Scanning electron microscopic observations on the endothelial healing mechanism of vessels.


:Systematic scanning electron microscopic observations of the healing mechanism in the endothelium of rat carotid arteries were carried out at the site of anastomosis. The site of needle holes and stitches are the main locations for thrombocyte adhesion and aggregation in normal vascular anastomosis. The repair process in endothelial injury can be divided into three stages. A thrombocyte-adhesion and filling stage is apparent at 1 hr postoperatively; this is also the period when thrombus is most likely to occur. A fibrin-covering stage is apparent at 2 hr after operation and reaches its peak in 24 hr. The formation of fibrin provides a framework for endothelial growth. In this period, there is still the possibility of thrombus formation. At 48 hr postoperatively, endothelial growth can be seen at the site of some needle holes. At 72 hr after operation, 47 percent of needle holes have endothelial growth, and the possibility of thrombus formation at the anastomotic site declines. The data suggest that eversion of the intima in vascular anastomosis and minimization of endothelial injury by considering the size of the needle hole, the duration of ischemia time, and perfection of surgical technique, are keys to the prevention of thrombus formation at the anastomotic site.


J Reconstr Microsurg


Gu YD,Li JF,Jiang JF,Zhong CS,Tang PZ


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1989-10-01 00:00:00












  • Successful reinnervation of the penis using an autogenous vein conduit.

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  • Levator scapulae transfer and fascia lata fasciodesis for chronic spinal accessory nerve palsy.

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  • Outcomes of Subfascial, Suprafascial, and Super-Thin Anterolateral Thigh Flaps: Tailoring Thickness without Added Morbidity.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: Subfascial anterolateral thigh (ALT) flap thickness can be problematic with regards to bulk, oral competence, shoe-fit, or as a potential source of recurrent wound breakdown. We have utilized distinct upper thigh fascial planes to fashion thin (suprafascial) or super-thin (periscarpal) ALT flaps to improve ...

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  • Reconstruction of a floating thumb with an excess big toe.

    abstract::In a three-year-11-month-old girl, an excess big toe was transferred microsurgically to replace a congenital floating thumb. The reconstructed thumb was evaluated nine years after the transfer. It showed almost normal growth, compared with the contralateral side, and the aesthetic result was excellent. However, the pa...

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  • A preclinical canine model for composite tissue transplantation.

    abstract::The feasibility of composite tissue allografts (CTAs) has been demonstrated by the successful transplantation of the hand, abdomen, and face. However, the survival of these transplants depends on immunosuppression. Our laboratory is interested in achieving tolerance to decrease the risks associated with the use of chr...

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  • A case of replantation of a completely amputated digit after 26 hours of warm ischemia.

    abstract::A seven-year-old-boy received a digit replantation after 26 hours of warm ischemia and showed good recovery of motor and sensory functions. In the case reported, replantation was performed after a much longer ischemic time than had been considered an indication for the procedure in previous reports. Successful replant...

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    abstract:BACKGROUND: The use of caffeine is not recommended prior to elective microsurgery due to its demonstrated negative effects on vessel anastomosis by the presumed sympathomimetic induction of vasoconstriction. In this study, we aimed to elucidate the systemic and local effects of caffeine on vessel diameter, anastomosis ...

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  • Indocyanine Green Lymphography, Lymphoscintigraphy, and Genetic Analysis in Nonsyndromic Primary Lymphedema: The Distal Dermal Backflow Grading System and the Print Sign.

    abstract:BACKGROUND: Investigating correlations between clinical, instrumental, and genetic features of primary lymphedema (PL) with the aim to facilitate the diagnosis, the staging, and the management of this subgroup of patients. METHODS: A prospective observational study was conducted from September 2016 to May 2018, includ...

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  • Rat-strain differences in recovery following peripheral-nerve allotransplantation.

    abstract::The rat model is commonly utilized in peripheral nerve research. Due to the short length of the rat limb and the animal's inherent neuroregenerative capacity, the timing of assessment of nerve regeneration is critical, and significant differences between groups can be lost if assessment is done too late. Additionally,...

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  • The effect of ammonium sulfate injection on peripheral nerve.

    abstract::Local anesthetic drugs with prolonged nerve-block effect would have clinical application for postoperative or neuromatous pain relief. This study evaluated the possibility of peripheral nerve neurotoxicity by injection of 10 percent ammonium sulfate. Both intrafascicular and extrafascicular injection of 10 percent amm...

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  • Microvascular anastomosis using cyanoacrylate adhesives.

    abstract::This paper describes a new technique for microvascular anastomosis, which involves the overlapping of the adventitias of the two ends of a severed blood vessel, and then painting a cyanoacrylate adhesive on the outer surface of the vessel around the anastomosed part. Sixteen anastomoses were performed in both radial a...

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