersed and provided services to pregnant women with variable socioeconomic backgrounds. Participants were randomized to receive either standard antenatal care or brief one-to-one education. Participants received telephone follow-up at 2 weeks postpartum. The primary study outcome was self-reported receipt of influenza vaccination during pregnancy. The secondary outcomes were the proportion of participants who initiated discussion about influenza vaccination with a health care professional and the proportion of participants who attempted to get vaccinated. RESULTS:Compared with participants who received standard care, the vaccination rate was higher among participants who received brief education (21.1% vs. 10%; p=0.006). More participants in the education group initiated discussion about influenza vaccination with their HCP (19.9% vs. 13.1%; p=0.10), but the difference was not statistically significant. Of participants who did not receive the influenza vaccine (n=271), 45 attempted to get vaccinated. A significantly higher proportion of participants who attempted to get vaccinated were in the intervention group (82.2% vs. 17.8%; p<0.001). If participants who had attempted vaccination had received the vaccine, vaccination rates would have been substantially higher (44.1% vs. 15%; p<0.001). Twenty-six participants were advised against influenza vaccination by a healthcare professional, including general practitioners, obstetricians, and nurses. CONCLUSION:Although brief education was effective in improving vaccination uptake among pregnant women, overall vaccination rates remain suboptimal. Multicomponent approaches, including positive vaccination recommendations by healthcare professionals, are needed to promote maternal influenza vaccination. CLINICAL TRIAL (NCT01772901).






Wong VWY,Fong DYT,Lok KYW,Wong JYH,Sing C,Choi AY,Yuen CYS,Tarrant M




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  • Intranasal inoculate of influenza virus vaccine against lethal virus challenge.

    abstract::Vaccine adjuvants are essential for enhancing immune responses during vaccination. However, only a limited number of safe and effective adjuvants, especially mucosal adjuvants, are available for use in vaccines. The development of a practically applicable mucosal adjuvant is therefore urgently needed. Here, we showed ...


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  • Involvement of the complement system in the protection of mice from challenge with respiratory syncytial virus Long strain following passive immunization with monoclonal antibody 18A2B2.

    abstract::Passive immunization of mice with 131 micrograms of the non-neutralizing monoclonal antibody (mAb) 18A2B2, directed against the A subgroup epitope of the G glycoprotein of respiratory syncytial virus Long strain (RSV), confers protection against viral i.n. challenge. The role of the Fc fragment of this antibody as wel...


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