G-CSF mobilized peripheral blood stem cell collection for allogeneic transplantation in healthy donors: Analysis of factors affecting yield.


:Mobilized PBSC are the main source for allogeneic HSCT. We aimed to evaluate factors that affect CD34+ cell yield including the donor's age, gender, BSA, processed blood volume and the method of G-CSF dose calculation. Data from 170 healthy donors were analyzed. The concentration of CD34+ cells in the peripheral blood (PB) and the processed volume of blood were significantly correlated to CD34+ cells yield (P < .00005 and P < .001, respectively). The G-CSF dose per m2 was significantly correlated to the concentration of CD34+ cells in the PB (P = .0003) and in the product (P = .01). Smaller BSA and less processed volume were found among female donors, who were given lesser G-CSF dose per m2 , and showed lower yield compared to men. However, multivariate analysis of the yield showed that only the concentration of CD34+ cells in the PB and the processed volume remained independent significant.


J Clin Apher


Machaczka M,Hägglund H,Staver E,Joks M,Hassan M,Wahlin BE,Axdorph Nygell U




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  • Higher efficacy of intermediate dose cytarabine + G-CSF compared to cyclophosphamide + G-CSF in hematopoietic stem cell mobilization in patients with multiple myeloma.

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    abstract::Inadvertent hypothermia due to massive infusion of stored blood can be prevented by pretransfusion warming. One approach is the heating of individual packs by means of electromagnetic conduction, which is a method safely used over the last 25 years. The prototype instrument, which has now been re-engineered, can effec...

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  • Reactivity of pretransplant cytotoxic antibodies to a selected HLA panel is not influenced by cyclosporin A, with or without plasma exchange.

    abstract::The influence of 6 weeks of cyclosporin A (CYA), followed by a further 6 weeks of this agent in combination with plasma exchange (PE), was defined on panel reactivity and titre of preformed cytotoxic antibodies in stable patients on haemodialysis awaiting renal transplantation. Nine individuals with antibodies to 30% ...

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  • Indications for and outcomes of therapeutic plasma exchange after cardiac transplantation: A single center retrospective study.

    abstract:INTRODUCTION:Limited data are available describing indications for and outcomes of therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) in cardiac transplantation. METHODS:In a retrospective study of patients who underwent cardiac transplantation at Duke University Medical Center from 2010 to 2014, we reviewed 3 TPE treatment patterns: ...

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  • Erythrocytapheresis is a valid and safe therapeutic option in dysmetabolic iron overload syndrome.

    abstract::Dysmetabolic iron overload syndrome is a rare event causing hepatic impairment with serious long-term side effects. Here, we describe a case of metabolic syndrome-related hepatic iron overload that showed a rapid, effective, and safe response to erythrocytapheresis. J. Clin. Apheresis 31:443-447, 2016. © 2015 Wiley Pe...

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  • Debunking superstition: Analyzing the cloud phenomenon in apheresis-Results of a 35-month study.

    abstract::Many practitioners believe in the phenomenon of being labeled either a "black cloud" or "white cloud" while on-call. A "white-cloud" physician is usually defined as one who sees fewer cases while a "black-cloud" is one who often receives more cases. To evaluate these phenomena, a 35-month prospective study was designe...

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  • Improved red cell quality after erythroplasmapheresis with MCS-3P.

    abstract::The cell separator MCS-3P is an apheresis system offering the flexibility to collect standardized red blood cells, plasma, and/or platelets from one donor. Two different programs were used for the red cell apheresis--RBCP (collection of one unit of red cells and two units of plasma) and RBCPS (one unit of red cells an...

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  • Therapeutic plasma exchange may adjust IL-6 and TGF-β signals in relapsed MS patients peripheral blood.

    abstract:OBJECTIVE:Effects of therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE) on immune cells and their cytokine production in MS, are unknown. Since interleukine-6 and tumor growth factor-β have critical roles in MS immunopathogenesis, the impacts of TPE on the expression of these cytokines and their receptors on the surface of CD4+ T lymph...

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