Protection and advocacy for the mentally ill: new hope for emotionally disturbed children?


:A study was conducted to ascertain the potential effect of recent federal protection and advocacy legislation (Public Law 99-319) on the lives of mentally ill children. Findings indicate a strong potential, especially regarding efforts to improve community based services. Implications for mental health professionals and CMHCs are examined.


Petr C,Poertner J




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  • Landlords' experiences of housing tenants suffering from severe mental illness: a Swedish empirical study.

    abstract::The aim of this Swedish study was to describe landlords' experiences of having tenants suffering from severe mental illness. Sixteen landlords working in private and public housing agencies participated in open in-depth interviews. Data were subjected to a thematic latent content analysis. The results showed that havi...

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  • A community ability scale for chronically mentally ill consumers: Part II. Applications.

    abstract::The authors describe uses for a 17-item instrument that efficiently measures the functioning level of chronically mentally ill persons living in the community. The Multnomah Community Ability Scale is designed to be completed by case managers who work with chronically mentally ill consumers. The instrument is sensitiv...

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  • The predicament of the newly separated.

    abstract::This study examines early adjustment to marital separation as a function of sex and parent status in a sample of 153 persons separated an average of eight weeks from their spouses because of marital discord. Men were much more satisfied with the quality of their marriages prior to separation and much more opposed to i...

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  • The effect of psychiatric rehabilitation on the activity and participation level of clients with long-term psychiatric disabilities.

    abstract::During the last decades of the 20th century, many psychiatric hospitals changed the living environments of their clients with long-term psychiatric disabilities. We investigated the effect of this environmental psychiatric rehabilitation and normalization process on the activity and participation level of such clients...

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  • Reducing drug costs at a Veterans Affairs hospital by increasing market-share of generic fluoxetine.

    abstract::We previously showed that a multifaceted intervention designed to contain costs of prescribing selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) at a Veterans Affairs hospital resulted in substantial projected savings. Intervention components included clinician education and pharmacy and computer information process cha...

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  • Do Locus of Control, Self-esteem, Hope and Shame Mediate the Relationship Between Financial Hardship and Mental Health?

    abstract::In a longitudinal study of 104 participants, the psychological factors of economic locus of control, self-esteem, hope and shame were explored for their impact on the relationship between financial hardship and mental health. Participants completed measures of financial hardship, the psychological factors and measures...

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  • Psychiatric nursing roles in a community mental health center.

    abstract::We describe the addition of medication monitoring to the duties of nurses working as case managers in a day treatment program for the chronically mentally ill. The nurses used their medical and behavioral knowledge to form a more complete picture of the patient than either a visiting psychiatrist or a case-manager who...

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  • Hepatitis C virus infection in cocaine users--a silent epidemic.

    abstract::Over a recent three year period, approximately 600 individuals responded to newspaper advertisements for research studies requiring healthy, cocaine using subjects. These subjects were screened using a standard phone interview in order to eliminate individuals with known medical or psychiatric illnesses that would exc...

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  • Postwar winners and losers in the long run: determinants of war related stress symptoms and posttraumatic growth.

    abstract::The study focuses on the long-term impact of war on adolescents (N = 821) and adults (N = 870) living in a war afflicted Israeli community a year after the war. Results indicate the following: (a) stress symptoms and posttraumatic growth (PTG) correlate negatively with each other. (b) Age was positively associated wit...

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  • The negotiation of identity among people with mental illness in rural communities.

    abstract::Integration and normalization are goals within the community-based care of people with mental illness. The implementation of this care policy has led to increased contact between people with mental illness and so-called normal people and society at large. But we know little about how this change affects the former pat...

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  • Intake policy as a community organization tool.

    abstract::The intake policy of an agency is presented as an integral part of an agency's impact upon community organization and hence as crucial in the effectiveness and efficiency with which it carries out the mission of total community care. Three possible models for intake policy are elaborated: direct service, extended comm...

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  • Individual freedom, law, and social welfare.

    abstract::An analysis of the social welfare movement suggests two simultaneous but divergent philosophies within that movement. One philosophy includes a commitment to the individual client and action to increase the individual's opportunity to select his own goals and methods of achieving such goals. The opposing position assu...

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  • A qualitative analysis of barriers, challenges, and successes in meeting the needs of Hurricane Katrina evacuee families.

    abstract::Hurricane Katrina caused many individuals to evacuate to towns and cities throughout the United States. Psychological First Aid (PFA) is a treatment program designed to help clinicians and other disaster relief workers address the needs of adults, youth, and families immediately following disasters. We conducted focus...

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  • Durability of innovations: how goal attainment scaling programs fare over time.

    abstract::Why do some implementations in human service settings of goal attainment scaling (GAS), an innovative program evaluation technique, last over time, whereas others die out despite an initially successful period of operation? To provide some tentative answers to this question and to help shed more light generally on dif...

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  • Health maintenance organizations and persons with severe mental illness.

    abstract::Many if not most scenarios for reform of the U.S. health care system imply that health maintenance organizations (HMOs) will continue their rapid growth. Some advocates argue that a comprehensive health care system should offer services to the severely mentally ill on the same basis as the physically ill. Others note ...

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  • US Veterans' Court Programs: An Inventory and Analysis of National Survey Data.

    abstract::This study used data from a phone survey inventory of US veterans' courts to provide descriptive information on the current status of their various elements. To identify which items were most predictive of a court's percentage of subjects terminated from their program, a linear regression was performed. The following ...

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  • Client-level measures of services integration among chronically homeless adults.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:While several major studies have examined services integration at the system or interagency level, there has been far less effort to measure the integration of services at the client-level and its correlates. METHODS:This study presents three client-level measures of services integration, two objective me...

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  • Advance directives for subjects of research who have fluctuating cognitive impairments due to psychotic disorders (such as schizophrenia).

    abstract::Current and coincident biomedical advances make this an opportune time to encourage research with subjects who have fluctuating cognitive impairments due to disorders like schizophrenia. Effecting research with a heterogeneous population who may have impaired decision-making capacity that diminishes their autonomy, wh...

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  • Self-rated assessment of needs for mental health care: a qualitative analysis.

    abstract::This study explored perceived mental health-related needs and barriers to meeting them in primary and mental health care settings. Fifty-one participants completed the Perceived Need for Care Questionnaire and an interview to qualitatively explore the meanings behind self-identified needs for medication, information, ...

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  • Stigma Towards Mental Illness Among Tanta University Students, Egypt.

    abstract::A "mental disorder" can be defined as a "behavioral or psychological syndrome that occurs in an individual. It represents about 13% of the global disease burden which is expected increase to 15% by 2020. Moreover, by 2020, depression is expected to be second to ischemic heart disease as a contributor in the global dis...

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  • Physical wellness and employment status among adults with serious mental illness.

    abstract::This study examined whether concurrent medical status contributes to employment outcomes among those with psychiatric disabilities. Thirty-five percent (n = 70) of the 200 participants reported being currently employed. Sixty-three percent (n = 127) reported one or more co-occurring medical conditions; thirty-six perc...

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  • Children's adjustment and child mental health service use: the role of parents' attitudes and personal service use in an upper middle class sample.

    abstract::Forty-one parents and their children (20 girls and 21 boys, mean age = 4.33 years, SD = 1.30) participated in a study to examine how parents' personal use of mental health services related to their attitudes toward child mental health services as well as to their children's adjustment. Results indicated that parents' ...

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  • Differences in Use of Government Subsidised Mental Health Services by Men and Women with Psychological Distress: A Study of 229,628 Australians Aged 45 Years and Over.

    abstract::This study examined factors associated with use of government subsidised mental health services by 229,628 men and women from the Sax Institute's 45 and Up Study. Logistical regression models assessed use of mental health services by gender and according to level of psychological distress. Approximately equal proporti...

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  • Beyond the continuum of care: conceptualizing day treatment for children and youth.

    abstract::Traditionally, any program in the middle of the continuum of care--between inpatient and outpatient treatment on the dimensions of intensity and expense--has been called day treatment. This conception has yielded a diversity of programs, some of which are nebulously articulated and poorly understood. Day treatment sho...

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  • Ableist Microaggressions and the Mental Health of Disabled Adults.

    abstract::Microaggressions perpetuate inequalities and stereotypes against people from marginalized communities. Research demonstrates that ongoing experiences of identity-related microaggressions can negatively impact mental health outcomes, increase somatic symptoms, and increase negative affect. This study explores the relat...

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  • Clinical outcomes of integrated psychiatric and general medical care.

    abstract::This pilot study explored the feasibility of providing integrated primary and psychiatric care in a primary care setting and compared preliminary outcomes to those from a traditional care model. The study population consisted of 23 patients who received integrated medical and psychiatric care in a primary care clinic ...

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  • Consumer perspectives on information and other inputs to decision-making: implications for evidence-based practice.

    abstract::This study is an exploration of mental health consumers' perspectives on information, including scientific information, and on other inputs to decision-making. Four focus groups were held with severely mentally ill consumers at two sites in the summer of 2005. Consumers varied in age, race and diagnosis. Participant r...

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  • Hopes and Wishes of Clients with Mentally Illness in Hong Kong.

    abstract::Recovery is a progressive process involving support to people with mental illness to take control of their life through the enhancement of motivation, self-drive, and responsibility. Drawing on qualitative interviews with 61 patients with mental illness aged between 40 and 75 in the community or residential settings, ...

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  • Older adult users of outpatient mental health services.

    abstract::Descriptive demographic, clinical and interview data from clients of an outpatient mental health clinic for older adults are presented. These clients are better educated and have a more frequent history of marital difficulties than older adults in general. Although a significant minority received V code and Adjustment...

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  • Training the secretary in community mental health: a second model for integrating secretaries into the therapeutic team in community mental health.

    abstract::The secretaries in community mental health centers have functions that transcend their job descriptions. Their performance of these functions contributes to the success or failure of their centers' therapeutic programs. The Mental Health Training Institute of North Carolina initiated two separate pilot training progra...

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