Alpha-synuclein activates BV2 microglia dependent on its aggregation state.


:Synucleinopathies such as Parkinson's disease (PD), dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), and multiple system atrophy (MSA) are defined by the presence of intracellular alpha-synuclein aggregates in neurons and/or oligodendrocytes. In addition, post mortem tissue analysis revealed profound changes in microglial morphology, indicating microglial activation and neuroinflammation. Thus, alpha-synuclein may directly activate microglia, leading to increased production of key pro-inflammatory cytokines like tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-α) and interleukin-1beta (IL-1β), which in turn modulates the disease progression. The distinct alpha-synuclein species, which mediates the activation of microglia, is not well defined. We hypothesized that microglial activation depends on a specific aggregation state of alpha-synuclein. Here, we show that primarily human fibrillar alpha-synuclein increased the production and secretion of pro-inflammatory cytokines by microglial BV2 cells compared to monomeric and oligomeric alpha-synuclein. BV2 cells also preferentially phagocytosed fibrillar alpha-synuclein compared to alpha-synuclein monomers and oligomers. Microglial uptake of alpha-synuclein fibrils and the consequent activation were time- and concentration-dependent. Moreover, the degree of fibrillization determined the efficiency of microglial internalization. Taken together, our study highlights the specific crosstalk of distinct alpha-synuclein species with microglial cells.


Hoffmann A,Ettle B,Bruno A,Kulinich A,Hoffmann AC,von Wittgenstein J,Winkler J,Xiang W,Schlachetzki JCM




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